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25 Digital Artists you can´t miss

Nowadays the amount of digital artist populating the web is simply overwhelming. A simple search on the main online galleries like Artstation, Behance or Deviantart will show you thousands of images created by artists around the globe. Some of those images will be true masterpieces that will inspire you and make you dream of becoming a better artist yourself. But, who are the masterminds behind this magnificent creations? Sometimes is difficult to remember the name of all this great artist. This is the reason why I’ve created this list.

Some of the names on the list are well-known artists, other hidden gems ready to be discovered. A list of artist with a variety of styles, some of them similar to others but with their own particular touch, others so unique and radically different from the rest. From realism to cartoon and surrealism to anime, here are the names of some artist that will delight your senses with their creativity and mastery of their craft. Certainly, there are lots of amazing artists not only the 25 appearing on this list, but I think you will truly enjoy the ones I’ve selected for you here.

1. Jenny  Harder

Jenny Harder is currently working as art director for an animated show at Flying Bark Productions in Sydney. Prior to that she´was working as a concept & storyboard artist at Studio Gobo on projects like Ubisoft’s For Honor and Disney Infinity (Guardians of the Galaxy, Rise Against the Empire and the unreleased Moana playset). Jenny has been working in the film/games industry for more than 6 years now and specializes in designing stylized characters and conceptualizing worlds.

2. Ni Yipeng

Ni Yipeng is a Chinese artist located on Shanghai, China. His art is a pure tribute to the art of classic illustrators like the late Frank Frazzeta, Adrian Smith or Paul Bonner. His style is very dark and pictorial. His artwork looks like a part of an oil painting collection. Ni Yipeng enjoys painting in Black and White, but his color pieces are also magnificent too.

3. Wei Wang

Wei Wang is an artist who worked for Blizzard Entertainment. He joined Blizzard after meeting Mike Morhaime in China, showing him his portfolio. Wang created art for many World of Warcraft Trading Card Game cards, some of which have also been used for Hearthstone. He also provided concept art for the Warcraft film. Wei Wang is most notably famous for having realized the majority of the most iconic artwork for World of Warcraft, such as expansion box backgrounds, race leader loading screens, and content patch artwork. Wang left Blizzard Entertainment on 2017. Currently is working at Bonfire Studios.

4. Greg Rutkowski

Greg Rutkowski is a Polish illustrator who started his career doing art for Legend of The Cryptids. He is currently working for Magic “The Gathering”. His style is realism, but you can find some expressionism in his personal work, where he works more with textures and loose brush strokes.

5. Bayard Wu

Bayard Wu is a freelance artist based on Shenzhen, China. He worked in the video game industry as in-house illustrator and concept artist from 2008 to 2016. He is been awarded several prizes like the 1st Prize on the 2013 Blizzcon Original Art Contest and the Master Price in CGHub.

6. Anthony Jones

Founder and owner of robotpencil.net. where he is one of the main instructors. He has been working in the entertainment industry since 2007, working for some of the best studios in the industry including; Blizzard, Sony Santa Monica, Paramount Pictures, Hasbro Toys, Western Costumes.

7. Julian del Rey

Spanish concept artist currently working in Riot Games. Julian worked for several years at Social Point in Barcelona, first as a concept artist and later as art director. He also worked as a senior concept artist in Supersolid in London. His art is very colorful and goes from the cartoon to the mid-core style ( League of Legends, Hearthstone). He worked also doing cards for the Blizzard´s franchise Hearthstone.

8. Piotr Jablonski

Polish illustrator and concept artist. His impressive art can be seen in the video game  Dishonored 2. Jablonski´s paintings usually depict dark and disturbing scenarios with strange and mysterious characters that captivate the viewer.

9. Dongjun Lu

Is a concept artist currently working on Weta Workshop in New Zealand. He studied on the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. His style can be classified as fantasy realism. He has several tutorials online and he has been teaching art for more than 6 years.

10. Wotjek Fus

Another Polish digital artist. Wotkjek is a freelance concept designer with experience in titles like Star Was Battlefront 2, Destiny 2, The Walking Dead and Halo Wars 2. His art style uses lots of 3d modeling and photobashing, which Wotjek uses as abase where he masterfully paints over and creates outstanding illustrations, environments, and action shots.

11. Martin Deschambault

Martin Deschambault started his career as a product designer. After a few years, in 2005, he switched to the video game industry working for Ubisoft Montreal. Since then, Martin has been working in titles like Prince of Persia, Rainbow Six Vegas, Farcry2, and the Assassin´s Creed franchise. Currently, he is working at 343 Industries/Microsoft.

12. Sylvain Sarrailh

Sylvain is a French Art director and concept artist at Umeshu Lovers in Toulouse, France. Sylvain´s specialize in environment art and action shots. His art is crowded with colorful pieces, full of magic and emotive moments.

13. Stantong Feng

Stanton is a freelance illustrator known for his work done for Blizzard, Riot, Games Workshop, Magic The Gathering and CD Projeckt. His artwork is full of action and dynamism. With more than a million and a half pageviews on Artstation, his work is a true eye candy for the fans of the RPGs and MOBA games.

14. Igor Sid

Sid is a Russian digital artist located on St. Peterburg. He worked for art studios from 2014 to 2016 as a Senior Artist. During this time he worked for heavy hitters like Blizzard, Riot, Bethesda and CD Project RED. From 2016 until today he has been working as a freelance artist for Games Workshop. His style is a dark and epic collection of oil painting like images. Certainly is one of my favorite artists on the list.

15. Johannes Helgeson

Johannes is a Swedish concept artist and illustrator, currently working for SYBO Games. He started his career in 2008. He has been working for different studios like Readsteam Studios, Volta, Kabam, Gameloft and Goodgame Studios. His art is full of funny and very visual cartoon type illustrations and concepts.

16. Sparth

Concept Artist veteran in the Video Game industry since 1996, author of the Structura art book series, Art Director for Halo at Microsoft – 343 Industries in Seattle. Sparth has contributed to the development of multiple games and books since 1996, including his own art book series, Structura, published by DesignStudioPress. He is credited on major games like Alone in the dark 4 (2001), Cold Fear (2005), Prince of Persia – Warrior Within (2004), Assassin’s Creed (2007), Rage (2011), Halo 4 (2012) and Halo 5: Guardians (2015).

17. Joris Dewolf

Talented concept artist currently working in Social Point Barcelona. He worked previously for projects like Fable: Legends and Magic The Gathering. His style can be defined as mid-core or realistic cartoon, very close to the type of art you can see in League of Legends and Hearthstone.

18. Jakub Rebelka

Jakub is a Polish artist who works as a freelance illustrator. He has a very unique and fascinating style, midway between the comic, the surrealism and the stained-glass window art. His works are focus on the fantasy and science fiction genre. In Rebelka’s art, you can feel the influence of his childhood art heroes Moebius and Katsuhiro Otomo. His father was his art teacher. His style is a mix of traditional art, with the use of acrylics and watercolors and digital art.

19. Bastien Lecouffe Deharme


Deharme is a realistic digital painter working currently for Wizards of the Coast. His images are dark, sensual and full of symbolism. Mystery and magic play a big role in Bastian´s art. His landscapes usually depict ancient and forgotten desert ruins and his characters are epic figures with mystic powers.

20. Antonio J. Manzanedo

Manzanedo is a Spanish artist based on Caceres, Spain. His artwork depicts epic scenarios with fantastic creatures and monsters. His style is a fantastic realism with a pictorial touch. He is a freelance illustrator who studied at the University of Salamanca. Some of his clients are Fantasy Flight games, Games Workshop, and Wizards of The Coast.

21. Jeremy Chong

Jeremy Chong is a freelance concept artist and illustrator based on Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His art style is a mix between anime and western style. His rendering is realistic but the characters have the classic anime like faces. Jeremy has been working lately on the Blizzard´s franchise World of Warcraft.

22. Gui Guimaraes

Gui is a concept artist and art director located in Quebec, Canada. His style is very colorful and very close to the anime genre. He has several tutorials published on Gumroad, where he teaches his work method and techniques.

23. Obery Nicolas


This French art director created was in everybody’s mouth when he released a set of powerful images on his Behance profile. The images were part of a personal project FANTASMAGORIK. His technique is a mixture of photos he liked and he uses Photoshop to blend them and uses this blend as a base to draw on top.

24. Lie Setiawan

Lie Setiawan is a self-taught 2D artist, from Indonesia, that works creating concept art and illustrations. He started freelancing in 2010 but then work a full-time job in 2011. After 3 years working in game development, he went back to freelancing again in 2014 until today. His clients are studios like Privateer Press, Wizards of the Coast, Games Workshop, Hex Entertainment, Mantic Games and Blizzard between others.

25. Wonchun Choi

Wonchun Choi AKA Doo-Chun  is a concept artist and illustrator from Seoul, Korea. He is a quite versatile artist capable of drawing anime and fully realistic western style illustrations with the same level of quality. He started working for the Korean with clients like Legend of the Cryptids. Next came his work with Games Workshop on the Warhammer 40k franchise. I recommend you to check some of the artwork he did for them, truly amazing. On the last couple of years, he’s been working for Sideshow doing some illustration for the Marvel franchise license.

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Hope this article was useful to you. Stay tuned for more articles and tutorials and see you on the next one.




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