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40 Brush Sets for Clip Studio Paint | Free and Premium

In this article, I will provide you with a list of 40 of the best brush sets for Clip Studio Paint, artists like you, are making available online. This list includes all sorts of brushes, so whatever is your drawing and painting style, I´m pretty sure you are going to find something useful for you. From pencil drawing and inking brushes to vegetation brushes or traditional painter brushes, the variety of brushes in this list will amaze you. I know this because I´ve been testing some of these brushes myself and let me tell you, the possibilities are incredible.

But before we start with the list, let me give some introduction to those who are new to Clip Studio Paint. Clip Studio is the reincarnation of the famous Manga Studio drawing software. After the rebranding of the software, Celsys, the company owner of Clip Studio, is trying to compete directly with Adobe and Corel and their respective drawing programs. Manga Studio and his successor Clip Studio Paint, still are the number one drawing and painting software on the Japanese Market. But Celsys, with his bet on Clip Studio Paint, is trying to reach a bigger market, not only the manga or comic creators.

The good news is, the old Manga Studio brushes, are totally compatible with Clip Studio Paint so don´t worry if you see some brush set labeled for Manga Studio, it will work anyways.

Before we start with the list, if you are interested in learning about different techniques and painting methods in Clip Studio Paint, don´t forget to check my article on “Top 20 Free Clip Studio Paint Tutorials”.

By the way, I´m sure my Recommended Art Supplies and Gear page will be very useful to you if you are searching for honest reviews on digital tablets, pens, and art supplies in general.

Let´s start with the list

1. Basic Brush Set for Clip Studio Paint / MS 5 ( FREE BRUSH SET )

This set created by Typesprite tries to emulate the basic brush set of Photoshop. If you are a digital illustrator used to Photoshop, this brush set will help you in your transition to Clip Studio. You will find the brushes behavior and response quite familiar.

All the brushes were custom made by the author and even the pencil brush was made using real pencil drawing texture.

The creator of the brush set has made the brushes available for free on Cubebrush and Gumroad. So, what are you waiting for? check the brushes here.

2. Clip Studio Lace Brushes( FREE BRUSH SET )

This brush set, created by Dea-89, is one of those brushes comic and Manga artist will love to use. The intricate patterns will work perfectly for decoration in pieces of fabric, like curtains, blankets, skirts, dressers, etc…

The author also has put together a step by step process for the brush installation on Deviantart. If you are interested in these brushes check the set here.

3. Cheat brushes for Clip Studio Paint/ Manga Studio( PREMIUM BRUSH SET )

This is a premium brush, so you gotta pay for it. You can buy it on Gumroad. The author is MissChroma and the purpose of the brush is to save you time when creating your thumbnails and quick sketches in order to be faster and more productive.

I´m not a huge fan of cheat brushes myself, but I will say this brush is quite well done and if you are in production mode can be useful. Wanna know more about it? you can check the brushes on Gumroad.

4. Clip Studio Paint Brushes( FREE BRUSH SET )

Another brush developed by Dea-89. This brush set has, in my opinion, a couple of very interesting brushes. The first one is the cloud brush, which is really cool for painting skies, and the ornament brush, which is great for creating ropes and similarly shaped elements.

Also, the author included on the DeviantArt post, a little tutorial on how to install the brush set. Check the brushes here.

5. DV brush set for Clip Studio Paint( FREE BRUSH SET )

This giant brush set, with more of 100 brushes, has been put together by Darkodev.

The bush set has been divided into 5 categories: strokes, character( skin and hair), effect, grunge, nature and decorative. Each category comes with 17 brushes and the quality and response of some of them are great. Check the brushes here.

6. Lapinbeau’s Clip Studio Paint Brush Pack 2( FREE BRUSH SET )

This brush set, created by TheInkyWay, has some really cool brushes in it. The Ball Point Pen and the Custom G-Pen are my favorites. Both imitate quite well real pens and your artwork will look like if you draw it using one of those.

The file is uploaded on  Dropbox, so in case you don’t find the download button, make sure to sing in. Here you have the Deviantart link so you can check the brushes.

7. Brush Set For Manga Studio5 / Clip Studio Paint( FREE BRUSH SET )

This fantastic brush set comes with a detailed description of the brushes and how they work, done by the author Iridescentdelirium.  The set is divided into 4 categories: basic set, ink set, foliage, and the old ones ( which are a set of unoptimized brushes).

In this set, you will find not only great variety but also some fantastic brushes. For me, the foliage set was a really nice discovery. Painting trees and brushes became quite easy and fun when using these brushes. Check the brushes here.

8. Dry Brush Pack for Manga Studio 5 Ver. 1( FREE BRUSH SET )

This brush set is a personal creation done by RoastedStix. This dry brushes will help you to add some texture to your painting. If you like a more painterly style, these brushes will help you in giving some nice texture to your backgrounds, terrain or even clothing depending on the type of fabric. Check the brush set here.

9. My Current Clip Studio Paint Brushes( FREE BRUSH SET )

This is another brush set done by Iridiscentdelirium. I should say this set is a smaller version of the previous brush set we spoke about before. Again, the author goes in detailed explaining each brush and their function.

I think this brush set is a great option for those artists who want to minimize the number of brushes on their brush palette. If you wanna know more you can check the brush set here.

10. Loose Inkers( PREMIUM BRUSH SET )


I was really surprised, in a good way of course, when testing these brushes. The set is made of 3 different inking brushes, each simulating inking in different types of paper, like untextured Bristol paper, thin paper, and textured Bristol paper. Each brush creates a different type of stroke, smooth, with an edge and rough.

Do you wanna get this brushes? Check the brush set here.

11. Porforever’s Custom Brush Set( FREE BRUSH SET )

This is a free custom brush set put together by artist Porforever. As you can see this brush set has a marine taste to it. Inside it, you will find brushes for easily paint fishes, bubbles, marine stars etc… Also, you have included non-marine type brushes, like leaves, bushes and more.

If you wanna know more about Porforever’s brush set, you can give it a try on Deviantart clicking here.

12. Skin Brush Set( PREMIUM BRUSH SET )

You can purchase this brush set in Gumroad and Etsy. The author created a video on youtube showing how you can use this brush set for achieving convincing human skin texture. Personally, I like the rough textured brush, it really mimics very well the irregularities of the real skin. Check the brush set here.

13. Yettyen Brush pack 1( FREE BRUSH SET )


This free brush pack, put together by Yettyen, has some cool brushes for painting grass, ground, and foliage. My favorite is the Grassy Blender brush, which works very well when painting grass in your nature type backgrounds.

The effect is very nice and looks quite realistic.

Interested in these brushes? Check the brush set here.

14. Neri’s Dynamic brushes( PREMIUM BRUSH SET )

Neri-O has put together a very nice set of brushes, for painting hair, grass and fur. This is a premium brush set. The title of “Dynamic Brushes” is used by Neri-O to explain how the same brush can be used for painting hair, fur or grass. The only thing you gotta do is adjust a few parameters and the rendering type goes from one type to the other.

In my opinion, these fur brushes are really great and the grass functionality can work depending on your needs. I’m not convinced with the hair option, because I feel the hair still looks too much like fur. But nevertheless, I totally recommend this set. Check the brush set here.

15. Porforever’s Custom Brush Set 2 ( FREE BRUSH SET )

Porforever’s brush set 2 is a free, nature type, brush set for Clip Studio Paint. These brushes work quite well for painting backgrounds and nature scenes. Some of the brushes, like Trail of Stars or Mushroom, has a distinctive Manga style, so be aware in case this is not your type of art.

16. Clip Studio Paint Realistic FUR Brush Sub Tools( PREMIUM BRUSH SET )

Another fur brush set, this time created by EldarZakirov and like Neri’s brush set is a premium pack. The pack is composed of 19 brush and they are already set up for you, so once installed you can start painting right away. the fur effect is quite good should say and you have different types of brushes trying to create different types of fur textures.

You can buy them via Payloadz or Gumroad. Check the brush set here.

 17. Essential Clip Studio Paint Brushes ( PREMIUM BRUSH SET)

Here you have a set you can download for free on Gumroad, and if you want to support the artist who created them, you can leave a tip. Hatterarts, the creator of this set, has put together a mix of brushes you can use for sketching and painting.

If you are interested you can check the brushes on Gumroad.

18. Free Manga Studio 5 Brushes

This brush set originally came as a companion of a Texture Pack, Shrineheart is selling on Gumroad. The good news is the author kindly uploaded this brush set to Deviantart, so you can download it for free. In the brush set,18 you will find a collection of brushes consisting of cloud brushes, glitchy type brushes, Minecraft type brushes, etc…

If you wanna grab this hanging fruit, visit this Deviantart page.

19. Free Daub Pencils

This Daub Free pencil brushes put together by Paolo Limoncelli, you can download for free in Gumroad. You will find 6 pencil type brushes for drafting, shading and more. In my opinion, it is a nice set to have. You have a nice variety of pencil brushes, some more grassy others with a more refined tip for details.

Interested? Check the brush set on Gumroad.

20. Manga Studio 5 Space Pack – 41 Brushes( PREMIUM BRUSH SETS )

If you liked the Shrineheart’s brush set I showed you before, then you will like this one too. If you are into space art, this brush set consisting of 41 brushes will blow your mind. From single stars, star clusters, nebulas, etc… in this set, you will find all that you need to make your space art look amazing. The only thing you have to take into account is the price. You will have to pay at least 10$ if you wanna enjoy this brushes.

If you are curious about this set, check them here.

21. Brother Buston Brush Pack( PREMIUM AND FREE )

This multipurpose brush pack is designed for those who want to build their brush palette and they don’t know where to start. In this brush set, you will find brushes for drawing, painting and texturing. In total, this brush is made of 11 brushes, and the coolest thing is you can have it for FREE!.

The brush set is available in Gumroad, you just have to type 0 on the number case and you can have it. But, I will like to encourage you to tip the creator of this brush set with at least 1 buck, so you can support his work.

22. Velda’s Inking Brushes( PREMIUM AND FREE )

Velda has put together a very interesting inking brush set. I was especially impressed with the texture inking brushes, which can give very cool depth and 3dimensionality to your inking. Like with the previous brush set, you can get this set for free on Gumroad, just typing 0 on the number case, but I encourage you to leave a tip and show your love to the artist.

Do you want this set? You can get it here.

23. Bri’s Manga Studio 5 Essentials( FREE BRUSH SET )

This brush set was created by Bri Mercedes and here you will find every brush she uses in Clip Studio Paint. They were created using both default and custom-made brush tips. Bri’s is a firm believer Clip Studio Paint mimics better traditional mediums than photoshop and she put together a nice set of brushes, so you can test this for your self and for FREE!

Wanna give them a try? Check them on Deviantart.

24. Kakeami brushes Manga Studio 5 and Clip Studio ( PREMIUM BRUSH SET )

MissChroma has put together another premium brush, this time is a very specialized type of brushes. If you draw in a comic style, or you create comics, this texture pack will help you to create some nice shadings by creating cool hatching and cross-hatching textures. The brush set consists of 20 versatile brushes and retails for about 1.99 euros.

Here is the link to the Deviantart page in case you wanna know more.

25. SerketStalker’s Assorted Brushes ver. 1.0 ( FREE BRUSH SET )

This brush set, created by SerketXXI, it’s one of those more Manga or Cartoon oriented brush sets. Of course, you have some more basic brushes like the pencil and pen brushes, but also you will find more stylized brushes like the crystal and the flower brushes.

You can have this brush set for free, just click here and check them out.

26. Roses – stock n brush for Clip Studio Paint

This premium set is a mix between some rose stock png file, you can use not only for Clip Studio Paint also for Photoshop and Paintool Sai, and a single Rose brush for Clip Studio Paint. The set includes also a little tutorial where the author will explain to you how to change the rose’s color.

Interested in painting some roses? Check this pack on Deviantart.

27. MangaStudio5/ClipStudioPaint 75 Brushes Lace Set1

This is a very specialized type of brush. If you are looking for some lace brush for your character’s clothing, you will love these brushes. You will be able to create several different types of patterns and the best thing is this brush set is totally free for download. So if you wanna grab this super useful brush set, click here and go to Deviantart.

If you wanna be really nice to the author, leave a thanks comment on his Deviantart page.

28. Pen/Pencils – Manga Studio 5 / Clip Studio Paint ( PREMIUM BRUSH SET )

This is a premium pencil and pen brush set. You can buy the brush set on Gumroad for around 3$. The question is if it’s worth it or not? In my humble opinion, you have free pencil brushes on this list that can do the trick. But if you are fun of the author, Bri Mercedes, and wanna support her work, you can pay for them.

If you wanna know more about these brushes, check them on Deviantart.

29. Porforever Custom Brush Set3 ( FREE BUSH SET )

This is the third set on the brush set series, for Clip studio Paint, put together by artist Poreforever. Like the previous sets made by this artist, this one is also free. It includes a variety of cool custom brushes for different types of environments. You have fish and bubble brushes for marine environments, also grass, leaves, and roses for a more grassland type of environment, and other types of brushes for different scenarios and purposes.

In total, you will find 21 brushes on this brush set, all free from charge. If you are interested in having them, you can click here, this will take you to the Deviantart’s page where you can download them. If you wanna be kind, leave a thanks comment on Poreforever’s Deviantart page, it will be much appreciated.

30. Zkoyllar Brushes Pack 1 for MS5/ CPS demo( FREE BRUSH SET )

This brush set put together by Zkoyllar is a free demo version for the paid option you can get on Gumroad. The brush set is a nice blend of basic, texture and effects brushes. So if you are looking to have a set of brushes can be useful in many situations, this pack will maybe do the trick.

If you wanna know more about this brush set, click here and check them on Deviantart.


This is another fur brush pack with four brushes that you can download for free on Clip Studio Paint. For a brush that costs absolutely nothing, it has a pretty impressive flow with the depth it adds to your artwork for every soft and fluffy brush stroke. Perfect for all artists.


One thing that makes this free brush pack stand out is how exceptional it is to render and blend both hair and fur on any character you want. It makes paintings of different animals, including bears and wolves, look as natural as possible. Feel free to build your digital painting portfolio with this tool.


It’s a brush set of three that works as great as a brush set with more than 50 brush types. You can replicate the magic, fur, and hair using this incredibly versatile brush set. Here is a custom brush that helps you capture the softness and furriness of different characters on your canvas.


When listing out a fantastic set of brushes, your list isn’t complete with the Shrineheart Fursona. However, this is not a free brush set but worth every penny. This $10 pack contains 69 brushes that will help you bring every character, texture, and stroke to life in your paintings.


Perfect the hair or fur appearance on your character in record time using the painterly fur brush pack. With just $6, you can gain instant access to 27 different brush textures covering all types of fur paint. On the plus side, it’s effortless to use, with rendering from soft to a matte finish, coarse or fluffy.


Do so much on a small budget with this dynamic brush pack of more than a hundred brushes. You have access to phenomenal brushes in this set that give you so much to do in terms of finish and texture with exceptional results. These brushes bring dimension and depth to your hair and grass paintings.


This is another excellent premium fur brush collection that contains 41 brushes for adding hair and fur to your painting seamlessly. Need to render different fur textures, including matte, thin, dull, coarse, fluffy, and soft? Then this brush is just what you need to bring your character to life.


Get a single brush that takes care of all your inking process while giving you fine details with a light push. Depending on your tablet’s pressure sensitivity, this ink brush adapts and gives you the results you would love to have. The ink brush scores high for versatility.


This is a totally free brush set that is compatible with photoshop. With zero budget, you can get started on your beautiful paintings and get the desired result. Manga artists will get a real kick out of this one as it works smoothly to give you great texture and fine details.


One thing that makes this brush set terrific is that you can tweak the color stretch, amount of paint, density, and size to fit your unique preference. Each setting has its effects, and you can create lifelike paintings with these brushes that enhance the significant features of your characters.

30 Brush Sets for Clip Studio Paint | Free and Premium
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30 Brush Sets for Clip Studio Paint | Free and Premium
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Improve Your Drawings
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