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Wacom VS Huion Drawing Tablets, Which Brand You Should Buy

As a digital artist, finding the appropriate brand of drawing tablets that best suits your needs can be a hassle. With so many specifications out there you can possibly get the wrong one and end up regretting your choice later, and if you must get the right one, hours of research and study concerning the current ones on the market need to be done. Well great news, now that process of researching and making your own pros and cons list will be done for you. This article will explicitly explain the core differences between Wacom and Huion Drawing Tablets including their advantages and disadvantages as they relate with each other.

Which brand should you buy, Wacom or Huion?

Depending on what you’re looking for as a digital artist, the answer to this question is really simple. With the diversity in these drawing tablets, one needs to be certain of the purpose in which one needs it for before purchase. So it is obvious that the brand of drawing tablet you should buy depends on the job description of your work. Now we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s go ahead to see the pros and cons of the two most popular drawing tablets, the Wacom and the Huion as they relate with each other as a means to help you with your decision. First I will speak about the brand’s pros and cons, and later on I will do a comparisson between the Huion Kamvas GT-191 and the Wacom Cintiq 16″.

Pros and Cons of Wacom drawing tablets



The Wacom tablet is generally known to be more expensive, as opposed to the Huion tablets. You can make digital designs and drawings using the Wacom drawing tablet for as little as 70$, like the Wacom Intuos 6.3” . It is a very affordable option for begginers artist. My first drawing tablet was a Intuos, and my personal experience using them was great.

Different Sizes

The Wacom tablets come in different sizes which also determines their pricing. The smallest size is usually the cheapest one. Also, you can also get almost the same amount of throughput as you would on any other size so it’s really versatile and leaves room for choices.

Gives you more control

When drawing either on a notebook or using a gadget, control is necessary because without having complete control of the digital pen, paintbrush or even pencil your drawing is bound to look haphazard and very unartistic. Hence the Wacom tablet grants you total and direct control of the tools it offers.

Ease of Download

There are many Wacom compatible programs and updates that one can download on a computer or tablet to broaden your use of the tablet. Downloading these programs is super easy and hitch free.

Many features

From editing videos and photos to actually making designs and drawings, the Wacom tablet grants you access to do that with the help of the digital pen of course. For an artist, it provides a blank canvas where you can make any type of designs and drawings.



Some of Wacom’s digital tablet’s pen, like the old Cintiq’s, has the tendency of lagging depending on your computer’s storage capacity. Imagine trying to write a letter using the normal pen and it takes a while for the words to be visible, this is the same situation the Wacom faces. The lag of this digital pen reduces its overall efficiency in usage, but to deal with lags, you will need to close all programs that you are not making use of on your computer and probably erase the layer that you were working on.

May not be portable

Since the Wacom doesn’t do a one size fits all strategy for its tablets, the size of the tablets you purchase determines its portability. If you purchase a small sized Wacom tablet, like the Wacom Intuos 6.3″ I told you in the beggining, then you can easily fit it into your bag but moving the medium and larger sized tablets from one place to another is quite of a hassle. Also, when setting it up in your homes or offices you’ll need a lot of desk space for both the tablet and your computer.

Pros and cons of Huion drawing tablets



Very sensitive

Some of Huion tablets comes with 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity. Hence it picks up any little stroke, wave or line that is made with the pen giving you a better and more effective drawing experience. Also, the intensity of the stroke determines the intensity of the boldness. The Huion drawing tablets are very responsive.

Large drawing surface

The Huion tablet offers a large area for scribbles, drawings, and designs. It is also matte which gives it an edgy look and when you use the pen on it, it gives you a slight texture due to friction between the pen and the tablet’s surface.

Keyboard shortcuts

Save up your office space as the Huion drawing tablets leaves no room for the use of the keyboard, unlike the Wacom tablet. It has several buttons which have been pre-programmed with keyboard shortcuts just at the side of the tablet. These shortcuts include an eraser, undo, brush, zoom in, zoom out, brush size increasing and decreasing, and lastly the hand tool button. Also, there are soft keys in the top part of the tablet which you will have to pre-program yourself for your own ease of use.

Flexibility in settings

There are a few features you can adjust to meet your specific needs on the Huion drawing tablets. This includes the pressure sensitivity, the pen settings, and the tablet screen settings. You can also change the soft key settings and keyboard settings. There is also an awesome feature that enables people that are left-handed to use the Huion effectively. All you will need to do is to go to the advanced settings directory and check the left-handed box, this creates room for all people to comfortably use the Huion drawing tablets.

General outlook

The Huion drawing tablet is very sleek, thin and very portable. It has a matte color and you can hold it very firmly without fear of falling. It has a very artistic yet standard outlook which seems to be perfect for digital artists.

The pen is very light

The Huion digital pen is very light and provides a firm grip to users. Its tip is replaceable and has four replacement nips in its casing. The pen is very smooth and also matte colored.

The pen is rechargeable

The Huion digital pen is easily rechargeable and once fully charged can last up to several weeks and can still be used in the event of a power outage. There is no need for an AAA replace battery as it is charged through its USB port.


It is less expensive than the Wacom tablet. Although they also come in different sizes but one could purchase a medium sized Huion tablet for $80 and purchase a similar sized Wacom tablet for double the price. A good example of this is the Huion Inspiron H640P, which is a 6.3” tablet similar to the Wacom Intuos we spoke about before, that retails for less than 50$.


Reduced compatibility

The Huion drawing tablet is not compatible with a lot of drawing programs. This means that it doesn’t work as great on lots of these programs. So before purchase, you will need to find out if the software you want to use is supported by the tablet.

Not cable free

The Huion drawing tablet offers no option for a wireless connectivity. Everything from installation to charging is done via a wire or USB cable. Unlike its competition which offers a wireless option.

Lots of issues with its driver

Huion is currently going through lots of issues regarding its drivers. This is seen if one connected the tablet without installing a driver first. This can be resolved with downloading Huion drivers from its home page in the event of a driver failure.

Weak USB port

Dealing with smartphones, gadgets, and tablets we can admit that this is a very annoying occurrence in your device. Having a wobbly or weak USB port means that the device is likely not to charge as effectively or may likely break in no time.
Now that we’ve established the basic pros and cons of the two most sought-after drawing and design tablets, let’s use real examples of both.

Huion Kamvas GT-191 VS Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 Inches


The Huion Kamvas GT-191 and Wacom Cintiq pro 16 inches drawing tablets have a significant difference in their prices. While the Huion Kamvas GT-191 drawing tablet goes for almost $500 dollars, the Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 inches tablet goes for a staggering $1500. So it is safe to say that the Huion Kamvas GT-191 is less expensive than the Wacom Cintiq drawing tablet.


Both tablets have a sleek appearance but the Wacom Cintiq drawing tablet has a more aluminum matte finish to it.


The Huion Kamvas GT-191 drawing tablet has a 19.5-inch full coverage HD display screen, A resolution of 1920 by 1080, with its pen having over 8000 pressure sensitivity levels, yikes. While the Wacom Cintiq pro 16 inches drawing tablets has a 15.6 inch with a 4K display and an edged glass surface with a pen pressure sensitivity of 8192 levels.

Noticeable errors

The Huion Kamvas GT-191 tablet still faces key errors like tilt and parallax error while the in the Wacom Cintiq drawing tablet both errors are eliminated due to its bonded glass. This has created a much more immediate and precise drawing experience than the GT-191 has.


The Wacom Cintiq pro 16 inches drawing tablet due to its size is more portable than the Huion Kamvas GT-191. Although there isn’t that much difference in size between the two, they can both fit into a medium sized bag.
Color accuracy
The Huion Kamvas GT-191 has less amount of colors than the Wacom Cintiq drawing tablet provides. The accuracy of color representation on the Wacom is really high and you can use it to draw anything.


People who purchase the Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 inches drawing tablets are those that require a more professional and studio finish to their drawings, while the Huion can be used by students and teachers alike. In terms of professionalism, the Wacom offers better options.

Driver updates

Both drawing tablets still have little issues with their drivers and settings alike but the Wacom Cintiq drawing tablet provides timely and frequent updates to issues concerning drivers while the Huion can take a while for an update to be installed. Wacom’s drivers also have full features for each application you may choose to use.

Adjustable settings

The Huion Kamvas GT-191 has a large range of settings both basic and advanced that can be adjusted to suit users recommendation but the Wacom Cintiq pro 16 inches drawing tablet has more settings. Sometimes the pen intensity can only be reduced and not increased in the Huion but Wacom has this feature corrected.

Tilt functionality

The Huion Kamvas GT-191 is still having certain issues with its tilt functionality or in some cases the tilt option is inexistent but in the Wacom Cintiq pro drawing tablet, there is about 64 degrees of tilt functionality available to users. This enables you to have total and complete access to tilt both the screen and the pen to your best view.

The decision to purchase the best drawing tablet depends on your purpose and level of seriousness towards digital art. Both the Huion and Wacom drawing tablets have their ups and downsides but if you are a really serious digital artist, save up and purchase the Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 inches drawing tablet. It makes everything easier and has corrected certain errors that you may have experienced in other digital drawing tablets.

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