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40 Free Brushes for Photoshop – The Definitive List

Painting brushes for Photoshop are in high demand and as a digital artist, having these brushes in your library is of utmost importance. From sketching to fine tuning the details of your design to adding texture and shading, the uses of Photoshop brushes are vast.
As a graphic artist, it is very likely that you use different brush sets for your digital drawings and paintings. In your collection, there are probably brushes you prefer for different projects whether it is in illustrations, paintings portraits, environments and so on.
The amazing thing is that there are a ton of Photoshop brushes available online specifically tailored to suit artists. With painting software, digital artists can now create and release their brush collections online without having to rely on the traditional standard brushes.

Top 40 brushes for brushes

Below is a review of the best 40 Photoshop digital brushes online I have curated from famous digital artists in the design community.

• Brushes for Photoshop by RaV89

This brush pack is a really unique collection from RaV89 on DeviantArt specially designed for Photoshop designs. The brush pack was custom made by the artist for digital painting and if you are a digital painter, these brushes will really suit your work flow.
The brush set is extremely flexible and work perfectly with the smudge tool; you can use them to soften the edges of your design, smoothly transition between shades and so much more.
If you are interested in this brush pack, the brushes are available for download here.

• Brushes by Conorburkeart

This Photoshop brush set was created by Conorburkeart on DeviantArt. They can be used in digital paintings, drawings, illustrations and a variety of other graphic designs.
The brushes are quite easy to work with offering a wide array of splatters, scatters and general functions. You can get a look of well they work by skimming the creator’s designs.
You can check out the full brush pack here if you would like to know more about it.

• Pencil Brush by xiliuv

These brushes come from xiliuv on DeviantArt. The pencil brush brings the feel of traditional drawing to digital art. It is essentially a great starter pack for artists who want to try out pencil markings on digital arts.
The set produces very realistic textures and they are also wonderful for detailing. The author designed it to be used on all versions of Photoshop so you do not have to worry about compatibility.
If you are sold over, you can check out the brush pack here.

• Brushes by 88grzes

If you want brushes that offer a variety for digital art, then this brush pack is what you are looking for. The brushes have varying styles and preset and are super fun to work with.
The creator, Gregor Rutkowski aka 88grzes is an experienced and skilled graphics artist and this isn’t the first brush pack he as released so you can trust the quality of his work. The brush pack would be great to experiment with in your artwork, you can view the full set here.

• Photoshop Brushes by sakimichan

This brush pack comes with a sweeping set of 56 brushes. The brushes are of top quality and if you need to create professional level concept art, these brushes would do the job.
The brushes are also very flexible, you can change the settings and experiment with the brush as you like. For the best look, the author recommends setting the opacity at 70-100% with the pressure on.
The brushes work on Photoshop CS4 and CS3. It is absolutely worth it and you can check it out here.

• 3 Photoshop Brushes for Painting Water Reflections by pixelstains

These Photoshop brushes created by pixelstains on DeviantArt are ideal for environment paintings, especially still water reflections. The brush pack comes with three different brushes; the first one has a slightly heavy feel and it is most recommended for painting a separate layer on the background design.
The second brush comes in handy if you need to achieve depth while the third brush is perfect for painting water. The brushes work well with the gradient tool and can also be used to add highlights.
The brush pack is available for free for both personal and commercial art. You can check it out here.

• Tree Silhouette Brushes by kuschelirmel-stock

This high resolution brush set by kuschelirmelstock on DeviantArt is a natural choice for painting tree silhouettes. However, they are not restricted to tree artwork. If you need to create a layout or background design, they also work as well.
They are however only compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS5 and later versions. With that said, you should ensure that your software is supported before using it. The author also adds a link on DeviantArt on how to create, install and use the brush pack.
This brush set is definitely worth a try and you can access them here.

• November brushes set by kawacy

This brush pack was created by kawacy as a reward bonus for users on Patreon. The brushes are perfect for shading, blending and generally for enriching the colour palette of your artwork. They are fun and simple to use if you need a brush set to experiment with.
The brush pack is awesome as long as you are in Patreon, you can grab them. Interested? Great, read more about them here.

• My Brushes by HoustonSharp

If you want to create very realistic art, especially one that mimics traditional media, then you can do a great job with this custom brush set. The creator of the brushes, HoustonSharp on DeviantArt personally uses the brush set and you can skim through his art gallery to see how the brushes come out.
The brushes are categorized and they come with a settings window that allows you see the stroke pattern of your selected brush.
The brushes are useful for creating really nice art and you can have a look at them here.

• My Brush Pack by DanLuVisiArt

This pack, put together by the well know digital artist Dan Luvisi, contains 16 great design brushes created for a variety of art styles. Whether you need to add highlights or create shattered glass paint clouds, there is a brush for every purpose here.
There is a hard ink brush, a texture brush, a speckle brush and a light brush among several others. They are all created for Photoshop and with the pack, you will definitely have no use for custom brushes. You can check out the complete brush set here.

• Environment-Brushes by DeanOyebo

If you are into environment artwork, then you would find these environment set brushes from DeanOyebo on DeviantArt most useful. Although every brush in the pack has a distinct purpose, there a few of them have a range of uses.
You can use the brushes to create really nice background images as well. The brushes are compatible with Photoshop CS3 and later versions although they may also be supported on earlier versions.
They are available for free and if you want to know more about the set, you can check out the brushes here.

• TsaoShin Full Brushes Set by TsaoShin

This bundle comes with a full set of Photoshop brushes. This is the creator’s complete brush set so the pack offers just about every element you would need as a digital artist.
Although the brushes were created to be compatible with Photoshop CS5, they hold up pretty well in Photoshop CC as well. The creator also provides workshop video tutorials on how to use the brushes.
If interested, you can find out more about the brushes here.

• Metal Mesh Texture Brushes by nathies-stock

As far as textures go, this brush pack takes the cake. While they are specifically designed to create metal mesh textures like worm scales, they are not necessarily restricted to metal mesh and you can get a lot more from it.
Although the pack is relatively small containing 5 big and 5 small brushes, they have a lot to offer in digital artwork. The brushes support all versions of Photoshop CS and are available for free.
You can find out more about these texture brushes here.

• My Brushes by 88grzes

This is another pack of brushes created by Gregorz Rutkowski (88grzes) on DeviantArt who has already been featured on this list. The brushes have an extensive range of uses and you will definitely have a lot of fun experimenting with it.
With a wide set of brushes custom made for all elements of digital painting, this pack does not disappoint. They can be used for both personal and commercial art.
If you want to download this brush pack, you can check them out here.

• DarekZabrockibrush set by daRoz

This brush pack comes from daRoz on DeviantArt who offers them for free to the digital art community. The entire brush set is designed for Photoshop and they are especially great for speed paintings.
This pack is an amazing freebie for digital artists and illustrators. They are compatible with most newer versions of Photoshop so you shouldn’t have a problem installing it.
You can access the brush collection here.

• Clouds Brushes Vol. 2 by xara24

This is a collection of cloud brushes and are naturally perfect for creating clouds. This pack comes with a fairly small set of 13 medium and large cloud brushes suitable for all forms of digital arts.
The brushes are really easy to use and you do not even need professional experience as a digital artist to use them. You will feel pretty comfortable when working with them and if you are interested, you can find out more about them here.

• Glowing Circles Photoshop and GIMP Brushes by redheadstock

This pack contains 27 high resolution brushes from redheadstock on DeviantArt ideal for creating glowing circles and similar effects. You can also use them to get lighting and fiery effects.
If you play around with sci-fi, magical or even celestial effects, then you would definitely want to experiment with this- you will not be let down. The brushes are compatible with most versions of Photoshop CS including CC and CS6.
These brushes are great but don’t rely on just words, check them out for yourself here.

• Bokeh Brushes by kuschelirmel-stock

If you are looking for a standard brush set, this pack is essentially a starter pack for Photoshop. You are likely to appreciate the brush set better if you are just getting into digital painting.
Some of the brushes work with pen pressure and opacity so you may need to adjust your brush settings according. They support Adobe Photoshop CS5 and newer versions. The artist also provides a link on how to create, install and uses the brushes in Photoshop.
This set is pretty recommended for newcomers to digital arts and you can access the pack here.

• Perspective grid brush set by Velavan

With this brush set, you can pretty much play around with perspectives in your artwork. The brushes will allow you to add intricate perspective details like layers and depth to your digital painting.
You will find the brush pack to be extremely useful and using the right perspective on your work wouldn’t be a problem anymore if you use to struggle with it.
They are available for free and in case you need to know more about the brush pack, you can check them out here.

• F3N – Illustration Brushes by DeanOyebo

No list of digital art brushes is complete without illustration brushes and this pack comes from DeanOyebo on DeviantArt.
These brushes are pretty simple to use as they are all tailor-made or slightly tweaked variations of the standard Photoshop brushes. Essentially, if you are used to the default brushes on Photoshop then this pack would be no problem.
They were specially designed for sketching, blending and creating both soft and hard painterly strokes. The creator offers them as freebies and they are available on Photoshop CS2 and newer versions.
If you want to check out the pack, you can find it here.

• Concept art brush pack for Photoshop by Evenant

This concept art brush pack is basically everything you need to create inside Photoshop. From matte paintings to fan art to film, game and album covers, this pack provides a massive library of brushes to cover every form of concept art.
The brushes are categorized into seven sets – basic, texture, light, rock and mountain, grass and foliage, particles -with each designed to create a specific element in design. These are also an extra set where you will find brushes of water, rain, birds and so on.
They are totally worth checking out and you can find them here.

• DeharmeBrushes/Photoshop-CC by Deharme

This brush is essentially a collection of the creator’s brush set with a mix of favorites from other artists. The brushes were all designed for Photoshop and are perfect for digital painting, illustrations, paintings and a range of other digital art and design.
They are splendid and you would be very comfortable using them. The brushes were created on Adobe Photoshop-CC but they also work with Photoshop CS5 and CS6 as well.
If you want to check them out, they are available here.

• Hair brush set by para-vine

There are 5 custom made high resolution hair brushes in this pack and typically, this set is an ideal choice for painting hair.
The hair details in your artwork will come out much neater and nicer with this pack, especially if you combine the brushes and not restrict yourself to one. The brushes are pressure sensitive so you may want to adjust your pressure settings if you want the full effect on your designs.
They are free for both commercial and personal use and support Photoshop CS3 and higher versions. You can check out the full brush pack here.

• Deharme’s TOOLBOX by Deharme

If you just switched from another program to Photoshop or you are just starting out with digital art, this brush toolbox by Deharme will come in handy. This is essentially a starter pack for newcomers featuring a basic and standard set of brushes that you will find very easy to use.
The brushes are also categorized to help you organize your brush collection. The brush set is compatible with Photoshop-CC and if you like them, you can check out the pack here.

• Charcoal look by 88grzes

88grzes for the third time because that’s how amazing his brush sets are. These ones are the charcoal brushes and they offer everything you will need to get a very realistic charcoal painting.
The style is quite believable, just as good as what you can get on a traditional medium. The pack is designed for Photoshop and they are totally free. The creator also offers a tutorial on Gumroad on how to achieve a real-world charcoal look.
You would definitely love this pack and you can get them here.

• Texture Brushes by AlectorFencer

This texture brush pack from DeviantArt user AlectorFencer will help you create a variety of textures in your paintings as smoothly as possible. The brushes can be used to create a wide variety of amazing textures such as shading and detailing to give your artwork a very realistic look.
The pack was tailor-made by the artist and you can get them for free. They are absolutely worth a try, check them out here if you are interested.

• Arcane Circles II Photoshop and GIMP Brushes by redheadstock

This high-resolution brush pack offers 28 different arcane circles Photoshop brushes created by redheadstock on DeviantArt.
Whether you need to draw mythological symbols or alchemical signs, this brush pack is exclusively designed to help you get the job done.
This pack comes tailored for Photoshop CS, CC, and CS6. If you want to create circles, then this brush set would be a good choice. If you want them, there are accessible here.

• Dust Brushes by nathies-stock

This brush pack created by nathies-stock, a user on DeviantArt contains 5 high-resolution brushes for creating dust. Beyond dust, you can also use them to create grain and similar textures.
They are superb so you should have a lot of fun using it. The brushes can be used for both personal and commercial art and support Adobe Photoshop CS Versions only. If you are interested you can check them out here.

• Star Brushes by kuschelirmel-stock

This pack offers a lot of handy brushes for creating stars. You will find them very useful in creating a cinematic starry effect in your artwork.
If you have a digital tablet, then you may want to switch the pen pressure settings as the brushes are pressure sensitive. You can also adjust the opacity to achieve more realistic effects.
They were specifically designed for digital paintings and are compatible with newer versions of Photoshop. Want to know more about the star brushes? You can check them out here.

• 5x Dirt Brushes Hi-Res by leboef

This brush pack comes from leboef on DeviantArt with 5 high resolution brushes all specifically created to add dust effects. With all the brushes in high resolution, even when the painting is resized, the effects will still look great.
The brushes are very useful for some dust effect on soil and clothing if your painting has any of those. The creator offers them for free and if you care to know more about the diet brushes, you can look then up here.

• Deharme / Charcoal set v1.0 / Photoshop CC by Deharme

Deharme from DeviantArt is featured on this list again for a superb set of Charcoal brushes. When done right, charcoal digital paintings always come out great and with these brushes, you can rest assured that your paintings will be splendid.
This is a set from the creator’s personal brush collection and you can skim through his gallery to see how the brushes look. The brushes were created on Adobe Photoshop CC and may not be compatible with other versions of Photoshop.
You won’t be disappointed with this collection and if you are like them, you can find get the pack here.

• DanarWoryaBrushpack by DanarArt

This brush pack is basically a collection of the creator’s favorite digital brushes from other artists. From texture brushes to cloud brushes to grass and foliage brushes, there is a bit of everything you need for digital painting in this pack.
The brush pack has gotten tens of thousands of downloads since it was released to show how much the design community loves them. You can join the other digital artists and get them here.

• Brushes IV by Hawk4

If you need the basic brushes for digital painting Hawk4 on DeviantArt offers a great brush pack that essentially covers everything. They work with pressure sensitivity to give the painting more natural effects.
The brushes only support Adobe Photoshop CS and higher versions. The creator also offers a short tutorial on how to download and install the brushes. If you want them, they are available here.

• Paint Structure Brushes by nathies-stock

This high-resolution pack offers 9 amazing brushes for different forms of digital art on Photoshop. You can use it to create artsy fartsy structures and cross-hatching effects. The brushes are pretty easy to use and you will find them easy to paint with.
You can use it anywhere you like, whether in commercial or private art. There are available for all Photoshop CS versions and you can get them for free. If you think they are great, then you may want to check out the brushes here.

• Light Veils Brushes by the-night-bird

This digital brush pack contains 17 high-resolution custom made brushes created for digital artists on Photoshop. If you need magical lights and cinematic flares, this is your go-to brush set. They are essentially light brushes and can be used to create light special effects.
You can play around with the layer settings here to get better and more realistic effects. The creator offers them for free but prohibits the use of the brushes in commercial art projects. If you are convinced, head over here to check out this pack.

• Chalk Brush / Blending Brush – PS brush by Pearlpencil

If you need to create a pastel or blending effect, then this chalk brush set by DeviantArt user Pearlpencil is your best option. To get more satisfying and realistic effects, you can adjust the pressure sensitive opacity and texture settings.
Beyond blending, you can also use the brush as a smudge and eraser tool. The author offers a concise tutorial on how to download, install and use the brushes.
The settings are pretty basic so they work just fine on most Photoshop versions although the brushes were created on Photoshop CS6. And they are completely free as well. If you are sold on this one, you can find out more about the brush pack here.

• Brushes by AaronGriffinArt

These brushes come courtesy of AaronGriffinArt on DeviantArt. From the basic brushes to pencil brushes that offer dual pencil markings, this brush pack is essential for every digital artist out there.
Each brush has a specific function to help you design your artwork however you like it. The brushes were created on Photoshop and are free to download and use. So far, the brush set has gotten over 200,000 downloads and you can be one of them, just visit here.

• Oil Paint 80 by daniel-nagy

If you want a brush pack with a wide variety of oil brushes, then this collection from DeviantArt user danielnagy would be perfect for you. This pack comes with a tremendous set of 80 different brushes all created for Photoshop.
The brushes provide very fine detailing to oil-styled digital arts. With the vast array of brush options available on this pack, you will find a brush for every purpose, whether you need to a thick brush to leave bold strokes or a scratchy one for simply texturing surfaces.
They are compatible with Photoshop CS6, get them here then go ahead and have all the fun you can.

• Bird brushes by ivadesign

Although this brush pack is relatively small with just six bird brushes, you will find everything you need to handle your digital paintings to create very neat and clean images.
You can tweak the opacity if you are going for a more realistic painting. The brushes were all customized in Photoshop CS3 and they are absolutely free.
You can access the amazing brush collection here.

• NorthernChild set by Vetrova

If you are into fan art, game concert art, and album covers, then this brush pack is one of the best resources you would find. The brushes are specially tailored to help the design process for a flawless painting at the end.
You will find a brush for everything in this pack – sketching, pastels, manga drawing and so much more. The brushes have been around for a while now and there are thousands of downloads to show how many digital artists love this pack. If your interest is spiked, then you should check them out here.


That’s about it for brushes. While this is by no means an exhaustive list these are some of the best brushes currently available. There is no doubt it can be hard going through every brush pack. Nevertheless, if you skim the list, something will definitely catch your like and there is a good chance you will a brush set you like.

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