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Top 20 Clip Studio Paint Free Tutorials

Have you ever wondered how illustrations and art drawings are created for Comics and Manga? Introducing one of the best tools out there for visual artists called Clip Studio Paint.

Clip Studio Paint is a world-renowned software created by a Japanese Company, Celsys.

For new users and creators, picking up a new software can be hard, goes double when you’re learning digital painting software from scratch. But, we would like to say at this point that we got you.

This article would do a thorough breakdown of various tutorials to help you ace your digital art creations using the Clip Studio software. If you’ve been in the game for a while now and looking to improve your skills. Check out the free tutorials below.

Why is it important to take a look at the tutorials?

The Clip Studio Paint software is constantly being updated to suit the growing needs of creators. To stay up to date, you need to learn all the skills required to use the tools.

The list below acts as a one stock shop to get you started and take you to the peak of mastery in a manga and art creation using the Clip Studio Software. Learn the basics, ink layers, creating and editing layer masks, drawing the perfect background with perspective tool, creating elegant design line work and a host of other hidden gems of the software for cartoon creators, manga designers, and art illustrators.

With that in mind, here are 20 of the best clip studio paint tutorials to take your skills up to mastery level: 

1. An Introduction To Clip Studio Paint

Erica Anthony J takes you on a short walkthrough of what Clip Studio Paint is really about. He talks on setting up a canvas, using the brush tool, types of brushes, blending tool, ruler tool and drawing in symmetry when opening the software for the first time. See it as a crash course on the basic overview of Clip Studio Paint. A great way to either go back to the basics of drawing or starting your journey into being an expert manga or digital art creator.

Erica Anthony J is an amazing visual arts creator. He has tons of videos on creating art and has built a huge amount of subscribers due to his sheer geniuses. For more of his videos, you can check out his channel.

2. Drawing Impressive Digital Linework in Manga Studio with the Curve Tool

This is a great resource for those starting in digital arts. This tutorial by Dreamprism Press teaches you how to better your line quality using any form of digital tablet or mouse. Taking confident strokes and using the pen nib and getting comfortable with your digital hand movement on either plastic or glass surfaces.

You also get to learn how to change your brush thickness using the Clip Studio Paint formerly known as Manga Studio.

Dream Prism Press is a developer of illustrated books and animated video series. Founder of the company D.M. Cumbo has over ten years of experience as an author and professional artist. Explore all forms of discussions with cartoon animators on his channel and other cool designs on his page.

3. How To Blend Colors in Clip Studio Paint

Erica Anthony J makes another debut in this third tutorial created by him on the list.  Learn techniques for using both manual and custom made brushes to smoothly blend colors fast using the Clip Studio Paint Software.  Also, learn about the different types of brushes and where best to use them when drawing.

4. How To Draw Pencil Rough Sketches in Clip Studio Paint Tutorial

Brian Allen is a freelance visual illustrator and he takes you on how to sketch ink and color with a focus on Manga Studio 5 also known as Cloud Studio Paint. This training covers part one of the three-part tutorial. Feel free to other parts of the full training video in the next points for more hacks to take your clip studio skills to a hundred level.

5. Clip Studio Paint Inking Tutorial

Brian Allen takes you on the second part of the three-part training on Clip Studio. View the third part of the tutorial in the next tutorial. He shows you how to render and slay your inking skills using the software. This is one of the best inking tutorials out there and would make for a great learning tool.

6. Clip Studio Paint Coloring Tutorial

The final part of the three-part training on drawing, inking, and coloring for visual illustration. Brian Allen takes you through the steps to flat color the image, figuring the color scheme, adding textures and highlights to have an awesome painting finish using Manga Studio now well known as Clip Studio. Learn how to also create selections on the fly to create your digital art and visual drawing using the software.

7. How to Paint Muscles in Clip Studio Paint Pro – Digital Paint Tutorial

Robert Marzullo is a genius in painting. Watch his tutorial on how he teaches you to paint muscles to bring that real-life effect to your work on Clip Studio. 

Bearing skin color, brush and pencil use all in mind to create 3D real life looking drawing. The 30-minutes informative video is very helpful in creating well-defined superhero characters.

8. 20 Clip Studio Paint Best Features That Make it better than Adobe Photoshop

Brian Allen organizes this webinar to discuss ways Manga Studio 5 is better than Adobe Photoshop 5. He shares his journey starting out with Adobe Photoshop and why he had to make a move to Clip Studio Paint. It is a great way to learn in entirety the benefits of both software and in what skills they rank the highest. Editing layers, color selection, and eraser selection. He also shares 20 tricks in Clip Studio paint that make way more better than Adobe Photoshop for drawing and art creation.

9. How To Ink in Clip Studio using the GPEN by Tim Lee Michael

Experience the power of GPEN feature on Clip Studio Paint for inking. This tutorial is very interactive, as he uses a real sketch, shows a hands-on process for cleaning up line drawings and inking.

Tim Lee Michael is an expert at caricatures, cartoons, and speed painting. Learn his top tips for video creation, vlogs, and graphics creation. His soft toned voice makes for an interesting listen and concentration on the tutorial.

10. Tips and Tutorials For Drawing Character Design in Clip Studio Paint

Brian Shearer is a top comic book artist and writer. His comic creator credits include GI Joe, Transformers, Ghostbusters, Doctor Who and William The Last.

He takes you on a very YouTube Live descriptive and hands-on tutorial for character design from scratch. Your next comic character creation might be just a click away by watching this video.

11. How To Pose 3D Models In Clip Studio Paint

This is a short and to-the-point tutorial for posing 3D models on Clip Studio EX.

Kendrys Draw is a frequent YouTuber visual and digital art creator. He constantly posts very helpful tips and tricks for improving the art and creating comics and manga.

12. An Overview of Manga Studio 5 & Manga Studio EX 5


This is a great video for understanding both software and the basic functions that set them apart. It takes a deep dive into shortcuts and tools to make your visual art creation process easy.

Smith Micro Graphics is a professional team that develops powerful and affordable software that enhances visual communication for digital artists and animators.

13. How To Use Audio, Keyframes and 2D Camera in Clip Studio Paint

Watch this exciting tutorial on how to add audio, motion tween with keyframes and using the 2D Camera in Clip Studio Paint. Learn how to make your animations run across the screen.

Reuben Lara is an expert in digital painting, illustration, art, and animation. He frequently organizes training on product illustration.

14. How To Light 3D Models in Clip Studio Paint

Kendrys Draw takes you on a short course on how to light 3D Models in Clip Studio Paint.  Learn a few tips and tricks to bring life to your character when doing your animations also using the bounce light feature.

15. Why I Love The Perspective Tool In Clip Studio Paint?

The Perspective Tool is one of the coolest tools on Clip Studio Paint. Mattchee Art shares why he loves using the Perspective tool on Clip Studio Paint.

It covers the basics of the Perspective tool and quick demo on how it really works, Awesome tutorial to get strong on using the tool for illustrator your animations on Clip Studio Paint. 

Mattchee Art is an illustrator, cartoonist, and graphic designer based in California. His personal work is hugely inspired by his love for comic books and heavy metal.

16. How To Ink In Clip Studio Paint

It always helps to have different perspectives to doing one thing. ComicsWithChris takes you on a tutorial to master the art of inking in your comics.

ComicsWithChris owned by Chris Martinez is a comics creator constantly providing helpful tips on storytelling, anatomy, productivity and digital art.

17. How To Make A Comic Front Page On Clip Studio Paint

A great tutorial for new and existing users of Clip Studio Paint. The first of the six-part video, you learn how to cover over the basics of setting up your workspace and creating comic book page using frames already installed on the software.

David Arroyo is an artist and visual storyteller. You can view more of the work he’s done on his website.

18. How To Use The Perspective Ruler in Clip Studio Paint Pro

Chris Martinez takes on another journey of mastering the art of comics. This tutorial places a focus on the perspective ruler and how to use it exceedingly well on your comic creations on Clip Studio Paint.

19. How To Turn To Pictures Into Drawings For Comics/Manga Backgrounds

Kendrys Draws you a sharp trick to turn pictures into drawing backgrounds for your comic and digital art using Clip Studio Paint. A great tool for speeding up your creative process and also turning your favorite photos into cartoon images. Also, learn how to add characters to your comic book front covers when working with an image.

20.How to make a Webtoon in Clip Studio Paint

This tutorial by Another You will introduce you to the world of Webtoons using ClipStudio Paint. An easy to follow tutorial that will give you the principles of Webtoon creation using this software.

This is a very comprehensive list of clip studio paint free tutorials. After putting all that you have learned to practice, are there any improvements in your art form? Share your experience from learning from either one, two or all of the training videos. Would be incredible to hear your thoughts.

20 Best Clip Studio Paint Free Tutorials
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20 Best Clip Studio Paint Free Tutorials
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