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The Best free concept Art Tutorials Online

Being a concept artist needs a lot of visualization and execution as well as your works is essentially what will be used to help people get an understanding of the scene, mood or idea you are trying to paint.

Because of the level of mastery it requires, it helps to be able to get free tutorial videos from more experienced people to teach you what you may need to know. This article helps your search for tutorial videos on concept art by providing links to free videos that covers a wide range on subjects about conceptart.

From information about the professions, to technical know-how the tutorials listed below are rich in information and can be helped to guide you to becoming the concept artist you dream to be.

Free Concept art Tutorial Videos

Mike Rhodes talking about concept art:

At the beginning of your concept art journey you can use all the introduction you can get from people who are already in the business and Mike in this video, prepares you for the career as a concept artist. It is encouraging as well as knowledge filled not only with techniques to being a good artist but also with generic lessons anyone taking up art as a career should learn, especially when he says not to make it the only thing you do.

Becoming a concept artist by Marc Brunet:

If you are new into concept artistry or you are just at the stage of inception, this video will serve as an amazing guide to prepare you for what to expect with the career, it tells you about what tools and skills you need to acquire to be successful.This video is definitely for beginners but feel free to visit even if you are intermediate feeling stuck and consider Marc Brunet a mentor preparing you for your journey.

How to become a concept artist by James the BoxOfficeArtist:

James goes on about questions people often like to ask about art, more specifically concept art and gives answers from real artists. If you watch this video you are likely going to get answers to some of the questions you have as a concept artist not to mention that the video is about teaching you how to be a concept artist. Every beginner should see this before they start their career.

Concept artist’s portfolio mistake – No character breakdown:


This tutorial is yet another one to help concept artist avoid things that may be making their portfolio not get the amount of attention they hope for. Trent Kaniuga talks about the importance of character breakdown on your sheet for the industry to take your work more seriously. You will learn ow important character breakdown is for industries and how to do it, it is especially useful to character concept artists.

A video about getting people to pay attention to your portfolio:


In this video put together and uploaded by Chris Oatley, he explains mistakes concept artists make and why their portfolio gets ignored. He doesn’t do it alone though, with the help of three other art experts the video puts together mistakes that you are probably making if your portfolio is getting ignored and what to do about them. This video is a perfect tool for already existing concept artists struggling to get recognition and a good guide for beginners so that they can avoid making some of the mistakes later on.

Illustration vs Concept art – why some companies want sketches and others want painting:

When you start off, it gets pretty difficult to tell the difference between the two but this video helps a lot to break out of a preformed idea of what concept art must look like. Many people already envision concept art as a painting but when you work as a concept artist, you sometimes get asked for sketches, watch this video to understand why. It will help on a journey to not look down on any part of the process.

Beginner Drawing tips by Feng:

Becoming a concept artist means you are going to be doing a lot of drawing, and frankly a lot more than you imagine at the beginning and a lot of people do not get that. In the video, Feng talks about tips that an art teacher would tell you in your freshman year, tips that get you through impending frustration if you don’t know about the realities of becoming an artist. Every beginner concept artist should watch this. Although a bit lengthy at 1½hour, there is a lot of knowledge to gain.

Designing weapons with Motifs by Kienan Laferty:

This tutorial video is the fourth part of Kienan’s Concept Art Boot camp, it shows you how to design weapons for your concept art on Photoshop using pre-downloaded motifs. The tutorial works with a sword and talks about how to use motifs on it with respect to the size of detailing.

Introduction to Free painting by Walid Feghali:

Walid works with landscapes in a 20-minutes video showing speed painting techniques on Photoshop. In concept art painting is essential and the video is explanatory and easy to follow even for beginners and even if you only paint creatures and not landscapes. It is not every day you see a video that can be explanatory, precise and suitable for different level of expertise all at the same time.

Painting Landscapes by Jordan Grimmer:

Jordan Grimmer is undoubtedly an expert in painting which is obvious from the video, not only in the use of tools but in the mastery of what it takes to produce a good picture. Attention to detail, use of shapes and tools on Photoshop are majorly the things you will learn watching this video but you will definitely get inspired as a concept artist because Jordan’s art is on to aspire to. The background music is hard to go unnoticed though, serene but prominent.

Tutorial on Painting Rocks by Walid Feghali:

Walid does a video about painting rocks. Working with three different rock types. Not only does Walid teach you how to paint rocks he gives you something in form of encouragement as he lets you know that what you are about to witness is not hard. That immediately puts you at ease and eager to learn, although even if he didn’t say that you would enjoy the video and learn easily because he takes his time to explain everything he does.

Digital painting basics tutorial by Walid Feghali:

Another painting tutorial by Walid for concept art. In this tutorial video, he not only paints but sketches as well and the tutorial focuses on painting clouds and being able to create an intended atmosphere for your concept art. At the end of the day Walid creates amazing scenery with what he did and if you had missed the speed painting video you can pick up a little as he uses that as well.

Ryan Denin tutorial about creating a dropship on photoshop:

Haven worked as a concept artist in the Star trek video game you expect Ryan to know what he is doing and he does. This video shared by Art Station in 2014 is a 45minutes tutorial that shows how to create a vehicle on Photoshop, the great thing about it is that you do not have to create a dropship with the techniques you learn. Although Ryan’s tutorial will take some practice and patience before you will produce an image quality like his, it is worth every second spent.

Digital painting tutorial to find the perspective in paintings:

A tutorial video showing you an easy way to figure out the perspective of a picture with the help of Photoshop script. This 12minutes video will help you figure out the perspective of images in even less time using the technique applied. Although the video doesn’t talk about how to load your Photoshop script in, which is likely the only thing missed out, but if you have successfully loaded yours you will love the tutorial.

Video tutorial of Clayton Barton building up a character concept art:

A tutorial, especially for character concept artist, shows Clayton drawing an android that anyone would be scared of, it has the look of a menace. With the end product, you would really appreciate how he was able to create the character and the video is an eye-opener on how you can use your layers effectively. From sketch to finish, pay attention so that you can get it.

Tutorial on how to blend colors by Ahmed Aldoori:

Here you would find a link to get the brushes he uses for free but the most important thing on the page is how he teaches his blending techniques. Blending is important to create softness of features in every painting, hence an essential skill especially in character design as body forms have no sharp edges and usually contains a lot of blends. After watching this tutorial, you would stop wondering what tools these experts use and focus more on how to make the best use of every tool.

A tutorial on how to sketch a military vehicle:

In the video you will learn how to sketch a badass looking military vehicle that could fit into video games, something like the ones you have probably gawked at already. Sketching is important and the video displays the use of forms and shades to create a good picture and a good effect. As a concept artist, you will benefit a lot from this especially when you imagine including it into an environment scene.

Tips for environmental concept art by Trent Kaniuga:

If creating a good environmental concept art is one of your major problems, you found yourself a gem with this video. The video is more about creating a great image than it is about tools and its technicalities and so you can use the tips to improve how your environment concept art already looks or as a guide when creating your next one. The video is more suited to intermediate concept artists.

Dave Greco character concept art series:

Although this video is a basic introduction to character concept art because it is the first one in the series yet, it gets better in following videos as he teaches a lot of methods he uses to make his own art which is fantastic. Character concept artists can follow the series to learn about more detailed work like working in skin, hair, anatomy and so on. In this video, he draws a black and white image of a man with a raised brow.

Taking a character from black and white to color:

This is the next video on the character concept art series by Dave Greco and in this video he uses the image created in the introductory video and makes it a grey scale colored image. The image really gets interesting once the color comes in but since the aim of watching the video isn’t just to look at the end product, you will learn a lot by following the process.

The best brushes for concept art by Walid Feghali:

If you have not yet understood that the quality of your work is about making the best use of the tools you have, then you need this video. Walid discusses a common mistake by new concept artist where they think their works can only get better with more tools. At the end of the day, being an expert is not about having the most to work with but doing the most work with what you have. You can download the brushback he uses from the link on the page.

Jake Collinge tutorial on Creature design – Spiders:

If you can allow yourself move past the fact that Jake said Spiders have six legs, then you have a lot of technique to learn from this video. Jake uses Photoshop to create six different images that are rather interesting, each of them have a little something to teach you about drawing spiders – creatures. It is an overall interesting and knowledgeable video.

Javier Santos tutorials showing another approach to character design:

Artists have always had different ways of doing things that made them unique and added character to their works, so it is refreshing to see how Javier gives another way to approach character design. The video shows beautiful execution of the character buildup, but wait till you see the end. This video is however for intermediate to experienced concept artists as beginners will only feel lost and not learn much from it.

Landscape – Time lapse video tutorial by JJcanvas:

Watching this video you will realize that there is a lot of inspiration in what the artist does and what he creates at the end, even more than there is teaching about tools. In order to benefit more from this, it is important that you already have a mastery of tools and what they can do for you so that when you watch it you get ideas of more creative ways to use them. It is obvious from the scene created that he is a phenomenal concept artist.

Tutorials on designing with silhouettes:

This video is very informative, it contains a lot of techniques and things you need to know if you are going to improve your skills as a concept artist. The video covers from the beginning stage to creating great silhouette images at the end of the day, and it is real time so if you get skeptical about sped up video then you will love this. This video also teaches you all you need to know about the relevance of silhouette drawings.

Achieving a purple tint on character drawing for concept art:

If you are looking for how to get your face to have a rosy glow often seen in animations or games that just comes out looking beautiful, you will enjoy watching this video. Ahmed Aldoori explains the technique he used to achieve the tint he had in the image. The video begins with a plain sketch and then graduates to a full made up dashing lady.

Jason Chan character design:

This video got a lot of sensitive reviews about it objectifying the female character because of the lack of armor but if you can look past that there is a lot to be learn here for character design. The female character is built from the scratch, and then painted to achieve the end result, featuring skin and body armor work.

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