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2 Ways to draw Ash from Pokemon ( with Pictures )

If you have ever watched Pokemon, then you would have fallen in love with Ash Ketchum. Okay don’t get me wrong here, I don’t mean the love that came to your mind when you first read it but a special kind of love to continue watching this character. Ash Ketchum is everyone’s favorites; both kids and adult love him. The coolest thing about him is his undying love to always keep relationships and that is why Pikachu is his forever buddy.

You surely have learn several things from this character but get ready to learn more. This tutorial will teach you two different ways of drawing Ash Ketchum. The first tutorial will take you through the facial drawing and the second will give details of the full body drawing. Don’t just sit down and relax to read this tutorial, get yourself ready with your pencils and colors for a drawing experience.

Tutorial 1:
How to draw Ash face

This tutorial consists of step by step guide on how best to draw your own drawing of Ash’s face. Trust me; the tutorial will make it very easy to draw.

Step 1: Drawing Jacket Left Sleeve

·    The first thing we would draw is the sleeves. We would draw the left sleeve in this step with just a horizontal line on the lower left part of your drawing book.

·    This line will be titled such that it doesn’t maintain a perfect horizontal line.

Step 2: Drawing the Jacket Right Sleeve

·    This step will be a repetition of the previous but just at the lower right corner of your book.

·    Note that there should be a space that can occupy ash’s head conveniently as seen in the example.

Step 3: Drawing the Jacket Collar

·    Next thing we would do is to draw the jacket collar with shapes.

·    Collar will not do well with rectangles so we would use a trapezium to draw the collar.

·    The collar will be drawn on the sleeves we have drawn earlier.

Step 4: Drawing the T shirt collar

·    In this step, we would be drawing the collar of the T shirt with small arcs.

·    These arcs will be drawn right on top of the trapezium as though they are supporting something more like how the example looks.

Step 5: Drawing Ash’s neck

·    To draw Ash’s neck, we would draw short lines that extend from the frontal tip of the trapezium.

·    Note that these lines are not accurately straight but are bent inward in form of a regular neck shape.

Step 6: Drawing the face

·    This is the step you would really need your mathematical knowledge on shapes to help you out. But if you were as worse in math like myself, then just follow me closely and you will do just fine.

·    The shape of the face will be a pentagon standing upside down with the base cleaned off.

·    For simplicity, draw two lines from the middle of the neck which are inclined, then draw two vertical straight lines to meet the protruding lines at their ends. Boom! , your face is drawn

Step 7: Drawing the Hat

·    To draw the cap, you will make use of semi circles. One for the tip of the cap, another one for the middle and the last semi-circle for the top of the head.

·    Complete the drawing with two straight lines at the side like the example drawing.

Step 8: Drawing the Hair

·    The hair is a pretty easy one to do.

·    Make use spikes to draw the hair at the back of the ears and beneath the cap as seen in the example.

Step 9: Drawing the Facial Features

·    We would be giving our drawing eyes, nose and mouth in this step.

·    The eyes appears wide open always so we would use an ellipse (this is more like an elongated circle) to do that.

·    The nose just needs a dot perfected fitted in the middle of the face and the mouth is complete with just a straight slightly curvy line.

·    Don’t forget to give your drawing some brows and a little shaded detail beneath the eye.

Step 10: Drawing the Costume Details

·    One of the many unique features of Ash’s costume is his cap. So this step, we would complete the cap and make the other costume more detailed.

·    Two extra semi-circles will be added to the cap like that of a protractor and a horizontal line will go beneath the semi-circles.

·    After that, we would draw an extra line beside the sleeves to take care of the total outfit.

If you wanna learn which are the Art supplies we use for drawing and painting you can visit the Recommended supplies and Recommended tablets sections.

Step 11: Painting the Color Base

·    Next off is the painting of our drawing. Sounds like fun!

·    The colors we need are red, ash, blue, white, black and brown.

·    The black will be used on the hair and for the pupil in the eyes.

·    The cap will be painted with red and ash.

·    For the jacket, we would make use of the color blue.

·    Other colors just fill in the parts of our drawing as seen in the drawing example.

Step 12: Painting the shadows

·    The shadow of Ash is on his face just like the example indicates.

·    Take note that the reflection of the shadow depends totally on the position of the light.

·    You might decide to cast the shadows elsewhere but if you will follow the example, you will need a darker shade of brown for the face.

Finally, you are done with Ash’s face and it is looking more like a picture of me right? Come on, I know you drew Ash. So let’s do this again for the full body of Ash. Ready?

Tutorial 2:
How to Draw Ash Full Body

Step 1: Drawing the Torso

·    We start from the rib cage by using a rectangle to draw it.

·    In between the rectangle a line will be drawn to divide the chest area into two.

·    The abdomen follows with straight lines to partition where the rib cage ends and where the pelvic begins.

·    After drawing that, create a hole for the legs to fit into in the pelvic area just like the way it look on the drawing example.

Step 2: Drawing the Legs

·    The legs will consist of the thighs, the knee cap and the shin.

·    Draw the thighs with vertical lines from the pelvic hole and draw and horizontal line for the knee just where the thigh stops. Then, the shin can be drawn with straight lines.

Step 3: Drawing the Arms

·    We would be drawing the arms next and it sure isn’t hard as it looks in the example.

·    We would start the drawing of the left arm from the shoulder then to the biceps and triceps.

·    This left arm is seated on the hips and this means it would be drawn with a V-shape.

·    Next thing is to draw the right arm, it would take a V-shape also but facing an outward direction.

·    The hands are opened as though ready to shake, so be sure to include that.

Step 4: Drawing the Head

·    The head will be drawn in shape of a circle. In the process of drawing the circle, consider where the ear that will be seen will stay and also the shin of your face.

·    After doing that, you would then draw two straight lines with their meeting point at the middle of the face.

Step 5: Drawing the Main Features

·    After drawing the head, we would draw the other features which include: the hat and the facial details.

·    The type of hat that will be drawn here will be different from the previous tutorial. This hat will be a round hat with a flappy edge.

·    The eyes and nose can be drawn using the method in tutorial 1.

·    Unlike the first tutorial, the mouth in this drawing will be opened and smiling to everyone.

Step 6: Drawing the Final Line art

·    The next thing we would do is to give Ash his hair and complete outfit.

·    Just like we drew before, we would draw the hair using spikes and it would appear behind the hat and beneath it.

·    Follow the drawing example to draw the jacket and pants. Remember to include the belt and gloves in your drawing.

Step 7: Painting the Colors

·    The last and most interesting step is to paint our drawing.

·    The white and red colors will go for the cap.

·    The jacket will be filled in with blue and white colors at their distinct places.

·    The inner vest, belt and Ash’s hair will be painted black.

·    Then, we would make use of sky blue to paint the trousers and green for the gloves.

So you see, you don’t need any special artistic skill to do a drawing of your very own Ash Ketchum. Try any of this ways today and become the boss at doing it.

For more free step by step drawing tutorials,  kindly visit the Drawing Tutorials section.

Writer: Eseandre

Artists: Ari Bakkas Pratama and Mafer Baruta

2 ways to Draw Ash Ketchum from Pokemon ( with Pictures )
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2 ways to Draw Ash Ketchum from Pokemon ( with Pictures )
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