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Learn to Draw a Chibi / Kawaii Dog in 7 Easy Steps

Ever heard of the word ‘chibi’? This word literally spells his meaning anytime to mean ‘cute’. A picture of petite things comes to mind when Chibi is mentioned anytime. The word chibi is a Japanese word which just means small or cute. It is usually used to describe animals and sometimes humans. The chibi dog we would be drawing today is more of a Japanese big headed, small eyed creature. Trust me, it is going to be a little simpler than any other drawing you ever attempted. So follow the steps in this tutorial diligently to get the best out of your drawings.

Step 1: Drawing the body

·    To draw the body, the best shape is an oval.

·    The oval will be drawn with the longest side being positioned horizontally.

·    You don’t need to make the shape of the oval perfect, just follow the way it appears on the example and you will do very well.

Step 2: Drawing the front legs

·    The next thing is to draw the front legs.

·    You will need to draw the legs with straight lines that are at the left side of the oval shape.

·    The left leg is drawn over the oval shape as seen in the example. This leg just fits the body around the center so don’t push it towards the left end too much.

·    The right leg is drawn seated below oval shape at the far end of the shape.

Step 3: Drawing the back legs and the tail

·    The hind legs will be drawn next with only one leg in sight.

·    You will need to draw an arc to form the hind leg. This arc will slightly touch the front legs like the drawing example highlights.

·    A spiral shape will do well for the tail at the far right of the body. Just start from the tip of the body and take your pencil across as though you want to draw a circle then bring make your pencils to meet the middle of the circle, that’s it, your spiral is drawn.

Step 4: Drawing the head

·    We will draw the head of our dog next.

·    A big circle, not as big as twice the body but of considerable size to the body will be perfect for our chibi dog’s head.

·    Above the circle, you will draw two small triangles (that is missing the last side underneath) for the ear.

Step 5: Drawing the final line art

·    A chibi dog’s eye always makes you want to say ‘Awwwn, so cute’. Yes, they are cute.

·    So the next thing is to draw the cute eyes with two small circles.

·    The eyes should be given more details by shading the upper part to include the pupil.

·    The nose is drawn with a round little dot on the lower part of the face.

·    Drawing the mouth of the dog is pretty easy with a zigzag shape to indicate a smiling chibi dog.

·    Other details should include the fur is drawn on the head and at different parts of the body. Don’t forget to give the puppy ear a hole with a small dot.

If you wanna learn which are the Art supplies we use for drawing and painting you can visit the Recommended supplies and Recommended tablets sections.

Step 6: Painting the base colors

·    We want a brownie looking cookie so we would make use of brown and yellow colors.

·    The yellow color would be used on the head, the lower part of the dog and some parts of the front legs and the hind legs as seen in the drawing example.

Step 7: Painting the shadows and the body patterns

·    Next off is to paint the dog with darker colors to create shadows on the dog.

·    The shadow is on the back of the dog so that is where we will add our dark colors to.

·    You will also need white paints to make some patterns on your dog drawing.

·    Make patterns all around the tail of the dog by just striping across the tail.

·    The lower part of the dog will require a little touch of white to make beautiful pattern on the dog.

·    At this point, your chibi dog is really a cute one to behold.

If you are interested in more free step by step drawing tutorials similar to this one, feel free to visit the Drawing Tutorials section.


So you see, the tutorial made it simple enough to get your own chibi dog looking cute. Try drawing a cute dog with this tutorial and come back to appreciate my advice.

Artist: Ari Bakkas Pratama

Writer: Eseandre

How to Draw a Chibi / Kawaii Dog - Learn to Draw a Cute Doge
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How to Draw a Chibi / Kawaii Dog - Learn to Draw a Cute Doge
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