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Learn To Draw Ichigo from Bleach in 7 Easy Steps (With Pictures)

Hello guys, so we would agree that one series currently rocking the entertainment world is the “Bleach” manga series and what sets it apart from other series is its amazing fictional characters and simply captivating plot. Speaking about its fictional characters and plot, there is the protagonist Ichigo Kiyosaki a dashing young man with soul reaper powers who uses his gifts to protect people from the danger of evil spirits while also giving good spirits a peaceful transition to the soul society. Pretty cool character right?. Going on, in this tutorial we would be diving into the world of bleach manga series to draw Ichigo Kurosaki from start to finish. We would be doing this in seven steps. The more familiar you are with each step, the more naturalistic your drawing will appear. Having said that, we will start by creating a dummy which would be a base upon which we would put together our final sketch. Who’s excited?! Now let’s get the ball rolling!.

So which steps you should follow to draw Ichigo Kurosaki ?

Our aim in this tutorial is to guide you through the process of drawing a realistic and impeccable image of Ichigo Kurosaki. To get this done, we have carefully set in place a seven-step guide with accompanying images which you should strictly follow.
A)    Drawing the Torso
B)    Drawing the legs
C)    Drawing the arms
D)    Drawing the Head
E)    Drawing the Final Line Art
F)    Painting the Base Colours
G)    Painting the Shadows

Step 1: Drawing The Torso

As depicted in the above image, Ichigo’s torso is divided into two by a straight vertical line that runs through the middle. The torso is also positioned in a 3/4 drawing scale. This simply means that the right view which faces the viewers is bigger in size than the left view. Going on, a horizontal line runs through the collar and shoulders region of the torso. This line serves to highlight the collar bone. The image is also further detailed by lines that run across our characters stomach and chest. These lines serve to highlight Ichigo’s firm body build up and abdominal muscles. Having gotten these lines in place, next up we would be creating a base for our characters legs and arms. Using the image as a guide, at the right side of our characters lower torso draw an oval which would serve as a base for the legs. Going on to the shoulder region still at the right angle draw a circle to serve as the base for the arms. Next up, at the top of the torso, draw an extension to serve as a neck and a base for the head. Having gotten the details right, let’s go on to draw the legs.

Step 2: Drawing The Legs

Our character will be drawn standing with his legs far apart. To start this, emerging from the torso draw the legs in the form of two tubes beginning big and getting smaller as it gets to the knees. Upon getting to the knees, using the image as a guide, go on and include the necessary highlights. From the knees, the legs size should extend out a little bit as though making a sharp bend. The size should thereafter slowly decrease as it gets to the ankles. From that point, you can draw the feet of our character as seen in the image.

Step 3: Drawing The Arms

Next up, we are going to draw the arms of Ichigo. His right arm would be drawn resting at his side while his left arm would be lifted as it holds onto his weapon. While drawing the arms, start them off at the base created in the torso. The right arm should be started off big with the biceps and triceps detailed. Go on to reduce the size as you get to the elbow. Thereafter increase it slightly to indicate the lower arms muscles and narrow it down slowly as you get to the wrist. After the wrist, draw the hands with the fingers clenched as though forming a fist.
For the left arm, draw it raised and start it off big. Upon getting to the elbow give the arm a sharp bend and draw the lower arm lifted and taking a ninety degrees angle. Make the size smaller as you get to the wrist. Using the image as a guide draw the hand closed around the weapon. Now that we’ve gotten that, let’s look at the drawing of the head.

Step 4: Drawing The Head

The head should be drawn as a medium-sized circle and should be in close proximity with the tip of the weapon. It should also be divided into four by a straight vertical and horizontal line, both of which should cross at the middle. When drawing, remember the 3/4  drawing scale. Using the image and the lines within the head as a guide, trace out the eyes and then slightly highlight the ears position. On that note, let’s get to drawing the final line art.

Step 5: Drawing The Final Lines Art

Here is the point we amp our image by fixing in the final details and making it more realistic. The final lines would cut across our characters hair, costume, weapon and facial and body details. Before we get to this, our dummy would need to be made faint a little. So, go on and do some erasing. The reason for this is to stop the dummy from interrupting with your detailing. Having done that, using traces of the dummy left, you can work on your final line art. To make it easier, take it one body part at a time.

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Step 6: Painting The Base Colors

This is the most exciting part of our tutorial where we pull out our colors, roll up our sleeves and get painting. Essentially, we are painting Ichigo’s body, costume, hair, and weapon to give him that impressive and naturalistic appearance. So having referred to the picture, get ready your colors and let’s paint ourselves a stunner.

Step 7: Painting The Shadows

Shadows are necessary for any artwork for the purpose they serve of giving things a flawless and real appearance. Shadows should be painted with the use of a chromatic black instead of a straight black.

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Character drawing is not exactly a difficult task. With an image and an idea of the procedure, you are great to go. Having covered the above steps, you can enjoy the satisfaction of a job perfectly done. However, don’t hang up your tools yet. Remember practice makes perfect. So repeat these steps a couple of times and see yourself become a professional artist in no time.

How to draw Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach
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A) Drawing the Torso B) Drawing the legs C) Drawing the arms D) Drawing the Head E) Drawing the Final Line Art F) Painting the Base Colours G) Painting the Shadows
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