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Learn to Draw Kakashi from Naruto in 8 Easy Steps

If you are a big fan of naruto, you will agree that Kakashi Hakate is a very skilled ninja. Though he might seem cut off most times, but he surely knows when to fight and when to attach it with laziness. The most fascinating attribute about Kakashi is the one eye he always has covered. If you ever wondered what lies beneath those black veil? Then you might just want to put down that imagination in a drawing. Don’t get turn off already, it is not so difficult to draw, in fact, anybody can give it a good try. This tutorial will take you through step by step instructions on how best to draw your favorite naruto character. Okay, Let’s get creative,

Step 1: Drawing the torso

·    We would start from the chest area. The main chest area will just be drawn with two inclined rectangles that meet at the center. These rectangles should be positioned at the topmost part of the torso.

·    Then you will draw a line that goes down to where the ribs should start from

·    After that, make a bell shape across the line to make the muscle of kakashi much pronounced.

·    The hips and pelvic hole follows next.Draw out a line that defines the hips area and make it look like the example drawing. Don’t forget to draw the arm holes where the arms will be perfected fixed into.

Step 2: Drawing the legs

·    The drawing of the legs is pretty straight forward.

·    You don’t need to draw out the thighs or knee because just like other ninjas, Kakashi wears a loose pant. So you will just draw straight lines extending from the hips just as the example indicates.

Step 3: Drawing the arms

·    The next thing will be doing is drawing the arms. The two arms will be drawn by straight lines with the right having a little curve.

·    Kakashi pose, as seen in the example is more of a normal pose. With one hand in the pocket and the other one just revealing some fingers.

·    The right handin the pocket is pretty hidden, so just need to draw that arm in a curvy shape.

·    To get the best out of the left hand, you would have to draw it across the armhole just like what you see in the example. Don’t worry; you would cover it up with your painting so the little arc on the chest won’t be seen eventually.

Step 4: Drawing the Head

·    The next thing to draw is the head.

·    With just a oval shape, the head is in place.

. Once you have the oval shape of the head, draw a cross and place the eyes, nose, and mouth along the axis of this cross, like you can see in the image above.

If you wanna learn which are the Art supplies we use for drawing and painting you can visit the Recommended supplies and Recommended tablets sections.

Step 5: Drawing the outfit

·    After finally getting the shape of the head, then you will draw headband which covers his left eye. The headband will go round his head and across his eye, so be sure to make the band inclined to achieve both purposes.

·    The headband has a symbol in the middle, so make it bold enough to be noticed.

·    The face mask that he wears would be drawn directly below the eyes, right above the nose to cover his mouth and nose.

·    The spiky hair of Kakashi should follow next. You don’t need to draw out every hair strand because the hair just doesn’t have to look real but more like an anime that it is.

·    This is the best part of this tutorial. What we would be doing is giving Kakashi his ninja outfit.

·    You can decide to start from the jacket but I would rather prefer you deal with the pants first and then go for the jacket later on.

·    On the pants, you will draw stripe lines that Kakashi uses to look super different. These lines are called gauze.

·    Just four lines will do, to draw the gauze wrapped around his thigh.

·    To draw the bulge at the side of the pants, you need to consider the pose because it will not reveal a greater part of it.

·    Next thing to draw is his jacket. Just like any contemporary jacket, it has two front pockets and a high collar. The jacket seems to be folded at the wrist so you will just draw a line across the wrists and another line to show where it was folded.

·    You will need to draw out the gloves on the left hand and the example can help to get a picture on how it should look like.

Step 6: Drawing the final line art

·    What you need to do in this step is to highlight your drawing with more details.

·    You can decide to put extra lines to make the outfit real like in between the elbows and around some corners of the pants. This will show an artistic touch in your drawing.

Step 7: Painting the base colors

·    The color you will need for your painting includes navy blue, green, white, red and light brown.

·    The jacket will take the green color and the sweat suit underneath will be painted blue.

·    You will use the white paint on the hair and on those stripes that are across the thigh.

·    The badge on the arm will take the color red, the wrist and face will be painted with the light brown and that’s it.

Step 8: Painting the shadows

·    Shadows give your drawing an amazing effect and makes it look more professional, so be sure to create one.

·    Darker shades of blue will be used to create the shadows.

·    First off, the direction of light that is shining on your drawing should be considered. From the example, our shadow is on the pants that is why we would use only a darker shade of blue to do that.

·    After that, what you will do next is to smile at the wonderful piece you just drew because it is more than ready to frame.


Guess what, you have the liberty to add your own natural touch to your drawing. You are not limited to what this tutorial has highlighted; you can decide to make a little changes of your own but don’t forget to draw with confidence as you make yourself a portrait of your Naruto favorite character.

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Artist:  Ari Bakkas Pratama

Writer: Eseandre

How to Draw Kakashi from Naruto
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