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Learn To Draw Luffy From One Piece In 7 Easy Steps

Welcome to another step by step tutorial. On this one, we would be working together to draw Monkey D. Luffy, a character from the One Piece Manga popular anime series.

Like every drawing tutorial we have had, this step by step tutorial is very easy to follow, and it will guide you in creating an amazing and jaw-dropping reproduction of the anime character.

Although Luffy wore different costumes in the series, for example, he wore a dark red robe decorated with three white rings and light blue wrap, around his head during the Alabasta Arc.

He also wore an orange vest on red shorts,  during the Thriller Bark Arc, but his common look throughout the series is a red unbuttoned coat which shows his X knife scar, blue denim shorts, a yellow sash he ties around his waist and his straw hat.

Luffy wears his straw hat everywhere he went, as a symbol of his association and allegiance with the Straw Hat Pirates, a pirate crew he founded.That Luffy with the red unbuttoned shirt, blue shorts, and yellow sash is whom we are drawing today.

Let’s start by drawing a base dummy, that will serve as the foundation of our final drawing.

How to Draw Luffy from One Piece

In drawing Luffy, you need to follow these simple 7 step by step process;?

Step 1: Drawing the torso and the hips

We are starting out sketch by first drawing the torso area of the character.  I will draw from the neck down to the waistline, running two long horizontal lines by the sides first, the lines will be straight from the neck to the middle of the torso,  and bent to give way to a wider region.

Do not forget to draw an eclipse on top of the torso, where the head will fit in later.

Then I will proceed to draw the chest region, giving out the character a taut but not too broad chest.

We will proceed to the stomach region.  Luffy is a character with the rectus abdominis, also known as Abs or ‘six packs’, so we are drawing the abs.

After that,  we move to the hips and crotch area. To get to the crotch, you have to draw like a V from one end of the torso to the other, making them middle bulge a bit to look like a crotch.

Do not forget to leave an eclipse each in the two sides of the torso,  where the arms would fit in, and the other two eclipses below the hips for the legs.

Step 2: Drawing the legs

Luffy is striking a ‘jolly good fellow’ pose, he is standing like a model posing for the camera.  So we are drawing him with legs slightly apart, with the left leg tilted to the sides a bit, while the right is stationed in its place.

The Thighs

The thighs of our character are muscular and thick, so we are drawing thickset taut thighs, by drawing four horizontal lines coming from the two ends of the two eclipse, that makes it four lines for the two thighs/legs.

The Knees

For the knees, you can decide to draw an eclipse or not, since Luffy’s shorts cover his knees,  but to get a good job done, we will draw the eclipse.

We can decide to stop the drawing of the lower part of the body at the knees.

Step 3: Drawing the arm

Our next stop is the arms, because of the way our character is posing, both arms are very visible. One is bent at the elbow because the hand is resting on the hip, while the other hand is raised, holding his straw cap.

So we will be drawing the right arm first, that’s the hand resting on the hip. I will draw two straight lines to form a long but slightly wide tube, bent at the elbow.

The Forearms

Due to how our character is posing, both forearms will be drawn differently. One is bent to the side to face the hips, but the other is raised alongside the arm and bent upward to hold his straw hat.

The hands

The right hand will be placed on the hips, fingers showing on the hips, but with the wrist barely visible. The fingers will be drawn with a combination of curved lines, while the nails will be drawn using small rectangles on the fingers. We won’t bother with the knuckles, as they are not obvious on the right hand.

The fingers of the left hand are wrapped around the top of the straw hat. So we will draw the fingers upturned, holding the hat, with the last three fingers showing, while the other two are hidden behind the hat.

In drawing Luffy’s hat, I will draw a couple of circles,  a big one to form the outer part of the hat, then a semi-circle for the top of the hat, joined to the outer part.

Step 4: Drawing the head

To draw the head, we have to pay close attention to what the head of our character looks like.  Luffy’s head is oval shaped with a pointed jaw, so we are drawing an oval shape first.

After which we will draw the hair on the head of our character.  The hair on Luffy’s head is short, black and spiky. So we will draw spikes as shown in the image.

Do not forget our eclipse on the shoulder, that is where the neck is coming out from. So we will draw two horizontal lines from each side of the vertical eclipse to join the sides of the chin.

If you wanna learn which are the Art supplies we use for drawing and painting you can visit the Recommended supplies and Recommended tablets sections.

Step 5: Drawing the final lines.

This is where we begin to dress our character. We will need to make sure the lines from the base sketch are not too pronounced, especially the places that would be hidden by his unbuttoned shirt.

If the lines are too pronounced and would get in the way of the final drawings, then get your eraser ready to clean the obstructing lines. You can get your kneaded eraser at my Recommended Art Supplies section.

The body

Luffy’s shirt is unbuttoned and flayed at the edge. So, I will draw his shirt to cover the arms.

For the sash, this could be a bit dicey because of the way one edge of the sash is out. I will first draw two vertical lines across the waistline, then draw two other lines from the top of the waistline out.

Step 6: Painting the colors

Painting is like the simplest and easiest part of this tutorial, all you need to do is color along the lines of the final lines.

So I will paint Luffy’s shirt red, the straw hat champagne gold and the sash yellow.

For the blue shorts, we can decide not to draw final lines but color the front of the crotch from the waistline to the knees.

Step 7. Painting The Shadow.

Finally, I will highlight lines of the Abs and the breasts to project the chest and abs, since it is the part of the body that is visible.


We have come to the end of our Monkey D. Luffy’s tutorial. And we hope learned something.

To get your version of Monkey D. Luffy, all you need to do is follow these steps in creating your own Luffy.

For more free step by step drawing tutorials,  kindly visit the Drawing Tutorials section.

If you have questions for me, or if you have any drawing request, feel free to drop them in the comment section.

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