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Learn to Draw a Chibi / Cartoon Girl 7 Easy Steps (with pictures)

If you are a lover of animations and the combination of graphics and other imaginative techniques in order to create beautiful fictional characters, then you are sure to have a swell time in this character drawing tutorial. We would be focusing on Chibi/ Cute Cartoon girl who is essentially an anime character that possesses a small body and a relatively large head. Going on, for this tutorial we would draw Chibi using Kawaii style. Now for those who don’t know what Kawaii style entails, it is basically a drawing that contains simplistic features such as giant eyes and rounded shapes. You should also know that Kawaii originates from the Japanese word for cute. Having said that, the drawing of Chibi girl would be in seven easy steps. The more familiar you are with each step, the more realistic your drawing will turn out. Also in the process of drawing, we will first create a dummy which would serve as a foundation upon which we would create our final sketch. Ready?! Let’s begin.

How To Draw Chibi/ Cute Girl

This tutorial focuses on drawing Chibi girl in seven steps and I would guide you through each step. You, however, should follow the steps religiously in order to have a flawless finish. That said, let’s make magic.

Step 1: Drawing The Head

Using the picture as a guide, our characters head will be drawn in the shape of a big sized edible bean. This simply means that the right side of the face should curve in and extend out.

Step 2: Drawing The Torso

Our characters torso is pretty easy and should be drawn in the form of two curved vertical lines that connect to the head.

Step 3: Drawing The Legs And The Arms

Chibi/ cute girls arm would be drawn raised. So using the image as a guide, the left arm should be more visible than the right arm and it should be drawn as a small sized tube that goes up to the face. Upon getting to the wrist level, draw the palms open as seen in the picture. The legs can be drawn as two small sized tubes with tiny feet.

Step 4: Drawing The Details

For this step, we would begin including details to our dummy such as, her hair, the stripes on her shirt, the facial details and the highlight on her cheeks which makes her look rosy cheeked.

If you wanna learn which are the Art supplies we use for drawing and painting you can visit the Recommended supplies and Recommended tablets sections.

Step 5: Drawing The Final Line Art

Now, we’re going to get busy slightly fading out the dummy. With that done, use the traces left from the dummy to put in place the final line art as seen in the above image. The reason for fading the dummy is to prevent it from meddling with the final details and lines.

Step 6: Painting The Base Colors

At this point, we are going to introduce the base colors to our drawing. This would completely revolutionize its look and give it that much-needed pop. So grab your red, yellow, pink, white, blue, and cream colors and let’s get painting.

Step 7: Painting The Shadows And Lights

The shadows and Lights are important in any drawing due to the purpose they serve in making the drawing appear realistic. Having said that, the shadows in the above image are dark spots not hit by light rays. They can be spotted on the hair and on the neck region of our character among several other places. So to achieve the best shadow effects for this stage, opt for darker complementary colors and get painting.

Next up, we would paint the lights which are essentially the glowing spots in the picture. Such spots are visible in the hair, the shirt, the eyes, and the ribbon. All you need to do is mix some glow in the dark powder to your colors and you can create some light effects.


At this point, the drawing ofChibi/ cute girl must look impressive. However, gaining mastery of character drawing comes with repeated practice. So, go over this tutorial time and time again. In due time the art of character drawing would come to you easily without a tutorial.

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Writer: Eseandre , Artist: Tremaine Felicia Naidoo

Learn to Draw a Chibi / Cute Cartoon Girl 7 Easy Steps (with Pictures)
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Learn to Draw a Chibi / Cute Cartoon Girl 7 Easy Steps (with Pictures)
If you want to draw a Chibi/ Cartoon Little Girl you should follow the next steps: A) Drawing the Head B) Drawing the Torso C) Drawing the Legs and arms D) Drawing the Details E) Drawing the Final Line Art F) Painting the Base Colors G) Painting the Shadows and Lights.
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