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Learn To Draw Cyborg In 7 Easy Steps ( with Pictures)

Hello guys, in this tutorial you will be learning simple steps on how to draw Cyborg. There will be pictures which will help you on steps to draw Cyborg without much stress. You might think this is going to be as tough as the cyborg itself but you can rest assured that it will be easy as ABC.

So firstly, let understand who we are going to draw in this tutorial. Cyborg is a fictional character that was first seen in comic books. This character was designed by the brains at DC Comics such as MarvWolfman and George Perez. Cyborg is one of the main characters in the Justice League, which is a team of superheroes whose main objectives are to stop the world from villains and aliens. He is widely known to have super genius abilities which are known as Cybernetic Enhancement which superhuman strength, speed, technopathy, flight and so on. This guy has so many cool powers that makes one think if Superman was not jealous of him. Cyborg featured in most episodes of the Justice League and then went on to get a few scenes in the movie, Batman Vs Superman. According to report Cyborg character is soon to get a movie of its own sometime in 2020.

So there you have it, just a brief summary of our subject in this tutorial. As some would say before the start of a challenge, “Let the games begin”.

So, How to Draw Cyborg

Step 1: Drawing the Torso

We will begin by drawing the torso, which will give us a baseline to start the drawing. The Cyborg is a muscled character, so we above to put into consideration that most of its features will be bulky. We will start by drawing a small oval which will serve as the neck hold, this is due to the fact that the body is facing the left, so the torso would have positioned to face the left side of the viewer. From behind the oval which serves as the neck hold, a curved line runs through which is depicting the shoulder of our drawing. A horizontally placed oval is also drawn at the right end of the curved line, this oval is the socket of the arms. Since our drawing is quite bulky, we draw the chest in a sort of hexagonal shape with two of them touching each other. The left hexagon fades into the left distance due to the stance of our character. A line is then drawn from where the hexagons join downwards for a few inches, this would serve as the lines that divide the abdominals. A line then runs from the merging point of the hexagons vertically to the end of the low jutted point of the chest. Now, you draw the outline of the body by drawing an ellipse from the side of the arm socket to the starting point of the pelvis, this is where you would join the torso to the pelvis. To draw the pelvis, draw a pant-like shape to represent the pelvis, make sure it is facing the left side of the viewer. When you are sure that you have fit all the connecting parts together, the next thing to do is to draw the character’s legs

Step 2: Drawing the Legs

The Cyborg is an attack ready stance which would mean that the legs are far apart. To do this, all you have to do is draw two balloon-like shapes with a wide of which is connected to the pelvis and then the bottom which is rather slimmer when it approaches the knee. Always put the reference image close by when drawing so as not to draw from your head. So back to our drawing, since the knees are in a bent position we have to add that detail to it. If you pay attention, you would notice that our character is wearing sort of a knee pad, so we would draw that in too. Then next we draw a bent line from the end of the kneepad which would serve as the calves than a straight one to serve as the foreleg. The feet of our character is what goes next as seen in the reference image

Step 3: Drawing the Arms

Since our character has muscular arms we would fit that into place also. We don’t want our character to have slim arms against a muscular body. The arms are close to his body as his fist arm clench in his attack ready position. So we start by drawing the front facing oval that serves as the beginning of the arm. This would start as the deltoid, that is the muscle in between the shoulder and the biceps. The biceps would be achieved by drawing two lines from the deltoid to the point that would serve as the elbow. The elbow joint cannot be seen in the reference since the figure is front facing. From there we draw the lower part of the arms, we starting drawing big till when it gets small around the wrist, The hands should come next, do not be too hasty when you are drawing, make sure you take your time. The fist is clenched with the right fist more over the thighs and the left fist also beside the other thigh. Carefully outline both hands and do not bother about the details.

Step 4: Drawing the Head

Start by drawing a circle, then divided the circle into four parts. The circle should be placed front facing as seen in the reference picture when this has been done, a line should be drawn from both sides of the head to represent the neck. This should be attached to the previously drawn neck hold. Most drawings are drawn in a 3/4 scale so as for it not to lose the scale of the drawing.

Step 5: Drawing the Details

Now that we have all the body parts of our dummy, it’s time to start placing the main features of our character. Starting from the face, remember that Cyborg has a small metal mask which covers one side of his face, put that also into your drawing. The next step is to draw out the outline of the ear and then the head is complete.

In regards of the body, we will give to our dummy the look of a metallic body armor. For that reason, we will create armor plates across his body, like in the arms, the thighs, and the abdomen. We will draw knee pads and armor type bracelets around the forearms.

Take into account, all these details should be drawn in a Sci-Fi style.

If you wanna learn which are the Art supplies we use for drawing and painting you can visit the Recommended supplies and Recommended tablets sections.

Step 6: Drawing the Final Line Art

This is almost like the final part of the drawing, the part where the drawing comes alive. The finishing as it is called brings out the realism in the drawing, thereby making it pop out. All you have to do is put finishing touches to places like the hair, the eye, the suit, you also have to bring out the abs and the stretch of the muscle so it gets close to the resemblance of the reference picture.

Step 7: Painting the Color

The color, just like the final art line, adds to the near-realism of the drawing. This gives you a sort of background to work with. All you have to do is paint the Cyborg’s whole structure, you can also paint the metal part of the Cyborg’s face to make it look the way it should. The more skilled you are in painting, the better your artwork would look when you are done. Make sure not to smudge the drawing in any way, so it is advisable to wear gloves while painting.


This should be an easy tutorial if you have been following our other tutorials. The scope is to focus and have a detailed plan. As stated earlier, it is best not to rush while drawing, take your time and you would be sure to get excellent results. Keeping working on your drawing and in no time, you would be good at it.

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Writer: Eseandre and Toni justamante Jacobs, Artist: Mafer Baruta

Learn To Draw Cyborg In 7 Easy Steps ( with Pictures)
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Learn To Draw Cyborg In 7 Easy Steps ( with Pictures)
If you wanna draw Cyborg, you should follow the next 7 steps: 1. Drawing the Torso 2. Drawing the legs 3. Drawing the arms 4. Drawing the head 5. Drawing the details 6. Drawing the final line art 7. Painting the colors
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