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Learn to Draw Ice King from Fortnite in 7 Easy Steps

Hi art lovers. So, just when we thought that video games could not get any better, in came Fortnight and boy has it kept us at the edge of our seats. We are hooked by the thrill of gradually advancing through the levels and the fun of battling it out through levels in this action game. Going on, there is one thing that sets fortnight apart from other action games, and it is its array of fantastic skins which any dedicated player earns. One of such skins that we just can’t get off our minds is the fascinating yet the devilish looking Ice king skin. The ice king skin is nicknamed the ruler of snow and ice and is a tier 100 skin that was launched in season 7 of the game. Now, for this tutorial, we would be drawing the Ice King in all its glory. This would be drawn in seven steps. The better acquainted you are with each step, the more flawless your final sketch would be. Having said that, we would start by drawing out a dummy. This would serve as a base for putting together our final sketch. Ready? Let’s rock and roll.

So, How To Draw Ice King

In this tutorial, we would be focusing on drawing Ice King and I would be guiding you through the procedure to ensure that you have a fabulous and realistic finish. We would be drawing our character in seven simple steps. The more at ease you are with each step, the more natural your drawing will be. So stick with the procedure and you will be just fine.

Step 1: Drawing The Torso.

Our characters torso would be drawn using the 3/4 drawing perspective. This simply means that the left side facing the viewers would be bigger than the right view. Additionally, the shoulders should be broad. The lines should slowly curve in and get narrow as it gets to the waist region. Also, at the shoulder region, a slightly curved horizontal line should run across from shoulder to shoulder. This depicts the collar bone. Another slightly curvy horizontal line should run under the chest. This would serve to illustrate our characters masculinity. Having done that, a vertical line should divide the torso. It should start from the collar bone to the waistline. At this point, we would go on to create a base for Ice Kings legs. The base should take the form of a man’s underwear as seen in the above picture.
Lastly at the top of the torso and at the Left side of the shoulder region, two small circles should be drawn. This would serve as a base for our characters arms and head. Now that we’ve gotten that, let’s take on drawing the head.

Step 2: Drawing The Legs:

Ice king would be drawn standing with his legs far apart. Also, remember to use the 3/4 drawing scale. That said, using the above image as a guide, our characters leg would be started off big, However, they should gradually reduce in size till you get to the knees. Upon getting to the knees, two horizontal lines should be drawn across each knee. Within the lines drawn there should be circles. This circle illustrates the knee cap. Going on, complete the drawing of the leg as depicted in the image. With that done, let’s try our hands on drawing the arms.

Step 3: Drawing The Arms

The arms of our character should be drawn remembering that the left arm should be bigger than the right arm because of our drawing scale. The upper arms should also rest on the torso. That said, the arms should take the form of a pipe which starts off big and narrows down as it gets to the elbows. Going on, a line should be drawn at the elbows region. From the elbows, the rest of the arms which ranges from the elbows to the palm should extend outwards as seen in the image. The lower arms should start off big and reduce until they get to the wrist. At this point, go on and draw the wrist and the palm open as illustrated in the picture. Also at the upper arms close to the shoulders, a curved line should be drawn. This would be useful for drawing our characters outfit.

Step 4: Drawing The Head

In this step, you will draw the dummy’s neck and head. The neck will be drawn like a short tube connecting the shoulders with the base of the head.

The head, will be drawn as an elongated sphere with the lower part shaped like a jaw. The Head will have 2 crossing lines across the face. This crossing lines will determine where the main facial features ( eyes, nose and mouth) will be placed.

Step 5: Drawing The Armor and The Outfit

At this point, we are going to get busy drawing our characters outfit and the final line art. Before we get on, you should fade out your dummy slightly not completely. This is to prevent the dummy from meddling with your drawing of the outfit and final lines, while you still use its traces to ensure everything is accurately in place. With that done, draw the outfit as illustrated in the above picture.

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Step 6: Drawing the Final Line art and Details

Once we have the main character features ready is time to draw the final line art on top of our dummy and adding some details to make our character as cool and alive as we can.

When detailing try to use different line thickness compared to the character’s outline. This will create a more organic feeling to the character, making it more beliveable.

Step 7: Painting The Base Colors

Here’s where we make our drawing pop a little. Pull out your colors blue, black, deep brown, ash and other colors are seen in the image and get on to paint yourself the most gorgeous Ice King image you have set your eyes on.


You’ve gotten to this point and you should be nothing but proud. However, after congratulating yourself, remember practice is necessary for mastery. So repeat this tutorial a few times over and you will soon be a master of character drawing.

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Writer: Eseandre

Artist: Mafer Baruta

Learn to Draw Ice King from Fortnite in 7 Easy Steps
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Learn to Draw Ice King from Fortnite in 7 Easy Steps
A) Drawing the torso. B) Drawing the Head C) Drawing the Legs D) Drawing the Arms E) Drawing the Head F) Drawing the Armor and the Outfit G) Painting the Colors
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