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Learn to Draw Izuku from My Hero Academia in 7 Easy Steps

When it comes to captivating superhero manga series, one series that never fails to make the list is my hero Academia. This drawing tutorial goes into the realms of My Hero Academia to bring out the most striking character Izuku Midoriya. If there is anything we love about Izuku, it’s his resilience and his determination to fight crime and become a hero despite his lack of superpowers. His dreams became a reality subsequent to his meeting with All Might.

Having said that in this tutorial, we would be producing a masterpiece of Izuku Midoriya in seven steps. The easier you flow with these steps, the more realistic your finished work will be. To get this done, we will begin by creating a dummy which would serve as a base for the coming together of the finished work. So, grab your tools, let’s get drawing.

How To Draw Izuku Midoriya

Our goal in this tutorial is to guide you through the process of drawing a flawless and naturalistic image of Izuku Midoriya. To get this done, we have set in place a seven-step guide you should stick to.

Step 1: Drawing The Torso:

As illustrated in the above picture, Izuku’s torso is drawn in a 3/4 drawing view with the side facing the viewers being larger in size. Dividing the torso vertically from the collar region to the end of the torso is a straight line. Furthermore, outlining the chest is a horizontal line.  Having gotten your lines in place, you should create the chest of Izuku to be higher in angle than his belly. His belly should also be lined as seen in the above image. This showcases that masculine physique.

Next up, there is the need to create a neck for our characters head. This neck would be drawn as a slight extension right at top of the torso. Still at the top of the torso, at the right angle, we would carve out where the arm would emerge from. This would be done by drawing an oval shape which should be slightly shaded. To complete this step, a slightly curved line should be drawn across our characters waist and another line should run across our characters collar. As if attempting to highlight his collar bone. Having gotten all of that right, let’s go on to draw the legs.

Step 2: Drawing The Legs:

Our character will be drawn on his feet with his legs slightly distant from each other. Nothing complicated. However, before we get to the details of the leg, we would have to create a base which would take the form of a man’s underwear. Emerging from the underwear would be our characters legs. The legs should be drawn in the pattern of a pipe, starting off wide and narrowing down as it gets to the knees. Getting to the knees, two arcs should be drawn which should signify the knee cap. Having done that, the leg should proceed from the knees and gradually reduce in size as it gets to the ankles. From there you can include the feet as seen in the above picture.

Step 3: Drawing The Arms:

Next up, we are going to draw Izuku’s arms. In this drawing, remember the 3/4  drawing scale. The right arm being the one facing the viewers should be longer than the left. Two lines should be drawn on each side of the torso from the base created for the arm to the midsection of the thighs. Upon getting to the hands, using the above picture as guide the hands and fingers should be drawn clenched as though forming a fist.

Step 4: Drawing The Head:

The head should be drawn as a medium-sized circle with the chin being slightly pointed. Within the circle, two lines should be drawn that would intersect at the middle. These lines are useful for including the face details. Using the point where the lines cross, the eyes should be drawn with the eyebrows above them and the lips just above the chin. Just outside the circle, our characters ears should be drawn as seen in the image.

Step 5: Drawing The Final Line Art:

Here is the point we draw the final lines ranging from our characters spiky hair to his entire costume. However, before we get drawing, the dummy we have created would need to be faded out a little. This should be done so it does not hinder the flow of your detailing. Using the traces of the dummy still left, draw the final lines of the character part by part starting from the torso or head.

If you wanna learn which are the Art supplies we use for drawing and painting you can visit the Recommended supplies and Recommended tablets sections.

Step 6: Painting The Base Colors:

Here is the most fun part of our tutorial, where we roll out our colors and get painting. Essentially we are transforming Izuku’s look from bland to stunning. So pull out your colors green, brown, black, white and other colors in the above picture and let’s get painting.

Step 7: Painting The Shadows:

Now we’ve gotten to this stage of our tutorial, we have to introduce a naturalistic view to the artwork by painting the shadows. This should be done by using a chromatic black as opposed to a straight black. As a beginner who needs to get this step right and create a masterpiece, here is a guide to put you through.


Having undergone the above seven steps, you can bask in the satisfaction of a job well done. However, the key to going from a learner to a professional is repeated practice. So go over this drawing over and again from start to finish and within the good time you won’t need a tutorial.

For more free step by step drawing tutorials,  kindly visit the Drawing Tutorials section.

Writer: Eseandre

Artist: Ari Bakkas Pratama

Learn to Draw Izuku from My Hero Academia in 7 Easy Steps
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Learn to Draw Izuku from My Hero Academia in 7 Easy Steps
A) Drawing the Torso B) Drawing the legs C) Drawing the arms D) Drawing the Head E) Drawing the Final Line Art F) Painting the Base Colours G) Painting the Shadows
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