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Learn to Draw Pink Teddy Bear from Fortnite in 8 Easy Steps ( with Pictures )

Among the video games currently revolutionizing the entertainment world, Fortnite comes top of the charts. Its got just the right amount of challenge, fun and gameplay content. Speaking about gameplay content, recently Fortnite players have had and are having fun with new skin gameplay content one of which is the pink teddy bear. This skin turns Fortnite players into a giant pink teddy bear which has a symbol of a broken heart on the belly and if there is anything we love about the pink teddy, it’s the fabulousness and beauty it carries.

In this tutorial, we would be taking a dive into the world of Fortnite video game and would be learning how to draw pink teddy bear in eight easy steps. The more familiar you are with each step, the more impeccable your final sketch would be. Going on, for this tutorial, we would first create a dummy. This would serve as a pedestal upon which we would put together our final sketch. So let’s begin.

So, How To Draw Pink Teddy Bear

Step 1: Drawing The Torso

Our characters torso would be drawn in a full frontal view. However, the right view would be slightly larger than the left view. Next, up her torso would be characterized by curved lines which serve to illustrate her feminine shape. Having drawn that, three horizontal lines should run across the torso. The first should be from shoulder to shoulder. This line depicts the collar bone region. The second line should run below her bust region and should have the necessary curves and the third line should be drawn at her waist region and should curve in. Next up, we would be creating a base for the legs of our character as the base would be drawn in the form of a woman’s underwear. With that done, using the image as a guide a vertical line should divide the torso into two all the way from top to bottom. Additionally, at the shoulder region of the right view of the torso and at the top of the torso, a circle should be drawn. One would serve as a base for the arm and the other would be a base for our characters head.

Step 2: Drawing The Legs

Pink teddy would be drawn standing with her legs far apart. Her right leg would be extended far apart from her left leg. When drawing the legs, start them off big and gradually reduce their size as you get to the knees. Upon getting to the knees, the left knee cap should be marked by a circle and the right knee cap would be marked by two horizontal lines and a circle within it. With the knee cap drawn, the size of the legs should gradually get smaller till it gets to the ankle. After that, go on to draw the feet as seen in the image above.

Step 3: Drawing The Arms

The arms of our character would be drawn with the right arm being a bit bigger than the left arm. There should also be a distance between the arms and the torso. Using the image as a guide, each arm should be started off in the form of a pipe which should get slimmer as it gets to the wrist. That said, the wrist and the elbows should be indicated by horizontal lines and a line should also be drawn on the upper arm. These lines would later be useful for drawing the outfit. Having done that, you can draw the palms and fingers as seen in the above image.

Step 4: Drawing The Head

Using the image as a guide, Pink teddy’s head would be drawn as a well-rounded circle. A vertical line and a horizontal line would be drawn inside the circle and they would intersect at the middle of the circle. The lines would be used for drawing the facial details later. Having done that, go on to draw the teddy bears ears as seen in the image. From this point, go on to draw the legs.

Step 5: Drawing The Final Art and The Details

At this point, we are going to fade out the dummy just a little bit and use the traces left to draw the outfit as seen in the above picture. The essence of fading out the dummy is to prevent it from interrupting with the flow of the outfit drawing. With that done, let’s go on to painting the base colors.

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Step 6: Painting The Base Colors

Here’s where the real fun begins. We are boosting our drawing by painting the colors as seen in the picture above. So pull out your pink, white, black and other colors as seen in the image, roll up your sleeves and let’s get painting.

Step 7: Painting The Shadows

The shadows are essential spots not hit by light rays, in this image, the shadows can be seen under the arm, the inner thighs, between the lower part of the face and the shoulders among several other places. So grab your chromatic black color and get painting.

Step 8: Painting The Lights

The lights in this drawing are points where light rays hit. Such as the top of the head, the bust, the arms, and the front of the thighs.


Now you have gotten to this point, and you must have been able to put together something commendable. However, don’t hang up your tools yet. Repeated practice is necessary if you are going to master the art of character drawing. So go over this tutorial again and again. Pretty soon, you won’t need any more tutorials.

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Artist: Tremaine Felicia Naidoo , Writer: Eseandre

Learn to Draw Pink Teddy Bear from Fortnite in 8 Easy Steps
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Learn to Draw Pink Teddy Bear from Fortnite in 8 Easy Steps
A) Drawing the torso. B) Drawing the head C) Drawing the legs D) Drawing the arms. E) Drawing the outfit. F) Painting the base colors G) Painting the shadows. H) Painting the lights.
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