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Learn to Draw Raptor from Fortnite in 7 Easy Steps

When we talk about video games that keep us addicted to the action and thrills of overcoming challenges, one game that never fails to make the list is Fortnite. Now, we can name a million and one reasons why we love Fortnite however for the purpose of this tutorial we would name Just one and it is the array of skins. One of such skins is the Raptor skin which is a brown and yellow costume. It is legendary and actually allows the player look like a test pilot with royale air force. What’s more, it can be purchased for 2000 V-bucks.

Having said that, in this tutorial we would be drawing raptor in just seven easy steps. The more familiar you are with each step, the more natural looking your drawing will be. Additionally, we would begin by drawing a dummy which would serve as the foundation upon which we would create our final sketch. Ready to get the ball rolling?! Let’s begin.

So, How To Draw Raptor From Fortnite

In this tutorial, I would be giving you lay down of how to draw Raptor in seven easy steps. You should follow each step strictly in order to get the flawless result you are hoping for.

Step 1: Drawing The Torso

Our characters torso would be drawn using the 3/4 drawing scale. This means that the right view which faces the viewers would be larger in size than the left view. Also, a vertical line should divide the torso from top to the waist region and two horizontal lines should run across the torso, thereby outlining the chest and the collar bone. Having drawn that, using the picture as a guide, the upper region of the torso should be broader in size than the lower region. Furthermore, a circle should be drawn at the right view of the upper region of the torso. This would serve as a base for the arms. Another circle should be drawn at the top of the torso, right in the middle of the shoulders. This circle would be a base for the head. Next up, we would create a base for our characters legs and the base would take the form of a man’s underwear. With that, the torso is set and we can go on to draw the head.

Step 2: Drawing The Legs

Raptor would be drawn on his feet with his legs far apart. Each leg should start off big and get smaller as your drawing gets to the knees. Flowing from the knees region, the legs should curve out a little as seen in the image and then narrow down as it gets to the ankle after which you can draw the feet as seen. At this point, the drawing of the leg is almost complete. All that’s left for you to do is that you highlight the knee caps by drawing two horizontal lines at the knee region of each leg. Within these lines should be a circle each. Your drawing of the leg is now a wrap. Let’s draw the arms.

Step 3: Drawing The Arms

For the drawing of the arms, raptors arms should be drawn placed on his waist. Each arm should be started off as a big tube which extends out and reduces as it gets to the elbows region. The arms should then have a bend towards the waist and the size should reduce further as it gets to the wrist. Then draw the hands resting on the waist as seen in the image. With that done, go on to include the lines in the picture which highlights our characters biceps and triceps, elbows and wrist.

Step 4: Drawing The Head

Our characters head would be drawn turned to the right as though he is looking at something. That said, emerging from the base created for the head, a neck should be drawn. Having done that, draw a medium sized circle to sit on the neck. Next up, the head should be divided by a vertical line and should be drawn using the 3/4 drawing scale. Following that, a horizontal line should be drawn over the vertical line. These lines are useful for fixing in the facial details. With that done we can take on drawing the legs.

Step 5: Drawing The Outfit

At this point, we would fade out the dummy slightly and use the traces left to put together raptors outfit. The outfit is a mask, a brown leather jacket, a pair of yellow gloves, his trousers and his weapons. So using the image as a guide, draw out the outfit and final line arts.

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Step 6: Drawing The Final Art

Here is the point we draw the final lines ranging from our characters spiky hair to his entire costume. However, before we get drawing, the dummy we have created would need to be faded out a little. This should be done so it does not hinder the flow of your detailing

Step 7: Painting The Colors

This is where we introduce some fun to our drawing by adding the necessary colors such as brown, black, yellow, and grey. So get your colors out and let’s get painting a masterpiece.


At this point, you should have drawn an impressive piece of art. However, if you desire to gain mastery of character drawing, repetitive practice is key. So go over this tutorial a couple of times more and in due time you will do just perfect at character drawing without needing a tutorial.

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Writer: Eseandre , Artist: Mafer Baruta

Learn to Draw Raptor from Fortnite in 7 Easy Steps
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Learn to Draw Raptor from Fortnite in 7 Easy Steps
A) Drawing the Torso. B) Drawing the Head C) Drawing the Legs D) Drawing the Arms E) Drawing the Outfit F) Painting the Colors
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