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Learn to Draw Wario from Mario Bros in 7 Easy Steps

For those who watch the Mario bros franchise, one fictional character you just can’t help but notice is Wario, the sturdy looking, big bellied, yellow and purple cladantagonist. You would agree that he is not exactly the most beautiful specimen of a man in the series. Going on, Warios greed and bad nature causes him to execute several wicked acts such as tricking Mario the protagonist repeatedly and seizing Mario’s castle.

Despite his nature, we would agree that his malevolent acts are one of the reasons we stay entertained and consistently glued to our TV sets. Now for this tutorial, we would be drawing the character of Wario from start to finish. This would be done in seven easy to learn steps. To get the best results, you should follow these steps diligently. Having said that, for the purposes of this tutorial we would first draw out a dummy which would be used as a base for putting together our final sketch. Ready? Let’s start.

So, How To Draw Wario From Mario Bros

In this tutorial, we would be drawing Wario in all his glory and we would be doing this in seven easy steps and I would be guiding you all the way. The better acquainted you are with each step, the more flawless and natural looking your final sketch would be. That said, let’s get drawing.

Step 1: Drawing The Torso

Using the above image as a guide, our character’s torso is shaped like a well-rounded container. So draw the shape as seen in the picture. What’s more, the torso is drawn using a 3/4 drawing scale which means that the right side directly facing the viewers is bigger than the left side. Going on, the torso should be divided by a horizontal line and a vertical line both of which crosses at the middle. Next up, we would draw two circles, one at the top of the torso and the other at the right side of the torso close to the shoulder region. These circles would be a base for the head and arms respectively. Having drawn that, as seen in the picture, go on and create a base for Warios legs by drawing at the lower part of the torso a man’s underwear.

Step 2: Drawing The Legs

Warios legs are much smaller and shorter in size than his body. So, emerging from the base created for our characters legs, draw two small pipes that gradually reduces in size as they get to the ankle. Also, indicate his knee by slightly adding a bend at the knee region of the leg. Finish it off by drawing his small sized shoes that point upwards. Next, we are taking up the drawing of the arms.

Step 3: Drawing The Arms

As seen in the image, when drawing the arms, the right arm would be drawn placed by Warios side and the left arm would be lifted as he flexes his muscles. The upper arms should first be started off as big sized tubes and should include the necessary lines and curves which indicates his firm and pronounced biceps and triceps muscles. Having drawn that, the lower arms should be drawn as tubes that reduce in size as it gets to the wrist. Upon getting to the wrist, go on and draw his hands closed as though forming a fist. Don’t forget to include all the lines seen in the image. They would be later useful for drawing the final line arts and outfit.

Step 4: Drawing The Head

Wario’s head is characterized by his quadruple chin and flappy facial features. When drawing, the top of the head should have the semblance of a semi-circle and the lower part of the head should take the flappy form seen in the image. At the right side of his head, draw his pointed ears. Next up, his head should be divided by a curvy horizontal line and a vertical line. These lines would be useful for adding facial details later.

Step 5: Drawing The Details

Before we go for our final art, we need to draw some facial features and details like the hat and the gloves, to our Wario’s Dummy. Don’t try to present those details super clean because we will polish them when we draw the final line art on top of the dummy in red lines.

Step 6: Drawing The Final Line Art

At this level, we would start putting together our final sketch. So, begin by fading out your dummy a little bit. You can do that by erasing the dummy lines with a kneaded eraser if you are drawing with pencil and paper. Using the traces of the dummy left, draw the final line art as seen in the above picture. You should note that the dummy should first be erased so it does not come in the way of your final sketch. Having completed the final line art, we are taking on painting the base colors.

If you wanna learn which are the Art supplies we use for drawing and painting you can visit the Recommended supplies and Recommended tablets sections.

Step 7: Painting The Colors

Here’s where the fun gets better. We are increasing the vibrancy of our drawing by painting the base colors. So pull out the colors such as yellow, people, black, green and other colors as seen in the image, and let’s get painting a flawless work of art.


On a final note, character drawing is not in any way complicated or difficult. With a picture, a procedure and a passion for drawing, you can draw literally any character. Be that as it may, to sharpen up your Wario drawing skills, go over this tutorial again and In due time, you would be a master of the craft.

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Learn to Draw Wario from Mario Bros in 7 Easy Steps ( with Pictures )
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Learn to Draw Wario from Mario Bros in 7 Easy Steps ( with Pictures )
A) Drawing the Torso B) Drawing the legs C) Drawing the arms D) Drawing the Head E) Drawing the Details E) Drawing the Final Line Art F) Painting the Colors.
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