The Best 11 Online Art Courses If You Are on a Budget

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Nowadays, many more companies and organizations are requesting the services of professionals, in the aspects of graphics illustrations, comic artistry, diagrammatic concept developments, and some other representational art scopes. In order to fulfil the conditions for a possible hire in any of these fields, the individual must have learnt and possibly mastered a number of relevant art courses that would make them do well on the job.

Now, considering many of the inconveniences of conventional physical classrooms, the online art education programs have become a massive source of relief and innovation to the learning processes. There are recognized online courses that you can participate in if you’re looking to become a professional in record time.

Why you should consider taking online art courses

There are a number of reasons why we think that adopting the best online art courses, is the way to go in recent times. The structuring of the programs are usually those that ensures reasonable levels of convenience for participants, which is a contrast to the physical school- where students have to mandatorily resume at their desk at a decided time. Many of the best online art courses provide detailed prerecorded short videos,as wellas live classes- which may be recorded and easily accessed subsequently. The fact that the classes or tutorial videos are for short durations, helps the attention span of the students, which consequently increases their overall cumulative learning.

Another advantage of the different online art education is their relatively lesser cost implications on the participant. This factor is germane to the number of persons that are able to enroll for basic and advanced art studies, and the statistics shows how much the online channels has helped people gain sufficient knowledge in aspects like 3D modeling and creative design, which would have cost reasonably more- if student had to learn from the physical school structure. Now, you would find good online courses to enroll in, with prices starting from as low as $10, to some others costing up to a comparatively meagre $50 or $60. In fact, some courses- some of which are listed in this article, are subscription based. What this means in essence, is that you can save even more on the service fees- with monthly subscription fees ranging between ten to fourteen dollars.

The best online art courses and their category classifications

We have classified the relevant online courses that can be taken, into three blocks- based on their use applications, and some other individual training requirements. This classifications would help the user identify the choice course easily, as well as recognize what benefits they would be deriving from taking those courses.

The category blocks are as follows:

The drawing block category courses

In this category, listed courses are those intended to teach students on the fundamentals and basics of how to draw characters- including the public’s cherished and loved superheroes, as well as other creature characters. The following are the relevant courses in this category, together with their service sources and the course descriptions.

Character Art School: “Complete Character Drawing”

The Character Art School’s “Complete Character Drawing” classes are intensive and straight to the point, on giving student the best in this aspect. The aim of this program is to solidly build professionals in character drawing. Note that the complete character drawing course is complete in every sense of the word, because users are entitled to every training information that is needed for them to excel in the art. This is a reason why the course is suitable for all categories of persons- whether you be the beginner, or the intermediate individual who needs to hone the skill.

The school makes use of teaching video tutorials which takes the classes step by step- starting from the preliminary contents of character drawing and sketching, to the core advanced levels. There are advantages in this type of teaching roadmap, since every aspects that must be learnt, have been categorized into different video materials. This makes the student sufficiently learn one concept, before moving onto the next.

At the end of this program, participants should have a knowledge of how to carry out character concept drawings, for films and games, as well as professional looking comics, manga, Disney animation styles, and several other illustration models.

The complete character drawing program is a ten weeks program, and all the course contents havebeen shared out within ten comprehensive video modules that has adequate guide inputs.

Pencil Sketched Portraits: Designing a Female Character

This course teaches the participants how to carry out cute female physique sketches, using pencils. It is packed full of tutorial worksheets, guides, references, tips, and a useful amount of video demonstration contents. All of these training materials put together, are just what is needed to make any student- irrespective of whether they were beginners or intermediates, grab the ideas way beyond the average level. As ideal for virtually all types of art courses, this training program also adopts a step by step approach, which makes it easier for the student to learn fast and learn well. In this course, the student should expect to be taught on aspects such as material and pencil techniques, standard and recommended face sketching procedures, as well as the sketching techniques for every other presenting physical feature of the female body.

The course has been designed to make the learning easy, such that even the very beginner- who has no prior idea of how to do these drawings, finds it easy to draw the female character without the slightest difficulty.

Don’t forget that such features as the female eyes, lip and mouth composure, nose, and hair styles are some of the traits that can be added in different endlesscombinations, toform ingenious outputs. You will be thought how these works, and how to pull the stunts all by yourself.

Foundations of Figure Drawings| Proportions (Comic Book Style)

This course is open to all categories of learners- beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. The aim of the course is basically to teach American comic book style illustrations, to participants, as well as how to execute proportionate illustration projects. We recognize the importance of a course like this, considering the many unnecessary mistakes that have characterized some art works in this section- hence robbing them of the intended effects and results. Students need to be taught on the ways of ensuring that their character illustrations are made devoid of proportional errors. There are peculiarities to achieving these, and that is part of what this course would be impacting in its students.

In this course, you would learn how to draw the human shape to proportion- from the front to back, sides, angles, and every other important considerations that is pivotal in aligning the illustrations to a reasonable presentation balance.

Proportion is important in everything, and you’ll understand how significant this trait is, for the success of your art work.

Characters in Motion: How to Capture Motion in Illustrations

These are one of the non-beginner classes, that is open to interested members of the public. This means that only people with basic background knowledge or those with pretty advanced knowledge, are expected to take part at this stage. This course is instructed by Patrick Brown, thus you can expect to get the best of tutorial and coaching. The aim is to teach students how to represent moving characters in a scene, on a sketch pad. As you know, there is lots of movement in gaming, movies, and comic arts. Hence, the reason for a course facilitator like Patrick, whoseareas of interest and specialization includes modern comic design that are characterized by enormous movement and energy display.

You will taught how to represent characters in motion, using a detailed knowledge of shading and lighting, in collaboration with the other details of professional sketching. This would be perform in such a way that agrees with anatomy and the positions of the body in motion.

In order to have a superb digital illustration imagery output, it is essential to have a well defined solid digital art. Once there is a pencil sketched imagery, there is an increased tendency to have a more quality work, when the finished models are made on photoshop.

Learning Visual Story Telling: How Comic Designs Work

Using comic representations to pass across ideas and information requires a good deal of expertise. This is because the illustrations must be able to depict what is intended, by almost every percentage. Before a comic design can fit into this, it must be able to have a compelling visual appeal, as well as an ability to create a strong connection with the target audience.

In this class, students would be taught by one of the best stakeholder practitioners in this field. The 30 minutes class would be instructed by DC and Marvel comics designer- Phil Jimenez.

Some of the main aspects that would be touched in the cause of the lecture would include how to use appropriately use references on your drawings, how to translate the first hand script into the required comic, as well as how to arrange action and drama in a sequential ordered format.

At the end of the course, you should have learnt how to identify elements that contributes to creating the best visual storytelling materials, as well as how and when to incorporate them into your designs. If you’re intending to practice in the line of visual storytelling, then this is probably the best class for you.

Step by Step on How to Improve your Creative Design Drawings

This course is intended to teach participants on how to combine step by step drawing procedures, in obtaining a finished creature concept output. Now, if you want to know how artistes come up with creative imaginative concepts, then this is the course that lets you in on the supposed secrets, and how to put them to use by yourself.

The focus of this class is centered on how to make use of different animal traits, in coming up with new concepts, that are yet relevant to the audience appeal. Note that there are many elements to the activities in this scope, however, all of these revolve around making use of animal features for the creation ofnew products. In order to ensure that the right proportions are achieved, the class also includes tips that aids the student choose within from within proper dimensions.

The Concept Art Courses

The concept art courses are aimed at bringing out the genius in you, because they are designed to teach you how to think and create like a professional that you are. As such, all participants under this category, require some basic artistic fore knowledge, if they must follow and learn well.

Digital Painting

This aspect of the best online art courses, entails the fundamental and comprehensive scopes of digital painting. This means that you’re guaranteed to learn virtually all that is needed for carrying out effective top notch digital painting activities. Although the fundamentals would be taught, applicant’s at this section are ideally required to have a basic knowledge of general art appreciation, at least. For instance, persons in digital painting business who want to have an expanded understanding of what it takes to increase customer turn over and sales, may apply.

This training informs you of the special digital painting elements and techniques- such as master key to effective art and illustration practice, use of sidebar methodologies, etcetera. These definitely are useful tools to help you on your business.

The Art of Face Painting using Photoshop

This aspects focuses on educating you on how to make perfect digital paintings, via the Photoshop editing tool. However, the contents of this course are way more than the regular use of Photoshop. The lessons go into details of how to obtain right human facial paintings. In fact, the student is expected to have a basic knowledge of the use of the software tool.

Asides this, there is also the professional character design and painting, all of which is alsoexecutable using the adobe Photoshop. Note that with a good application knowledge of this character development, you could make very lucrative deals with clients.

Light and Color for DigitalPainting: From Beginner to Master Level

Under this class, students are taught the best ways to make use of digital light colors, as well as how to achieve output designs that possesses just the required color textures and light view intensities. There are salient things to learn here, and you definitely be glad you did.

There may be so much use of the Photoshop than you may have reasoned, the digital landscape and painting classes, exposes you to a knowledge of how to transform the ordinary into something remarkably impressive, and qualified to be termed extraordinary.

The Cell Shading Course Categories

Cell shading in art design refers to a non photorealistic style in which computer designed graphics, are made to resemble the hand drawn samples. There are different elements that makes these type of work come out fine, and there is the need to incorporate them in just the required bits. Courses under this category aims at educating you on the dynamics to it.

Cell Shaded Arts (The Procreate Art)

This is probably the main course work that teaches you how to carry out well shaded artworks, that meets the standard requirements. The technical skills taught in the classes are of immense relevance on the main design and editing medium. Thus, irrespective of whether you use the Photoshop or the manga studio more, there’s just no where that you can’t effectively put what is being learnt to good full use.

According to design, users of this course are estimated to get perfected in producing professionally toned cell shaded images, in the very least possible time.

2D Cell Shading in Photoshop

This course would focus on how to insert right color combinations for cell shaded works. It would cover aspects revolving around output quality, as well as the way in which the adopted shades can be channeled to increase the product’s public appreciation value. Some of the techniques that would be discussed are the methods of isolating scanned artworks on a prepared transparent background, use of clipping masks, adjustment layers, and other color/shade inclined tools that are peculiar to Photoshop.

The course also aims at facilitating user speed, which would merge with other gradients and dimensions, to produce various types of artworks.


Now, as much as all of the listed online art courses are available and open to interested participants whohave met the requirements, it is important that individuals carefully decide the course combinations that match their own specific needs. This would enable them channel all the required efforts to those scope, and consequently provide an increased tendency for achieving more results.

Making the right decisions may require you to investigate the total course content for each course- which you can easily do by checking up the attached links. Sometimes, two or more of the courses may be closely related, but there would always be that distinguishing trait that makes one more appropriate for your type of activities, than the other.

Questions and comments can be attached at the comments section below. If there are any answers or assistance thatwe can give, we would definitely not fail to get in touch with the requester.

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