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24 Krita Free Tutorials Online made for You

Digital artists are making a run for Krita because it is a software with features that come in handy to anyone with a passion for digital art, and it is open sourced. Maybe artists are tired of spending so much on alternative software out there and since Krita is equipped with a good number of tools, they thought why not give it a try?

If you are a digital artist as an illustrator, a digital painter, a renderer, a visual effects creator, etc, and irrespective of your level of expertise and you are thinking of giving Krita a try, you will benefit from learning a thing or two about Krita with the help of free online tutorials made just for you. Below is a compilation of 24 different ones that we really think you should try out to help you master using Krita for your works.

A brief introduction to start with

This free YouTube tutorial by Sara Tepes is a great introduction to what Krita is all about. She takes you through the tools, helping you know where to find what and how to start out making a digital painting. If you are a beginner at digital art you will benefit a lot from knowing what tools are available to you and where to find them and she takes her time to calmly explain everything she is talking about and it is just 13 minutes long. We really think this is a great place to start even if you have been using other alternative software.

Customizing your workspace

When you use any software, customizing your workspace to suit you becomes a necessity, not to worry you don’t have to do a lot of customization when you just start but as you get more familiar with the software you start to build preferences of how you would rather work. If you are a beginner you probably already having problem unlocking your toolbar, Thanks to Kate Oleska in this 2016 video, when the time comes to customize your workspace, you will be well equipped with this tutorial video which is targeted at beginners.

The basics of Krita by Paul Waclawski

Although quite lengthy video, Paul Waclawski covers the basics of Krita in a more detailed way than Sara Tepes owing to why the video is so lengthy, spanning almost an hour. In this Video Paul talks about the tools available, about brushes, layers, colors and so on. The video shows Krita being used with Linux, however it is worth noting that as an artist, you should use a tablet when working with Krita rather than a mouse like in the video. It is also worth saying that this presentation was made to Phoenix Linux Users Group.

Learn more about your Krita tools from Mart

Mart is detailed in this video about how to use the tools provided to you by Krita and actually upbeat in his tone as well. The 37 minutes long video discusses different things from brushes to eraser, frankly if you are having trouble understanding what tool is what, you should see this tutorial but not after watching Kate’s where she explains how to customize your workspace. Because Kate will help you out in scenarios where you find yourself looking for some tools Mart uses in this video, have fun discovering your tools.

How to set up a Wacom tablet with your Krita software

You know how having a tablet is better for working with Krita, turns out it may be a little puzzling for some when they want to set up their Wacom tablet with Krita, luckily this video comes in handy to explain it and it will only take 8 minutes of your time. Just listen to the instructions and follow it as a guide and at the end of it you will realize why your pressure pen wasn’t working before, obviously not because it was broken as you may have thought. this video is helpful for both newbies and experienced artists.

Learn how to color your line art

This is yet another video from Kate Oleska offering free video tutorial, this one though is about coloring line art which usually confuses a lot of people. In the video she goes through four different ways to achieve coloring a line art; using a brush, using masks, using the shape-fill brush and using G’Mic filter, she also provides a link to download the line art she used so that you can go straight to practicing what you would be learning from the video. The video is insightful as well as interesting and it will be a great 27 minutes well spent.

How to use the fill tool on Krita to fill outlines and selections

With the help of this video you can get over the dilemma of your entire canvas getting filled when you try to fill just a little section. The video shows how to fill a previously drawn boy animation/cartoon character in order to help you understand how to use the fill tool using two methods allowed by Krita to perform the fill operation. At the end of this 5 minutes tutorial and with practice you will realize how easy it is to get a clean fill of your selected objects.

Tutorial on how to animate on Krita

Hello animators, and intending animators, watch this video to see Jesse J Jones walk you through how to create an animation in Krita. In the video, he is explicit in his explanations and makes what might have seemed a herculean task, an easier one. Watching this video is like having an animator sponsor by your side as you walk your way from knowing nothing to exporting your very first animation video made on Krita all these in 25 minutes of your time. This video will be helpful even if you have never tried your hand at animation in the past.

Learn how to smooth your lines on Krita

Except your intention is to end up with a sketchy and overall rough look (which could be a cool concept if it works for you), you will need to know how to smoothen the lines you have made. This less than 9-minutes video is what you need to realize that you can learn anything you plan to learn on Krita because of well it is done in no time, it is easy to learn from and highly explanatory. Why not begin expressing yourself by sketching and practicing the smoothing technique you will learn from here.

How to create line art from David Revoy

David Revoy who is an artist gives tips on how to create line-art when working with Krita and considering his beautiful works, it is safe to say that he is a very good position to give out tips. This 8-minutes videowill take your line art to another level because you will learn tips that will help you properly express all that creativity you have in store for your own line art piece and the accent just adds some fancy touch to the entire video. The video covers, stabilizing, smoothing, creating speed lines, transforming your inking layer and so on.

What brushes you can use to create effects

If you are a fan of her art, you would love this video tutorial and even if you are yet to be introduced to her art, watching Sara Tepes show what can be achieved by the brushes she uses is a great pointer for your own ideas on what to do. Sara’s art has come a long way since the creation of this video in 2016 but the tutorial remains highly helpful for anyone looking to take up Krita as their digital art software.

Learn about vector Drawing tools and how to use them

There is no denying that vector drawing tools are great and can help you take your art to another level but learning how to use it may be a little tricky. Watch this video of how Vector drawing tools are reviewed and broken down by someone who is very familiar with using Krita to create different artwork. With this you can get well on your way to having that incredible artwork you look forward to creating as a Digital artist using your Krita.

How to open a new window on Krita so that you have more than one window open

This 5-minutes tutorialby Kate Oleska will help you know how to open multiple windows on Krita so that you can work on all of them at the same time. Even though the video is a little longer than necessary it is still short at 5 minutes so enjoy watching it, with the help of this tutorial your previous window stops closing as soon as you pen a new one, all you have to do is follow what the video tutorial says.

Tutorial on how to use color mixing brushes on Krita

With the right brush pack at hand, this video will put you through on how to mix colors with brushes when using Krita. A very informative video by GDquest is a great tutorial to put you through achieving this function, if you are beginner it is a good place to start seeing that it is informative, if you have been using other software like Photoshop then think of it like using a blender brush. The video is 10 minutes long and he works with red and blue colors.

digital Pinting Game Asset Tutorial

To show you how much you can actually do and achieve with the use of Krita, this video is a display of how the visuals of the game Bubbles is developed. The video shows the use of different tools to achieve interesting forms both simple and complex and even if you are not interested in Krita for gaming purposes, you can learn a thing or two about using the assets in this 23-minutes video by Douglas Lopes. It always helps to see how tools are used in different instances as a trigger to help you use them creatively in your own art work.

how to paint with blending modes


It is really great when you watch tutorials by people who have cracked the code of Krita and made it simpler for others to understand, it is like a gift to other artists out there and this tutorial video feels just like that. The process of using blending modes on Krita is broken down so well that it can be understood by both beginner and experienced levelled users of the software, not to mention that David Revoy has done other commendable free video tutorials that are worth looking at.

how to turn your pencil sketch into a digital painting

The goodthing about this tutorial is that for artists who have gotten used to doing everything with an actual pen and paper, this tutorial can be of great help to transfer your analogue art skills to digital ones. Many times people think about ditching hand sketches for digital sketches because they don’t know how to transfer it, Matt’s tutorial puts you through on how to use Krita to convert your pencil sketch to digital painting so that you don’t have to leave one for the other.

how to paint skin by Eric Anthony

When it comes to getting correct skin colors, you are going to need some knowledge on color mixing technology, by then painting skin with a digital art software is indeed something else. In this video, Eric breaks down how to successfully paint skin on your drawings to take them from wire from to realistic. This tutorial is handy for any level of expertise with digital art software.

how to transform your selection and move them

it may be more convenient for a more experienced digital artist to follow this tutorial video because of how fast the cursor movements are and because a novice artist may not find it explanatory enough. However, if you have some experience being a digital painter, or have even started exploring your Krita transformation tool, then this tutorial will be very helpful. Even if you are a beginner, you can try experimenting with the tool beforehand to aid comprehension.

painting hair on Krita

If you are one of those artists that struggle with painting hair then you will love this video, and if you haven’t yet tried to paint hair then you will love it as well seeing gas you are off to a right start. An easy to understand 19-minutes video by Johny bevo is a handy tutorial to painting hair on Krita.

cross channel curve filters

GDquest does this tutorial video on how to make use of the cross channel curve filters, and he demonstrates by using it to mask a sky. An impressive display of the use of the feature to say the least, any digital artist taking on Krika will love what this feature does and will get excited about using it especially if you do photo editing.

line-art and cell shade on Krita

This YouTube tutorial video by Astrognome is amazing because of how explanatory it is and how it actually solves problems that other similar videos online do not you learn how to work with shadows and how to fade and blend them perfectly with your line-arts.

how to make a simple animation in Krita 3.0

This Matt’s tutorial on creating an animation with the Krita 3.0 version is helpful even if you are using a higher version like the 3.1 because you can still use some of the tips given. Even though the tutorial does not include exporting the animation created it is still a very handy tutorial that will help you get a good start on animation creation.

using Krita’s assistant tool

Although not very commonly used, the assistant tool contains features that you would not find otherwise and becomes very essential when you are working on altering background. The tutorialby Orphanlast introduces you to the assistant tools and then shows you how to use it.

In conclusion, with the right tools by your side and explanatory tutorial videos, you can be well on your way to mastering how to create digital art with the software Krita. The amount of resources out there to teach you are so many that you do not have to be restricted to these 24, nonetheless with these videos, you are off to a good start.

24 Krita Free Tutorials Online made for You
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24 Krita Free Tutorials Online made for You
In this article, you will find a compilation of 24 different tutorials that we really think you should try out to help you master using Krita for your works.
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