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10 KitBash Model parts for 3d Artists ( Free & Premium )

For 3d artists, it can be rather stressful and disheartening to always start every model and image from scratch; this is where Kitbashing comes to play in relieving you of that stress.

The art of Kitbashing or model bashing is a form of art where 3d images or models are created by adding pieces from a commercial kit to create a new scale model. The pieces from the kit can be from a customized project or another commercial kit.

Kitbashing is especially great for creating a special effect in movies where professional 3d model artists are able to create final models using parts of an already existing model, that are lightweight and easy to use on set, and combining them with original parts to create a new piece.

Kitbashing is the go-to artistic choice for a 3d model as it allows you to create models that look real such as those seen in the movies Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, the Batmobile car used by Batman in the movie Batman Begins or special effects and imaginary models seen in your favorite movies.

Below are Ten Kitbashing Model Kits for 3d Artists

This Kitbashing model kit was created by two 3d artists Oleg Ushenok and Eugene Apekin who have released a Kitbashing commercial kit pack for hard surface Kitbashing.

The pack is a large one with over 300 free kitbash model parts for 3d artists. The parts are for creating concept designs for machinery and automobile parts with impeccable precision and look.

As with the artist former collection, the model pieces are supplied in two formats – MAX and OBJ with UVs range from straight forward and easy to use plates and brackets to complex pieces that make up the assembly of an image.

To be exact, the Oleg Ushenok’s collection consists of 305 individual details pieces and 21 mesh pieces for more than one parts to allow you to create the perfect model every time.

In this pack, you have the options of free or paid model parts, but with 305 pieces, going free is the best way to go as you have more than enough parts to make a build. The hard surface kitbash is a commercial pack, and you can download it for free from Oleg Ushenok’s Gumroad store.

If your idea of 3d modeling is more robotic (building robots), mechanics, sci-fi devices, weapons or mechanical tools, then you might want to download this kitbash kit by renowned environment artist Andrew Averkin.

This pack is even bigger than the Oleg packs with 522 model parts consisting of 414 single parts and 108 mesh groups giving you the opportunity to show your creativity in all areas of modeling.

This hard kitbash kit vol. 1 is a pack that can be a helpful commercial pack for hobbyists, 3d artists and designers and graphic artists of different levels – beginners to professionals.

With a huge library of 414 individual pieces and 108 mesh parts, this kit by Andrew might be one to kick your creativity into high gear with no limits of what you can make and create with this kit.

Did we forget to mention that this kit is free; you absolutely have to pay nothing to have this among your collection of model 3d parts.

  • Sci-Fi Kitbash Set for Fusion 360 – Zbrush

This is another kit for 3d modeling artist but on a much smaller compact pack especially great for artist and hobbyist who live sci-fi models with detailed distinction and characterization of each model built.

This sci-fi kit created by Poly Workshop Digital art consist of 43 sci-fi themed models for designing on a hard surface for graphic artists, special effect creators, hobbyist and 3d artists who like sci-fi and imaginative and unique designs.

The kit comes in FBX and OBJ file format with triangulated topology with IMM brush for Zbrush modeling with excellent material separation but without any UVs with complex pieces to make wonderful models that wow the imaginations.

Due to the complication of the parts involves, this hard surface 3d model kit comes with a tutorial on how to import F3d files to fusion 360 on Autodesk fusion.

Furthermore, the kit is free for download, and you can check for more information on www.cubebrush.co.

This Kitbashing kit is by a 3D and VFX artist Pablo Castano Norkus and is a free Kitbashing set for all your models and artistic works.

Whether you are working on Zbrush, 3ds MAX, or any of the 3d packages available; all you need to do is to open the max file and import the files to the one compatible on your device which can be OBJ, FBX or use the options of pasting on the.ZBP file on your startup or brush presets folder on the device.

This simple process will allow you to start using the Zbrush and enjoy creating a beautiful model with this set.

The Pablo Kitbashing set consisting of 30 pieces of multi-object architecture pieces is low poly that will not slow you or your machine down while working.

Although the pieces come in clusters, they are being broken into smaller forms to expand your model and artistic creativity. You don’t have to worry about the edge as the broken pieces are clean cut from the mother part.

Although this Kitbashing set is a small set, it will trigger your imagination as a 3d artist.

Drawing parts of the human body are difficult even for the best human sculptors, but now even beginners can start exploring the human anatomy with the model created and donated by Anthony Handy.

The human anatomy is a complex and intricate part that it takes a good, creative and artistic eye to create a model that resembles that of a real human with every part, muscles, joint, and bone formation in the right place.

This 3d model by Anthony Handy consists of a super-realistic set of 3d human body parts of an ear, feet, hands, nose and a full set of teeth with tongue all of which are contained in 5 OBJ and one ZTL files.

The Kitbashing on this set is very easy to use, and a sure way to add the necessary details and human features but also makes human anatomy sculpting faster.

The Kitbashing set is also created in Zbrush 4R6 that is compatible with R5 with no subdivision levels.

You can buy the set or download for free to use or also donate your creation if you want to. For more information regarding the human anatomy kits by Anthony Handy, visit his website.

This Kitbashing set allows you to replicate the character you see in sci-fi action movies then this is your best kits to take that creative wild imagination to the next level.

This set is created by freelance 3d concept artist Nick Govacko. The set has a lot of pieces to allow you to create as many models and designs you can imagine; with this Kitbashing set, you can design characters, draw, sculpt, model, texture paint.

The pieces in this set are bold, large and well-structured pieces that are easy to put together to create unbelievable models. The set can be used by educators, art instructors, hobbyists, 3d artists, graphic artists and designers who are looking for a challenge.

The parts in this set consists of cover, surface parts 1, surface parts 2, surface parts 3, surface parts 4, and hydraulic part 1, hydraulic part 2, hydraulic part 3 and hydraulic part 4 which gives any 3d artist enough tools and parts to play with and take your Kitbashing skills to the next level.

How one Kitbashing pack can contain every part to create the 3d image in your head is unbelievable, but if you are an all-around artist, then the TFMStyle might be the pack for you to take your creativity to the next level.

The pack created by French Monkey is released in OBJ file format with over 280 model pieces in all categories giving your creative side a challenge.

The parts in this pack range from simple components like walls, machine part, parts or entire building structures, build spacecraft or other mechanical model and the difficult models like human anatomy.

What are included in the Kitbashing kit are 17 models of indoor pieces, 8 models of runways pieces,  12 multi-use models, 33 human poses, 169 shapes and objects, 6 models of clothes, 6 rocks models, 17 complex structure models and 13 models of ObserverDoel.

This option allows you to create real-time or futuristic sci-fi themed model of your choice.

The kit is free to download with just a click, or you can donate any amount to the page. For more information visit the website here.

Create your own star wars space ship or become the creator of the latest transformer character with the pieces in this kit.

Like another on our list of the artist 3d model, this kit is created and donated by freelance 3d concept artist Nick Govacko who has an eye for sci-fi imagination that comes to life.

This kit consists of two sets of structural parts to make the frame of your model; cables that act as connectors to create movement, three-part reactive armor of various size and structures, three-part joints to attach the parts together and create flexibility.

The kit also contains hydraulics, optics and surface parts for a complete action sci-fi model.

The Kitbashing set is free and can be downloaded on the website, or you can pay a fee as a donation. For more information, visit here to get started.

Another set of artist tools by Nick Govacko to complete your sci-fi world, well that’s the way it looks like.

Well if you are going to build characters that look like Star Wars and transformers, then you will need a good arsenal of weapons to complete the look. This Kitbashing kit consists of modeling pieces that allow you to create an array of weapons including a missile launcher, gas tanks, missile, rockets, and the whole nine yards.

It works create for sci-fi or action gun blazing movie scenes with mind-blowing pieces to make you go wow.

You can download the model free of charge or make a donation at your own discretion.

Greebles Set Kitbashing Model Parts

Another great pack created and donated by Pablo Castano Norkus is this 3D model set that contains 53 individual pieces that are easily put together for the desired model. The Greebles parts in this kit are part of the IMM brush created for Zbrush 4R6 and are compatible with R5 and R7.

All files in this kit are stored in OBJ format with a single file in ZTL format. The Greebles Kitbashing set allow artists to make simple objects look complex and visually appealing by adding simple shapes to the existing model,

Greebles are a good way to make a fictional character or structures like a spaceship, equipment, automobile, and architectural constructions look. This Kitbashing set is great for sci-fi movies or creating special effects in a movie.

Kitbashing allows artists to create detailed 3D designs and concept from a vast array of prebuilt kitbash parts.

The aim is to take the stress of the artist while creating visually appealing and creative models with complex structures to be as realistic as possible.

The above 10 kitbash model parts for 3d artists are a great way to start Kitbashing and if you are into 3d model then this might be the push you to the next level.

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