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15 Free ArtRage Brushes and Stickers You Can´t Miss

The ArtRage digital painting software is definitely one of the most valued bitmap graphics editing tools, in recent times. Its relevance in bringing users that necessary painting ease and accuracy on a digital framework, is a reason why its popularity is fast rising as far as digital painting is concerned.  Hence you can get a lot done, using any or all of the ArtRage functional brushes and stickers- which are in fact the main deal for a pleasant digital painting experience.

Now, another good thing about ArtRage use is the fact that they’re suitable for all classes of possible users. Hence, it doesn’t matter if you’re just starting off with bitmap painting or you’ve attained the veteran stages. Note that this tendency is facilitated by the helpful design and straightforwardness of this painting package. Consequently, some people say it is a better digital design model, over other models like Photoshop. According to survey outputs conducted on various ends, a good number of digital art designers have commended the Ambient Design™ ArtRage, for its ingeniously apt and non-complex user interface.

However- before you begin the ArtRage experience, it is important to have a basic idea of the significant components, that have made previous users recommend this package over and over again. The overall ArtRage package consists of basically two broad categories of users tools- which are the ArtRage brushes, and the ArtRage stickers.

Below is a carefully gathered list of fifteen free ArtRage brushes and stickers that you’ll definitely find useful if you’re coming on board.

Free ArtRage brushes

   • The Photoshop (PS) Style Brushes for ArtRage

In actual sense, the PS Style brushes for ArtRage, were created and intended for use as a test tool for the ArtRage 3.5.0 version. If you’re conversant with the Photoshop brush tool set, then these set of ArtRage brushes should not seem strange or difficult to use. However, note that they are more specifically designed, and would essentially work only on ArtRage versions 3.5.0 up to the most recent ArtRage 5.0 software version.

The PS Style brushes facilitate top-notch digital image outputs and would do just fine for almost any type of digital design and format that you may have in mind. Several finished digital works using these brushes have shown high-quality pixel representations, with way more satisfied users than not.

If you’ll like to make use of these brushes, all you need to do is to download the provided ARPACK application, install it, then follow the setup instructions.

The aptness and reliability of these brushes are unusually remarkable, and this is even great- considering the fact that users are getting it for free. Note that the PS style digital brushes for ArtRage, are designed to be sticker spray brushes- hence validating their usefulness.

   • The ArtRage-3 Brush

This is another top grade ArtRage suitable brush, that has proved its relevance, beyond reasonable doubts. The ArtRage- 3 brush- as the name implies, is designed for ArtRage users with the version 3 edition of the ArtRage digital painting package. However, more recent versions of the software may support many of its functions, too. If you’re looking for that digital canvas brush, that does the required justice to your greyscale painting and rendering, then this might be the free brush to adopt. The ArtRage-3 brush brings you quality digital greyscale images, that are as beautiful as they should get- on a black and white color function.

The reason why you’ll find this brush useful for ArtRage work procedures as important because it has been designed to be fundamentally put to use, on the ArtRage software. What this means is that you’re not having to manage or improvise greyscale or rendering tools- which could have unfavorably influenced the quality of the digital design outputs.

   • The Sketchbook Pro Pencil in ArtRage

Now, although this is not exactly the same with the sketchbook pro pencil, it is an amazing copy that is rightly designed for ArtRage use. Hence, you may expect it to have some very salient characteristic traits, with the regular sketchbook pro pencil. However, the good and most important news is that this digital sketch brush performs impressively well for all time. This is one of the most effective ArtRage pencils, that can give you the best hue and sharpness- which you can adjust to suit your intended quality. What makes this particular product resonate well with so much usefulness for graphic designers, is the fact that they are made with the sketchbook inks- which facilitates better drawings, especially in terms of brightness. This is unlike what you’re likely to get when the input tool is the regular sketchbook pencil.

Note that you need to have the ArtRage 4 installed on a PC, as well as having the right settings for same- if it must work. There are obvious advantages of this tool in your ArtRage art drawing experience, and you’ll be glad you did.

   • The Pastel Brushes for ArtRage

Before or after sampling and deciding on the right color types for any particular digital painting job on your ArtRage software, you need to make sure you’ve got the right set of pastel brushes. This is basically because you’ll agree that pastel brushes are one of the indispensable brush tools for any digital painting function. These set of brushes for ArtRage use contains a number of varyingly customized sticker spray brushes- which you can always select and use at no cost.

These set of pastel brushes for ArtRage, are originally built to work with ArtRage version 3, while you may also put them to use on the pretty more advanced version 3.0.7.

However, although ArtRage works well on certain mobile phones, this set of pastel brushes are most suitable for use on a computer with the required specifications.

   • Brushes for ArtRage 3

This is another set of ArtRage 3 brushes that you just can’t miss. This set makes our list of the best ArtRage brushes because it is easy to access and use. Asides these, it fundamentally helps the user achieve great results with digital painting. Using this set of brushes, you’re guaranteed to producing better digital imagery and styles, that may not come easy with other digital brush products.

This package contains a hundred brush presets, which are accessible after the package download. So, brush use options for the user are more varied, which consequently means you can make more precise choices of what brush nature you want to use.

To use these brush package, simply make the containing file download, then add them to your sticker spray application folder. You’ll then be able to subsequently access them on the main ArtRage software.

   • Rake Brushes for ArtRage

These set of four rake brushes may not be the best you have used on any digital design software, but you’ll remarkably find it excitingly functional for the ArtRage brand. The models are fashioned to work on the ArtRage 3 version and are hinted to be a good rake brush complement for the ArtRage’s innate rake brush.

The reason why we have recommended this rake brushes for ArtRage users is because we discovered that it aided digital artists to produce better finishing to their designs- which may not have been so effective- if only the ArtRage provided take brushes were used.

   • The Nature Brushes Set

Remember that in digital designs, the more good tools you have, the better your designs are likely to be. You’ll appreciate this nature brush toolset if you’re the nature art designer. And truthfully, every digital designer would always have one reason or the other to add these elements to their work.

Essentially, this nature brush package has four brush types designed for individual purposes. Hence, for instance, the bristle type brush would do well for small elements of your work that need essential attention and great carefulness with details. The other brushes are the branch nature brush- for tree design, the hedge type for enhanced fluffiness, and the grass nature brush for great ground/floor finishing.

   • Watercolor Presets (by the ArtRage Team)

As the name implies, these presets are fundamentally designed for ArtRage painting purposes. Although they’re a great option for professionals users, they’re also one of the best painting presets for the newbie beginner. Thus, you can use them for your own personal paintings, while another person may equally use it for their learning tutorials.

Additionally, the developers have allowed provisions for individual users to customize the presets to suit their painting requirements. Hence, if you think you can come up with something better for your work, this watercolor brush presets allow you to do that without a fuss.

Free ArtRage Stencils and Stickers

   • The Crazylights 2 MP2013 ArtRage Stencils

The crazy lights stencils are a good collection to add to your ArtRage toolbox. This twenty-one stencil package provides you with a reasonable amount of painting work material that you can use for a wide range of digital paintwork. Each of the individual subset items within the package come with user-friendly features, and they’ve all been tested and identified to produce a near hundred percent accurate shape and line replication. Using this stencil collection enhances and improves the cleanness and smartness of your shape and image designs. This means that you can always be sure of obtaining a perfect image and line cuts on your digital ArtRage canvas.

   • The ArtRage Smoky Stencils

You’ll definitely appreciate the ingeniousness incorporated in building this significantly useful digital artwork stencil. Thankfully, they have been designed specifically with the ArtRage digital painting software in mind. Hence, the tools work fine with most of the ArtRage versions- so you don’t need to worry too much about compatibility. Another quality you’ll love about this set is their easy to use property- which rightly complements your work activity on the overall ArtRage software.

If you’ve been looking for a stencil template that can improve your digital artwork quality and aesthetic worth, then you may need to try these stencil tools.

   • Jewel Stickers for Version 3 ArtRage

Sometimes it’s possible that you’ll realize how incomplete your designs would be when you’ve not added some pretty stickers- here and there. However, it is essential to only use the right stickers, so that you don’t seem to diminish the beauty of your work- instead of enhancing it. Stickers like the ones in this package set helps give your digital artwork the necessary beauty finishing.

The Jewel stickers are designed for use on the ArtRage version 3, and the set contains 32 clip art styled stickers.

   • The Crazy Art 2 Stickers for ArtRage 3 Studio

You may refer to these sticker packages as the complete sticker kit for the ArtRage studio 3 user. All of the added stickers in this set have been previously vetted by the developer, in a bid to ensure that they meet the needs of the contemporary digital art designer. It is impressive that users can gain access to a wide range of useful sticker resources like these, without having to pay a dime.

If you’re serious about taking your digital artworks to the next level, then you should be thinking of downloading this tool package.

   • Misterpaint Crazy Art Stickers

These digital art stickers are probably not the regular type that many people use since it incorporates some additional functions that make it apter. The stickers are a great choice if you decide to use them because they tend to make you produce something that is much more out of the box. For instance, users can add motion to adopted stickers, by indicating same through the use of an added felt pen. There are still a few other effects that you can add to your work, using the felt pen.

Note that these sticker tools are only available to ArtRage version 3.0.7 studio users. Every serious ArtRage version 3.0.7 user obviously need to avail themselves of this bounty.

   • The ArtRage Sticker Spray Presets

This sticker spray package courtesy of the ArtRage Team themselves, consists of a wide range of tools, for both digital drawing and painting. It definitely comes with both the digital design tools that you readily need, as well as the ones you have not for once thought of. Now is the time to come alive with your own creativity, as this bumper toolbox comes with the features that help you achieve that.

However, considering the fact that this design toolbox contains components for different aspects and scopes of digital design, users may have to sort out and select the very specific ones that apply to their design activities.

   • The MisterStencil Pack 5 Stencils foe ArtRage

Every professional or upcoming ArtRage user who wants to sustain or develop their design prowess may necessarily need to necessarily find a vast array of stencil options like this one. This is because you don’t want to be predictably stereotyped with your job, as this may affect your personal creativity, as well as your client base.

The MisterStencil pack 5 was developed probably as a way of helping designers overcome the stereotype tendency. This tool application alone contains numerous stencil templates that are remarkably beautiful and contemporary. This is another treasure of design tools, that users are getting for free.

Final words

The ArtRage software is an ingenious innovation on its own. However, your productivity levels are on the design platform, would be largely dependent on the tools you use on it. The best way to find those brush and stencil (or sticker) sets that suits you, is to make a careful assessment of the best options- as already listed, and see the ones that are most significant for what you can do, as well as what you’re hoping to learn.

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