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46 Awesome Concept Artist on Instagram

by Toni Justamante Jacobs

The writers would say that the pen is mightier than the sword to emphasize their place while the artists would say that a picture speaks a thousand words and they would be entirely right. There are a lot of things that could be said through a work of art, the emotions, the feelings visible in the stroke of a brush or the beauty in the lines and forms. We could say we do not deserve the talents that have trailed the industry because they have blessed us with immense beauty and have opened our eyes to a world of art that we did not think possible. Here are a number of artists, you can find on Instagram, that has blazed the trail.

Bayard Wu

This is a talented freelance illustrator and concept artist based in Shenzhen, China. He worked in the games industry from 2008 to 2016. He was awarded the 1st price in Blizzcon original art contest back in 2013 and the master prize in CGHub. His works are mostly digital for games and animations.

Ian Mcque

This is an art giant. His Instagram page undoubtedly engulfs you into a world of star wars, sketched arts, buildings, spaceships and the rest of them. A majority of his work are sketches on paper but will definitely bring you back looking for more.

Arthur Gimaldinov

This is a Russian artist that has a lot of paintings  of the Blizzard characters of Hearthstone. His sketches and paintings are 3D and are very captivating. He also gives tutorials on Blizzard character lighting and anatomy. You could head down to his Instagram page and hit the follow button for more.

Konstantin Vavilov

Vavilov is a freelance concept artist and illustrator. His Instagram account is filled with sketches of monsters and a dark age. His sketches are real and speak of precision. His art could be considered disturbing but they present a vivid mental picture.

David De Leon Luis

This is a creature concept artist. A lot of his sketches are based on video games and are more of beasts and creatures. He played an important role in the creation of the arena sport called “way of redemption”. His page on Instagram is a chill place to go as you’d never get bored or tired. His work is phenomenal and very creative.

Jama Jurabaev

Jama is a concept artist that has made a name in the film industry. He has been an art director for movies like avengers, X men and guardians of the galaxy. His paintings are mostly 3D. He is an excellent draftsman and is incredibly accomplished in this area.

Martin Deschambalt

This is another concept artist who started as a product designer and switched to video games. He currently works at 343 Industries/ Microsoft and has worked on titles like assassin’s creed, prince of Persia and farcry2. Most of his work speak of an alternate reality with monsters.

Karl Kopinski

This is another talented concept artist. His work reminds you of comic books only they’re much better and properly sketched. They are all 3D and he has “the big Kopinski” which is 296 pages all filled with sketches from his sketch book. He definitely brings art to life with his sketches.

Shelly Wan

This is a Chinese concept artist working at animation studio. She was the character artist for Disney’s motion picture “Coco” and it was huge. She has also worked on quite a number of movies like monsters University and inside out. Apart from scenes from the movies she has been a part of, she also posts pictures of her paintings on Instagram.

Andy Park

This is the director of visuals development at Marvel studios. His characters are somewhat battle oriented or heroes saving the day. For the marvel fans, he is worth a follow because he’ll make your time on his page memorable. He has also has a history as an artist with comic books so he knows what fans are dying to see.

James Paick

This is an artist who revolves round the video games, film and entertainment industry. He is the founder of scribble pad studios and brainstorm school and is a very talented artist. He is a digital artist and most of his work are battle scenes and wars. You could say he has a good eye for what he does.


He is a halo infinite artist and is known for his work on the halo series. He has also worked on motion pictures like assassin’s creed and prince of Persia. His paintings about the characters and the environment are indeed a work of art and are very captivating. He has been instrumental to the development of many games and also has an art book series.

Toni Justamante Jacobs

Toni is the senior concept artist at social point, Barcelona, Spain. He is a special artist as his work can be classified genius. His portfolio on art station confirms this as it brings to life his work. He is known for sketching battle characters and gears. Most of his work is 3D and in your face.

Scott Robertson

Robertson is very known worldwide as a kick-ass concept artist. One of the best in fact. He has authored books like “how to draw” and “how to render” aimed at teaching the populace how to draw and encouraging them to take a step to try out art. His posts mostly feature a unique vehicle design.

Jenny Harder

Jenny has worked in the art industry for quite a while. She is a concept and storyboard artist currently working at the flying back productions, Sydney as an art director for animations. She was the storyboard artist for some motion pictures like guardians of the galaxy and moana’s playset that was not released. She is a talent to be reckoned with.

Bryan Wynia

Now this artist sketches some really disturbing scenes and characters. He does make believe so well. He is a concept artist for the game and film industries. He obviously specializes in creating monsters and creatures that are very scary. He has an eye for all things creepy.

Collie Wertz

Wertz is a concept artist who has had a world of experience since 1997. He has worked on quite a number of feature films. His page reflects mostly hard surface concepts and all the work he has done and speaks volumes of his talent and experience.

Wei Wang

Wang is an artist currently working with bonfire studios. He has had a number of experiences with blizzard entertainment. He provided the art concept for the warcraft film. He is known for most of his impeccable work on the “world of warcraft” like the content patch artwork and the expansion box backgrounds. He left blizzard entertainment in 2017.

Andros Martinez

This is a freelance illustrator and concept artist based in Valencia, Spain. He is a character illustrator and designer. His page is filled with characters like in comic books and he is very talented. You could head down to his Instagram page and click on follow for more.

Jonathan Kuo

This is a concept artist, instructor and illustrator currently working at Turtle rock studios. His sketches are mostly of beasts or creatures and battle characters. He obviously loves everything creepy and weird. He is a great illustrator because he makes art come alive.

Charles Lee

Lee is a senior concept artist at Riot games. His Instagram page and portfolio on art station have pictures of vivid battle scenes and characters and they are all so breathtaking and encapsulating that you would not want to leave. He definitely has a creative mind and imaginative eye.

Greg Rutkowski

This is an illustrator and concept artist whose career started with legend of the cryptids. He features scenes on his Instagram page that present an alternate reality. He has been known to feature realism in his work but they’re also filled with expressions from every stroke of the brush.

John J Park

Park is a concept artist for games and films. He is the co founder of the brainstorm school and a renowned illustrator for motion pictures like Godzilla, Transformers and Halo. A lot of his work make it to his Instagram page so from battle scenes to mystical creatures, they all have a place.

Anthony Jones

This concept artist has an eye for weird and very creepy creatures.  He is the founder of robot pencil and a major instructor there. He has been in the industry since 2007 and is considered very experienced. He has worked for the likes of blizzard entertainment, paramount pictures, hasbro toys and Sony Santa Monica.

Ken Barthelmey

Now this is artist is just phenomenal. He is the creature and character designer for the maze runner trilogy, Godzilla and Pokémon.

He is all shades of amazing and very talented as well. The way he makes art come alive in form of creatures is just beautiful. His page is a hub that you do not want to leave.

Julian Delrey

This is a concept artist at Riot games. He has worked as a concept artist and art director at social point in Barcelona, Spain. Most of his art is colorful and more like cartoon characters. He has also worked for the blizzard entertainment.

Braydan Barett

This is a concept artist with sketches that range from battle characters to enemy warcrafts and buildings. He currently works at splash damage and has a wide range of skills like sketching, environmental design and architectural design. He uses photoshop and modo for his art.

Igor Sid

Igor is a Russian digital artist based in St. Petersburg. Prior to 2016, he had worked with blizzard entertainment, Riot games, Bethesda and more. He is now a freelance artist for games workshop. He does a lot of dark pieces with an array of oil paintings.

Woochun Choi

This is a concept artist and illustrator from Seoul, China. He is considered a versatile artist who can do quite a number of styles including the anime and western pieces. He worked on the legend of the cryptids with the Koreans, he also worked on the Warhammer with games workshop and is currently working on marvel illustrations.

Joel Dos Reid Viegas

This is a concept artist that has worked with the entertainment industry for about 16 years. He is pretty versatile and has worked on diverse styles. He is the art director at ubisoft, a lead concept artist at EA/ motive and the creator of urbance.

Lie Setiawan

This is a freelance concept artist and illustrator based in Jakarta, Indonesia. He is a self taught 2D artist that has worked with quite a number of people like games workshop, blizzard entertainment, caravan studio, active view and wizard of the coast among many others. He has a portfolio on art station filled all kinds of cartoon characters.

Joris Dewolf

Dewolf is the outsource concept artist at social point. He is very talented and has worked on quite a number of projects like fable, lord of the dragons, hell fire and a lot more. He is a versatile artist and works on a number or different styles and projects.

Jeremy Chong

This is a freelance concept artist that is based in Malaysia. He is quite talented and does both anime and western style. He has been working on the world of warcraft by blizzard entertainment.

Wesley Burt

This is another interesting artist. Burt is a concept artist and illustrator who has worked on your popular motion pictures like Avengers, Black panther, Dr strange and Transformers. He has played quite the role in the film and gaming industries.

Javier Burgos

This is a character designer for llion animation studios. He is also a freelancer. His work tells quite the story. His cartoon characters are simply genius and very captivating. He is a talent to watch.

Antonio Manzanedo

Antonio is a Spanish artist based in Spain. He is also one of the artists that are very conversant with weird creatures. He studied at the University of Salamanca and is currently a freelancer. His clients include wizard of the coast, games workshop and a plethora of others.

Raphael Lacoste

Lacoste is an artist and illustrator. He was the art director on assassin’s creed. He has won VES awards in 2006 and in 2018 both for his role in Prince of Persia and assassin’s creed respectively. He has a wide range of skills including concept art, art direction, illustration and matte painting. He uses photoshop, Adobe light room and 3Ds max to create magic.

Marko Djurdjevic

This is a German concept artist and illustrator. He is the creative director at smv studios. He is known for his illustrations and has worked with marvel  producing quite a number of art works. He is more of a character illustrator and uses a dark theme.

Stanton Feng

Feng is a freelance concept artist and illustrator who has worked with Riot games, blizzard entertainment and games workshop. His portfolio on art station has a very wide number of followers and viewers. He is a renowned artist and his works are action themed.

Emerson Tung

Tung is a senior concept artist and games developer. He is also a mecha designer as his Instagram page is filled with designs for robots and mechs. A lot of the work on the page were inspired by the game “doom”. He is quite talented and has proven himself in mecha design.

Gareth Davies

Davies is a concept artist and illustrator at coatsink studios. His page on Instagram is an extension of his sketchbook. It is filled with a lot of his ideas and concepts. It is equally very interesting and fun to stay on as he has a lot of characters from different animations.

Johannes Helgeson

Helgeson is a concept artist and illustrator from Sweden working with SYBO games. He started out in 2008 and has been working with quite a number of clients like good game studios, kabam, Volta and gameloft. His style is funny and full of animated characters.

Mike Corriero

Corriero is a concept artist, sketch artist and illustrator who focuses more on nature and animals. His page engulfs you into a maze of pictures and sketches of distinct and diverse animals. He is very talented and brings life to art form. He is obviously freaked with nature and chosen it as his specialty.

Enrique Rivera

Rivera is a very fun artist. He is completely at polar opposites with the weird and creepy  as his art is captivating and breathtaking. It is so fun that you get taken up into the world of his character designs and you would not get tired. He is known for the creation of Nintendo titles. His works are utterly satisfying to watch.

Sylvain Sarrailh

This is a concept artist and illustrator who has worked with a long list of clients including ubisoft, DreamWorks, Sony picture animation, amplitude and rocksteady among others. His portfolio on art station has about 4 million views. He is well known for his work. His skills include matte printing, concept art, character design, game design, environmental design and digital printing.

Eytan Zana

Zana is a concept artist at Naughty Dog Inc. His Instagram page is filled with lovely scenery photos. His specialty is the environment and with every photo, he transports you to an alternate reality that is beautiful.

A common feature amongst all these artists is their ability to create mind blowing pieces whether sketches or paintings that just take you away and this is art raw and uncut.

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