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30+ Zbrush Tutorials | Free and Premium | Beginner to Expert Level

Every artist looking to build a career in 2D/3D art know about Zbrush digital tool. Zbrush digital tools combine 3D/2.5D sculpting tools for modeling, painting, and texturing.

This software uses Pixologic technology which uses stored light to impart color and depth to recreate a model exactly as the information inputted by the artist.

Zbrush tutorials are all over the internet, some for free, others you’ll have to pay a token and enjoy numerous features contained in each tutorial. Using Zbrush tutorial is the best way for a beginner artist or professional artist to get started with the application or polish up their sculpting skills.

However, with so many tutorials online, how then can you make sense of the best 3D modeling software from those that are just a waste of time? You are in luck as this article will assist you in picking the best Zbrush tutorial for you to perfect your artistic skills.

In this write-up, you will also get all the information and video tutorials needed for a beginner, intermediate, or professional digital starting with Zbrush helping you to create more realistic sculptures.

Premium Tutorials in Zbrush

Flipped Normals – Introduction to Zbrush

For a reasonable price under $40 dollars, Flipped Normals presents the perfect software for beginners looking to start a career with Zbrush sculpting tools. The application contains all the basic lessons for beginners including how to build up pace.

This Zbrush software has been tried, and test by art students in tertiary institute around Europe making it the best Zbrush training tools to introduce any artist to Zbrush.

The app is not only about the theoretical parts, but covers tutorial on how to use Zbrush to sculpt using proven techniques, and methods to make you a master in the shortest time possible.

On purchasing the software, you get a Zbrush 4R7 P3 with three files – a final Zbrush project file, a training video, and a hotkey list. The training lasts a total of almost 180 minutes with 18 chapters, you learn everything on how to be a natural, and smooth sculptor.

With this tool, beginners will get tutorials on character building, sculpting basics, and modeling among others. If you are interested you can check the tutorial clicking here (this is an affiliate link so if you purchase one or more tutorials or products I will receive a commission that will help support this blog :)).

3D Zbrush Character Art Tutorial – Beginner to intermediate

This tutorial guide by Flipped Normals comes with a higher price tag of 75$, but worth every cent spent on it.

In this package, artists in the beginner and intermediate stage get to enjoy 16 volumes on how to create characters from scratch. This tutorial allows the artist to know the basic in character creation, human anatomy, cartoon character, games, or animation. The best part of this tutorial is that it has a step by step of the technicalities involved in image character sculpting with Zbrush.

With three modules, Flipped Normals has a guarantee for any user to be a professional by the time you are done with the tutorial.

To download this tutorial, you require a Zbrush 4R7 or higher or go to Pixologic.com to find the software that is suited for your computer and a drawing tablet.

The course includes the basic of Zbrush three volumes, hero anatomy five volumes and how to sculpt a male character. The third module tutors the user on how to sculpt titans and female figure in six volumes.

If you are interested you can check the tutorial clicking here.

Creature Concepting in Zbrush

Yet another tutorial from the duo at Flipped Normals and with a payment of less than $40, this beginner to pro tutorial pack will have you playing around with unique concepts in creating creatures.

The tutorial uses Zbrush software to give you the basic to advance techniques that cover all technicalities in concept creatures in 3D and 2D. By detailing different design principle, Flipped Normals designed this software with such precision allowing artists to explore the world of concept creating in detailed step by step procedure.

The creature Concepting in Zbrush allows you to render in MODO and finish your work in Photoshop. The software contains three files and 13 chapters using Zbrush 4R7, Photoshop and MODO 901 to get you started on Creature Concepting in Zbrush.

If you are interested you can check the tutorial clicking here.

Sculpting Hand in Zbrush – Premium Course

Sculpting extremities are one of the most difficult things to do as an artist, but thanks to SergeWork who designed this premium course, you will be sculpting hand in Zbrush perfectly in the shortest time of 2 hours.

You might be surprised, but this tutorial will make you a pro whether you are starting as a beginner or looking to branch out into other forms of arts using the Zbrush software.

In this premium course, an artist will enjoy a step by step production stage from fundamental modeling techniques using Zmodeler that teaches you how to control the mesh to proportion, the ratio of bone, muscle and tendon to flesh to give your sculpt hand the perfect and realistic finish.

Just to get you started properly into the hand anatomy modeling, the course comes with lots of photo reference, guides, and type of brush to use and how to understand each stage as you model the hand.

As 25$, this pack uses Zbrush 2018 software and includes a 108 minutes HD video files and a Zbrush file detailing the different level in the 9 chapters in the files.

For more information about the tutorial you can click here.

Terrain Tile Texture and Rock Game Asset Sculpting Zbrush Tutorial

Don’t you just love how realistic the background structure is in a game or animation scene looks? You might be surprised that it must have been one of the works of an artist using the terrain texturing file in Zbrush.

A great tutorial for intermediate level as you should be familiar with the fundamentals and workflow with Zbrush, World Machine, Photoshop, Marmoset, and Maya to enable you to flow with the current tutorial.

Furthermore, the tutorial enables a student to create tile terrain texture and rock asset from scratch using Zbrush 4R8 file and Photoshop or sculpting rocks with a combination of Zbrush, World Machine and to get the perfect finish by rendering in Marmoset.

With a token of 8$, the author tsmith3d walks the user through a 90 minutes 1080 resolution through the sculpting process and how to render in Marmoset. Others contents included are low-resolution static rock and plane and sphere mashes, World Machine file, etc.

Free Tutorial Software in Zbrush

Well, we all can’t afford the money pay for this software, but if you want to improve your skills, the following are some YouTube videos that can help you out.

The Complete Layman’s Guide to Zbrush

Even with so many tutorials showing and detailing steps to beginner artist how to use the Zbrush, people get a better understanding when they watch how it is done.

If you are a beginner artist looking to create sculptors that look so alive and amazing but don’t know how and where to begin, this video will help you through the process making you a pro in no time.

Sculpting a simple Orc in Zbrush

This YouTube video is a beginner’s guide that gives you an insight into sculpting in Zbrush.

In the video, you should be able to follow the simple outline by watching step by step voice guide on how to start sculpting in Zbrush. As said above, you don’t need any experience or skill set in the arts to use this program.

Stylized Hair in Zbrush

Hairstyling in animation and game is not the easiest to make, especially, if you are going for realistically looking shape, flow, and finish.

Now you can follow a detailed video on YouTube that will put you through the process to make you a hair expert in no time.

The tutorial starts off with a demonstration on how to style hair using the Zbrush 2018. These brushes allow you to easily add character, and personality to your drawing through curves, spikes, or folds.

Zbrush Zmodeler Basics

Zbrush software is geared toward creating exclusively clean lines and details in digital sculpting. This program left out designs that had to do with polygons.

The Zmodeler is a new brush on the Zbrush software that allows you to create a variety of shapes under extremely low resolutions with precision like never before. With the Zmodeler, beginners and another skill level can create any base mesh; add edge loops, holes and even your own unique configuration.

Tips for improving your Zbrush Sculpt Skills

As with everything in life, there is room for improving and becoming better at it. Sculpting in Zbrush is also one of those areas where artists need a constant update to stay ahead of the techniques digital sculpting world.

The guys at Flipped Normals have this very detailed video tutorial on how to improve your sculpt skill with basic brush details in Zbrush.

Zbrush 2018 Hard Surface Designing

Creating hard surface designing in Zbrush is a new technique that allows you to create unique texture and geometry on the surface of your sculpture. The width and depth of the stroke depend on the width of the brush.

Zbrush concept in Photoshop

In this program, the artist can use the Zbrush sculpting tools to bring their sculpted images to life using Photoshop.

In this video, Adam Dewhirst takes you through a detailed tutorial in Zbrush and Photoshop to allow you to turn your 3-dimensional sculpt into fully realized creature concept using Zbrush in Photoshop.

For more detail, step by step guide on the following process, watch Adam as he explains the process here.

Sculpting a dragon in Zbrush

Another great tutorial from Flipped Normals showing how you can improve the structural integrity and look of your dragon sculpt.

The video shows how to get clean edges, better anatomical features, and lines; they also help you choose better references that will suit your dragon shape and create a more realistic sculpt.

Using Polypaint with Polygroupit

Polygroupit is a plugin for Zbrush that allows you to analyze your model Polygroups. This also allows you to distinguish boundaries on a hard surface and low-resolution shapes and establish control as you paint the boundaries to create unique colors and design on a sculpture.

In this video watch as Paul Gaboury demonstrates Polypaint with Polygroupit here.

Eye Sculpting in Zbrush

Although the video tutorial has for just one eye, it has shown how to sculpt a perfectly looking human eye using simple and valuable techniques to create each component of the eye.

The video uses references to show viewers how to start and gradually develops a pace to the finish of the human eye,

Poly Paint a Head using Zbrush and Photoshop

As an artist, the ability to change an already sculpted image to another sculpture without starting from scratch without creating another head sculpture.

In this video, viewers are able to see how using Zbrush and Photoshop combined instead of using multiple programs that are overwhelming.

The video tutorial also shows how to create UVs; this allows you to move from Zbrush and Photoshop without affecting the sculpture and full control of the paint with Poly Paint.

Creating feathers in Zbrush

Looking to add character and personality to your sculpt; then try feathers in Zbrush. Feathers are easy to make with the tutorial by Polygon who shows are step by step way and technique he used to add feathers on the chosen character.

Zbrush 2019-Folders

Yes, it is 2019, and Zbrush has brought something new for users – a folder system. This system allows you to stay organized, and display the number of sub-tools to display on your computer screen at once. This feature wasn’t available on the Zbrush 2018, and it has smaller folder components that allow you to store each image.

Hard surface technique in Zbrush

This tutorial video shows you various techniques for hard surface sculpting and the various brushes that you can use for hard surface sculpting. The technique also explains how to create a detailed sculpt with a finished look in Zbrush.

Image Plane – CGI 3D Tutorial using Zbrush Reference

Another great tutorial about using image plane in Zbrush with references to allow you to create images off another image saved on your system. The tutorial is self-explanatory and very easy to use and re-create images without any hassle.

Posing Character in Zbrush

Flipped Normals is handing out this beautifully constructed video on how to pose your character in Zbrush. Although there are plenty of ways to do it, this video gives you a better and more elegant way to get it right the first time.

Sculpt eyes on the head in Zbrush Tutorials

Unlike the previous video tutorial on how to sculpt eyes in Zbrush, this video shows the user how to sculpt eyes on a sculpted head with a Zbrush reference sheet to assist you to get it right.

This video tutorial involves details steps on how to do the eyes more effectively with all eye features clearly stated in the video.

Basket Setting – Zbrush Jewelry Basic Tutorials

Join Kat Adair on this tutorial as she goes through the steps of how to create a basket setting on rings. In this jewelry basic tutorial, users get to see all the process involved and how to get the hang of things. You do, however; need the full Zbrush package to comprehend all that she is saying on this tutorial.

3D Lighting and Rendering in Zbrush Tutorial

Learn how to render out your image to create better-looking figures for whatever you might need it for like marketing, branding, or character for a product.

This tutorial teaches you how to light and render your 3D model and color it. If you are into building toys, and cartoon images, this tutorial is one to follow.

Eyelash Tutorial in Zbrush

Follow lead tutor Danny Mark to see step by step detail process on how to add eyelashes to your character in Zbrush.

In this tutorial, Danny shows the users different technique in Zbrush to create eyelashes from scratch, follow the length of this beautiful tutorial and perfect your eyelash skill in Zbrush today.

Poly Paint and Color Theory in Zbrush Tutorial

This is another excellent video from Flipped Normals for artists who love realism in their models. This tutorial will show you how to add texture to a head using Poly Painting in Zbrush and bring the face to live with color.

This very powerful video is a detailed guide into Poly painting in Zbrush for beginner to professional digital artists to get by with this tool.

Using Shadow Box in Zbrush Tutorial

If you are always scratching your head on how to create a primitive image with precise geometry and shapes, then shadow box to the rescue.

In this video tutorial by McIntosh Mark, he goes through the process of Shadow Box in Zbrush 4R7 showing how t use radial symmetry and how to employ projection on different surfaces.

Nose Sculpting in Zbrush Tutorials

The human anatomy is hard to get right, however, in this tutorial, SergeWork shows how to get the anatomical structure of the nose done right. You can also follow his other videos on how to get other facial features right

Ear Sculpting in Zbrush Tutorial

If you love the anatomy video by SergeWork on the nose job, then you will love this one on the ear.  As usual, SergeWork has gone all out to use all his teaching technique to explain in detail the process involved to create the perfect looking ear.

Hard Surface Paneling in Zbrush Tutorial

Follow through this fast-paced video by Michael Pavlovich to more of the techniques and tools for hard surface panel in Zbrush. The video also tutors you on polygrouping and Polypaint on a hard surface in Zbrush effortlessly.

Customs Alphas in Zbrush Tutorial

Well, before jumping to 3D, learn with Jaakko on how to customize your own alphas in Zbrush and hasten your art process by using 2D alpha in your modeling process.

This process can be used to create anything you want, like adding texture to hard surfaces, rock details, and others.

You are welcome to learn the tricks and build limitless modeling character faster than you can imagine with his tutorial.

Character Concepting in Zbrush

Justin Goby Fields gives an intense insightful into the process of Character Concepting in Zbrush in this 150 minutes video. The video show all the trick and tips that will allow you to create Character Concept with Zbrush and the tools.

A great interview style video for beginners to professional artists to learn, ask and get an answer to Creature Concepting in Zbrush.

Detail Projection in Zbrush

How to project in Zbrush is a must for all artists looking to learn the tricks. In this tutorial, Follygon will teach you how to project subdivision levels from a high-resolution mesh to low-resolution mesh.

Just follow the steps and be a pro sooner with this technique shown in this tutorial.

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