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9 Firealpaca Nature brushes. Trees, leaves, grass and flower brushes

Two things are essential to a digital artist; brushes and canvas. It is true that a digital artist who gets it right with the application of brushes and canvas; is on the way to delivering a masterpiece. Now, acquiring a new brush set may be depended on the kind of drawing that is to be executed. 

As you may know –different brushes come with a variety of textures as well as bristles with the effect of each seen in the intensity of the strokes they produce. It is the responsibility of Artists to be aware of the intensity of strokes produced by each brush before the purchase is done. This will prevent wrong buys or downloads of brushes that aren’t what the artist needed.

Digital painting has become easier with a number of free tools to play around with on the internet. One of the platforms offering some of these free painting programs is FireAlpaca. Premium services are also available. FireAlpaca has grown in popularity over the years.

Below is a list of 9 FireAlpaca Nature brushes for your Tree designs; Leaves; Grass and Flower brushes. These brushes come in premium and free services.

Premium Brushes include:


Do you currently struggle to come up with a perfect nature background you’d like in your drawing? This is what you need for your nature effects. This package comes with the needful tutorial and guide which ultimately would help you to maneuver the brush settings. It looks amazing and it would offer you exactly what you desire. Regarding nature effects, nature drawing and background, you don’t have to struggle any longer you’re at the right place for a perfect selection.


This brush pack comes in high quality; it’s the next best thing after the real object. These brushes are available for premium service only; but ultimately, considering the value you’d get from them, each of these brushes is worth every penny expended on it. Looks original and very detailed; worth a buy!


To include this brush pack in your collection would mean that those final and detailed touches you’ve long desired on your artwork is about to be achieved. These brushes come in a premium package, meaning that they are not free. However, they are pretty amazing and offer real expression.

For your Free brushes, check out the following:

The beauty of artwork as you know it yourself is to get it to look as real as possible. Here you have some 12 detailed leaf brushes. They are traced out of real life plants which could both be used for ground leaves, tree leaves respectively. Amazingly, they are free. These 12 beauties are what you need to add those extra touches or to give your artwork an extra detail. They look perfect especially for your background plants or foreground plants. Without doubt, they’re worth including in your collections considering that they’re free.


This is free and ready to use, simply download it and have a good time using the brushes. The feather is a great addition; this should offer you some extra touches and a bit more details. It should be discussed that the presence of blue in the color mix may want to put artist off. Notwithstanding, all –as seen in the original grasses – are green but for the other two that appeared in blue. Above all, these set should make some good brushes for you.


The Mo-Fox’s FireAlpaca leaf brush is one of the leaf brushes perfect for nature drawing both background and foreground. Be informed that when you blow up the drawings you make using these brush sets, when you blow it up until you have the right pixels enough to express leaf; you would discover that the brushes have some slightly transparent areas. This, however, is included on purpose. The brushes are free. It offers an amazing leaf expression and awesome design for your digital paintings. Worth a try!


If you look closely, you will find that this brush set allows for the addition of new leaves. This is exactly what makes this ‘refactored’ vine brush amazing; its seemingly room for a transfer of new leaves that would sit pretty and blends very well. The thorns can be changed to tendrils; it could also be used for the legs on the ‘centipede brush’ as made available by the designer. This free brush set is something you want to, as a digital artist, include in your collections.


Check out this full brush pack. This brush pack includes calligraphy; curved square; freckles; grass; leaves; paper; sketch; sparkles; grunge; splatter; lineart. Whilst it is possible for individuals to use desired settings –however there are four selected settings available for default use. For instance, Calligraphy and Sketch could have its setting done in this manner: Brush size: 20, Min size: 0, Pressure Opacity: On, Pressure size: On, Rotate Along Off, Random Rotate: For Calligraphy –it stays at 0: For sketch – on the other hand, you leave it at 100. Such an amazing brush pack!


These brushes are converted from photoshop and they are available both for windows and mac. The set includes Rock brush; Fabric; Marker; Ombre brush; Blush brush; Rock surface; Intense freckle; and Coarse Hairbrush. Some of the brushes could be in scatter or bitmap, depending on what you want. Going by the names of the brushes, the names expressly suggest what each brush is best used for. An artist should have an awesome time giving each of these brushes a shot. Amazing for your collections!

What to note:

Drawings or paintings that require touch of nature, especially when it has to be very detailed and clinical need the best of the brushes you can find. These are free brushes you could include in your collection and where necessary you may also consider the option for premium brush packs.

Written by:

Toni Justamante Jacobs, Senior Concept Artist, Illustrator and Blogger.

Eseandre Andrews, professional writer.

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