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How To Draw Bigfoot | Learn To Draw a Sasquatch in 7 Easy Steps

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So if you are a sucker for series, books, movies or comics which portrays cryptozoological creatures with superhuman abilities, then it is most likely that you have come across the Bigfoot legend. This enigmatic creature, also known as Sasquatch is a hominid type being that lives in the Pacific Norwest of the American continent. In this tutorial, we would be focusing on him and drawing him in all his glory. This would be done in 7 easy steps. The better acquainted you are with each step, the more realistic your drawing will be. To get things started, we would first draw a dummy that would serve as a base for our final sketch. Having said that, let’s get drawing.


In this tutorial, our Bigfoot would be drawn in 7 easy steps and I will be guiding you through each step. The more familiar you are with each step, the better your final sketch will be.


Using the above image as a guide, the torso of our character would be drawn using two curved horizontal lines and two curved vertical lines that connect together. His torso would also be drawn using the 3/4 drawing scale. This means that the right view which faces the audience should be bigger than the left view. Furthermore, it should then be divided by two horizontal lines. The first highlights the collar bone region and the second which highlights the rib cage area. Next up, draw a vertical line from the top of the torso to the end dividing the chest and defining both pectoral muscles. The one on the right will be bigger than the one on the left, due to the perspective . Having drawn that, we would go on to create a base for the head and the right arm by drawing a circle at the top of the torso and at the upper right part of the torso respectively. With that done, we can go on to draw the abdomen and pelvic area.


For this step, we would draw the abdomen by connecting two curved vertical lines and a curved horizontal line to the previously drawn torso. With the abdomen drawn, using the image as a guide, you should create a base for the legs as seen in the image. Basically you should draw a speedo or short underwear for the hips and pelvis area.


Bigfoot would be drawn on his feet with the right leg in front of his left leg as though walking. Each leg should be started off as a big tube and should get smaller as your drawing gets to the knees. At the knees, it should expand out slightly and gradually reduce as it approaches the ankle. Having drawn that, go on to draw the feet as seen. To complete the legs, draw two horizontal lines on the knee region of each leg and draw a circle within it.

We should draw our creature barefooted. Like his name indicates, the feet are big and human-like, with the toes of the foot in front, drawn in a 3/4 view in succession( one after the other ). The other foot will be flexed with the weight of the whole leg laying on the toes and the ball of the foot.


Our character’s right arm should be drawn bigger than his left arm because of the 3/4 drawing scale. Going on, when drawing the arms, start them off big and they should gradually curve in as they get to the end of the upper arm. They should then extend out slightly and gradually reduce as your drawing approaches the wrist. Then draw the hands slightly clenched as though holding on to something. Finally, draw within the arms all the lines seen in the above picture. They depict the biceps and triceps of our character.


From the base created for our monster´s head, draw a medium-sized oval shape. This would serve as the head. Next up, draw a vertical and a horizontal line within the head. These would be useful for drawing the facial details later. With that drawn, we would now focus on drawing Bigfoot´s body hair.

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Before we start drawing the details and preparing the final art, we should focus on understanding how to draw the strains of hair covering Bigfoot´s body. Try to create a pattern of strains of hair. This pattern should consist of a succession of curved lines that follow the body contour of our creature. You can place a few single strains pointing randomly. This will give a more organic and believable look to our drawing.


At this point, we would fade out our dummy slightly and would use the traces left to draw our final sketch. This is because we don’t want the dummy to interfere with the flow of our final lines. So refer to the image above and draw your final sketch. To make it easier, take it body part by body part. Try to focus the attention and detail on the head and the shoulders area. The other parts of the body, like the arms and legs, should have less detail with a lesser amount of lines and contrast.

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At this point, you should have with you a commendable work of art. It is however advised that you repeat the tutorial a couple of times over in order to perfect your skills.

If you are interested in a more free step by step drawing tutorials similar to this one, feel free to visit the Drawing Tutorials section.

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