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How to Draw Master Chief from Halo ( with Pictures)

Hi art lovers. So we would consent that when it comes to video games, the Halo saga has been producing some of the coolest action games in the whole gaming history. The protagonist of most of these games, Master Chief, has become an iconic figure in the gaming world.

So, for this tutorial, we would be stepping into the Halo universe to draw none other than the Master Chief in 7 easy steps. Each of these steps should be followed strictly if you hope to get the best results. Before we get on with it, you should know that we would first sketch out a dummy. This is to serve as a base upon which we would create a flawlessly detailed final sketch.

For each step, I would be providing you with the necessary tips and tricks so you can have the best results. Now that we’ve laid that out, let’s go on to put together a masterpiece. Ready?! Let’s draw ourselves a stunner!.


Our character rib cage would be drawn using the 3/4 drawing scale. This simply means that the right side facing the viewers would be bigger than the left side of the torso. Also, you should note that our character is well-built. So, using the above image as a guide, he should be drawn with broad shoulders and chest and a small waistline. Going on, the Chief´s rib cage should be divided into 2 horizontal curved lines. The first should connect from shoulder to shoulder and the second should run directly beneath his chest.

Next, you should draw 2 vertical arches connecting the sides of the top line with the correspondent side right below. Once the main shape of the rib cage is drawn you should draw some lines inside to divide the different planes. The first curve line will be the one separating the front chest from the side of the rib cage. The next one will be the one dividing the chest, separating the two pectoral muscles.

For the abdomen, you should draw two pretty short vertical lines that extend down from the rib cage. Then an outwardly curved horizontal line should connect those vertical lines. For the hips, you should draw them to take the form of a man’s underpants as depicted in the image. This is where the legs of our character would emerge.


Our Master Chief would be drawn on his feet with his legs slightly apart. Also, remember to use the 3/4 perspective. That said, from the base created for the legs, start off each leg as though drawing a big tube. The leg should reduce gradually as you get to the knee region. From there, extend them out again and gradually reduce their size as they get to the ankles. Then draw the feet as seen in the image. Lastly, refer to the picture and outline the knees by drawing two horizontal lines on the knee region of each leg. In the middle of the lines, draw an ellipse to depict the knee caps.


The arms would be drawn using the 3/4 perspective. This means that the left arm would be way more visible than the right arm. Emerging from the shoulders, the arms would take the form of a tube and it should gradually reduce as it gets to the dividing line between the upper arm and the lower arm( the elbow). They should then extend out again and gradually get slimmer as they get to the wrist. You can then draw the hands and fingers as seen in the above image. Check how the hand on the right is partially drawn with the thumb hidden by what in the next steps will be the bulk of the rifle. The hand will be resting on the pommel of a sword you will draw in step number 6. The hand on the left will be drawn almost sideways with the index finger and the thumb fully visible, and the rest of the fingers only partially visible.


From the base created for the head, two short vertical lines should be drawn. This should serve as the Chief´s neck. Having drawn that, our character’s head will be drawn in the form of a medium-sized oval that sits on the neck and would be drawn frontally and from a slightly upper view. The head should then be divided by a vertical line and a horizontal line that intersects in the middle( forming a cross). Our character will wear a helmet, but these lines will help us know where the front of the face will be located and where we should draw the helmet´s visor.

If you are interested in developing your anatomy drawing skills and learning how to draw characters digitally, you should check my drawing video course. You can find more information by clicking the image below:


At this stage, the main shapes of our character’s armor and weapon would be sketched out. The right hand will be holding a rifle. This rifle should be quite easy to draw if you first draw it using simple shares as I did in my drawing.

Below you can find a full view of the rifle so you have a better understanding.


This step is quite easy to follow. Just erase carefully the original lines of our dummy, so we can clean our sketch and prepare it for the next step.


Now, we are about to start off our final sketch, so the unnecessary lines of the dummy we have drawn this far would be faded out. Next up, the armor and rifle details we have sketched out in the previous step would be made bolder.

 Using traces lefts of the original armor´s sketch, you would then go on to draw the final lines. It should comprise of well-detailed features, a well-drawn helmet, armor, and rifle. With that done, you should then throw in some shading effects to your drawing. Shading has the ease of making drawings appear so real and flawless. So go on and make the strokes of your drawing darker. You can then shade places like our character’s belt, underarms, and neck region. If you are interested in knowing more about how to shade with a pencil, you can check my free tutorial by clicking here.

Also, another important detail is to draw wrinkles and foldings coming from tension areas, like the interior part of the pants where the fabric is being pulled, stretched, or folded.


We have successfully put together a commendable drawing of the Master Chief and you should feel proud. However, don’t put away your tools just yet. Go over the tutorial a couple of times more and soon you will be able to draw any character without needing a tutorial.

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Tutorial by Toni Justamante Jacobs, professional Concept artist, Illustrator and blogger.

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