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From European folklore comes a class of beings known as Werewolves. In recent times they´ve been seen roaming in the North American woods. In North America, they are known as the Dogman. According to myths they dwell at a far distance from human habitation and are a dangerous species to humans. Be that as it may, despite the stories of unpleasantness that trails the mention of them, we would agree that there are rumored features about fantasy Werewolvew that are quite intriguing such as their tough ferocity, their strength and their sluggish speed of movement. Having said that, today we have decided to concern ourselves with drawing a flawless image of a Werewolf/ Dogman. This would be done in eight steps. The better acquainted you are with each step, the more amazing and natural your final image would be. To get this done we would first be creating a dummy which we would use as a base in arriving at our final sketch. So let’s roll up our sleeves, pull out our tools and get drawing.


Our primary objective in this tutorial is to guide you through the drawing of a well detailed and realistic image of a fantasy Werewolf/ Dogman. To help you through, we have devised an eight-step plan you should follow strictly.

1) Drawing the Rib Cage

2) Drawing the Core and the Pelvic area

3) Drawing the legs

4) Drawing the arms

5) Drawing the Head

6) Drawing the Fur

7) Drawing the final Line


The rib cage of a Werewolf is unlike any other. As depicted by the image above, a Werewolf / Dogman rib cage is quite big and it can be drawn like a sphere. Within the shape you’ve carved out, a vertical line would be drawn to divide the rib cage into two. However, the left side should be much larger. This is in line with the 3/4  drawing scale. Still within the cage, just at the bottom draw a horizontal curved line and do the same at the top of the rib cage. These lines would outline the collar bone and shoulders of your Dogman and also create a base for the drawing of the core and pelvic area. Going on from there, a base would need to be created for the drawing of the head and arms. So, on the left side of the Werewolf rib cage draw a small-sized oval shape. Do the same at the top of the rib cage. At this point, we’ve covered the details for the rib cage. Let’s work some magic in creating the core and pelvic area.


Using the above image as a guide, our characters core would be drawn as an extension from the inner horizontal curved line located at the lower point of the rib cage. This core is meant to be in some way thin and elongated.

For the pelvic area, it should be drawn as though trying to draw a man’s underpants. This would also serve as a foundation for drawing the legs. Now that we’ve gotten that through, let’s get to drawing the legs.


Emerging from the pelvic area are the legs. You can draw them as two tubes that narrow in size as they get to the knees. The knees of each leg should mark the beginning of the animal part of the legs. Going on from the knees, keep drawing the legs backward like a wolf´s back legs. As you can see in the drawing above, the legs are divided into 3 main parts and instead of human feet, the Werewolf stands up over wolf paws.


At this stage, we would be creating arms for our character. Essentially we would begin by drawing its upper arms In the shape of a tube that narrows as it goes all the way to the elbow level. Then go on to include the biceps and triceps as seen in the above picture and bend the elbows slightly. Having done that, go on and complete the arms from elbow to wrist and hands as seen in the picture. The wrists should, however, be marked by a line. The right arm of the Werewolf should be drawn almost sideways with the index and thumb fully visible and the other 2 fingers slightly visible from behind. Remember that our monster has 4 fingers in each hand with claw-like nails. The left hand is slightly in a 3/4 view. Again the index and thumb are fully visible but the other fingers will appear in succession one after the other.


The head will be drawn in the shape of a wolf. Create a sphere and then add the snout and triangular ears on top. The lower jaw will be drawn with the mouth open. Eyes should be drawn in the sphere on top of the snout.


The next step will be to draw the Werewolf´s fur and tail. When drawing the fur you should draw it on top of the head, neck, and shoulders. Also, on the forearms and back. When drawing its fur you should draw each tuft like a succession of curved triangles.

We will apply a similar principle when drawing the tail, but in this case the tufts will be longer and curvier.


Here is the point we include the final lines of our monster and try to make it more realistic. To get this stage flawlessly done, the dummy we have created this far would need to be slightly faded out. This is to prevent it from hindering the flow of your final lines. With that done, go on and use the traces of the dummy left to draw our Werewolf final lines. You can take it one body part at a time.

With that done, you should then throw in some shading effects to your drawing. Shading has an easy of making drawings appear so real and flawless. So go on and make the strokes of your drawing darker. If you are interested in knowing more about how to shade with a pencil, you can check my free tutorial clicking here.


We have successfully put together a commendable drawing of the Werewolf / Dogman and you should feel proud. However, don’t put away your tools just yet. Go over the tutorial a couple of times more and soon you will be able to draw any character without needing a tutorial.

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Toni Justamante Jacobs

About the author: Hi, I’m Toni Justamante Jacobs. I´m a professional Concept Artist and Illustrator with more than 10 years of experience in the industry. Some of my clients are Gameloft, Fantasy Flight Games, Kunlun Games and Games Workshop. Currently, I´m working at Socialpoint as an in-house Senior Concept Artist.