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12 Free Hair Brush sets for Procreate|Free & Paid

The main idea of Procreate is to make sure that even the littlest details of a drawing are not left out of the artwork. When using Procreate, every tiny detail is brought into play.

This is why you have to Procreate hair brushes because the hair is one part of a drawing that you need to pay full attention to. If you mess up the hair of a drawing, unless that was the intention of the art, it is never a good look. 

To get the hair right, you have to make use of the best procreate hairbrush sets, so, we are listing 12 hairbrush sets for Procreate, free, and paid, depending on your preference.

This will be divided into two parts, we will first look at the free brush sets, then go on to look at the paid brush sets

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Now, let´s start with the list of Procreate hair brush sets:

Free hairbrush sets for Procreate 

  • Hairbrush set by PaulhousebayArt 

These brushes were created by the artist to give you a realistic hair for your image when you draw. They are smooth, and they work pretty fast, so you don’t have to spend too much time on details. 

  • Hair Brushes pack

This is a set of 7 brushes, all efficient and producing seamless drawings and detailing through and through. This set is free and all of the brushes, with their unique features, make up for a good lack of free brushes

  • Black hair various brushes 

Since the artist couldn’t get the exact black they would have loved to, they created their own.

This is a set of brushes for black hair. Curly, or wavy, in all the shades of black you like and want. 

  • Yet more free hair brushes. 

This is a set of 20 brushes that goes further than the hair on your head. 

This has features for brows, chest hairs, and the hair on the head. 

It is a mix of realistic and cartoon-like brushes, just in case you wanted to be daring and make a mix of the two sets. 

  • Hair/fur/stubble brush 

This is a combination of different functions. This set can be used for hair, can be used to create stubble, and can also be used to create a fur. 

It is multifunctioning, and since it’s free, you are getting a lot for the price of nothing.

  • Hair texture brushes. 

This is a set of four brushes that can help you create the perfect afro. It has the Ric Rac fro, the backcombed fro, the teased curly fro, and the backcombed crimped

All of these together will give your image an afro image the look it deserves. 

Paid hairbrush sets for Procreate 

  • Realistic portrait brush set 

This is a 16 brush set that comes with a lot of features including brushes for sketching, lashes, skin texture, hair, detailing, shiny hair features, glitters, and other really important brush tools. This set gives you an array of options to pick from with your art, it is somewhere near limitless with all the options it offers.

It costs $13

  • Hairbrush set for Procreate by Alicjanai

This is a 13 brush set with features that you would love to use when drawing hair on Procreate. Each brush is perfect for different kinds of hair. This makes your work pretty fast, and it is nondiscriminatory in that it works fine for both professionals and beginners. When using this set, you get detailed and smooth hair drawings. It makes your work look good. 

It costs $11.30.

  • Procreate hair brush set of 10 by Holly Nichols 

This is a set of 10 that contains hair brushes for the wide streaks, ribbon streaks, hair base, shiny hair effect, fine tip hair, wispy streaks, extra-fine wisps, bold wisps, outliner, and streaky base. All of these brushes will help give you the perfect hair art. While your options seem limited with just 10, once you get a hang of the usage, the number of brush options would not bother you. 

This costs $12.90

Hairbrush set procreate by ImSomethingElseCo

This is a set of 10 hairbrushes, perfect for creating the hair of both male and female portraits. The best part about these brushes is that they can be easily customized to suit your preferences. While 10 brushes seem like not a lot of options, they come with the customize option, giving you the chance to make less, more.

This costs $3.89

10 hair brushes for Procreate by KarinaYordanovaArt 

This is a set of hairbrushes, all with different hair effects. This set is smooth and easy to use. Perfect for beginners learning the wheels with art, and professionals who want to get things done quick and smooth as well.

This costs $5.84

  • Brushes for Procreate by AnnaMerryArty 

This is a set of 14 brushes for just the curlies. They have all the curly waves you could think of making in 14 wrapped up options for you. This makes the drawing of curly waves easy. All wave patterns are available.

This costs $5.

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