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50 Free Brush Sets for Procreate You Don´t Wanna Miss

To an artist, two things matter, a blank canvas and a good set of brushes. Well, if you are an artist and get your inspiration on the go, welcome to Procreate. Procreate is a drawing, painting, and illustration app design for all devices that run on iOS. Since its introduction in 2011, it has seen artists like Jim Lee, David Hockney, and You, who are using this software to create magic on their iPad.

Now the fun aspect of using procreate is the ability to add your own creative input to a collection to make it better for others. Procreate is the best digital graphic app for beginners to professionals looking to stamp their signature on the world of art.

Let´s start with the list of amazing Procreate Brushes:

  1. Mathew Baldwin’s splash Vol.1

Add a little underwater effect to your work with this free brush set by Mathew Baldwin on Procreate. This set of 48 free brushes allows you to add or create underwater scenes like you would with a watercolor palette. Overall, it is a flexible set of painting brushes that allows you to play with colors, texture, mood, and finesse of a water scene.

  1. Pencil-Inking-painting Brush Set

If you are on the lookout for a set of brushes to enable you to get that comic look design and finishes, this brush set of 7 will allow you to create magic. The pencil-ink-paint procreate brushes can be a tweak to your style of comic design with a broad range of styles for you to start and finish any work.

  1. Hatch Effect Brush Set

Need to draw an egg with all effects, these brush set of 35 has all the dots, line, scribbles, marks to create the effect of an egg hatching. The best part about this brush set beside been free is that it works great with your stylus giving you the power to scribble away into perfection.

  1. Galactic Lens Flare Brushes

Created for the procreate app, these brush set of 20 allows you to get that twinkling effect on futuristic images. This set of brushes is the perfect collection to create sci-fiction from regular artwork. The sky is certainly the starting point with these brushes in your file.

  1. Free grain Brushes

Add realistic looking shades and textures that allow images to blend and complement one another with this amazing set of grain brush from PixelBuddha. This brush set gives every artwork a solid look like a good olden day advertisement board. 12-grain brushes you cannot afford to miss in your collection.

  1. 0.6 Cheap Fine liner

Created for high-resolution artwork, this brush of three is all you need to transform any image. It gives impeccable detailing and makes finer touches that bring the art to life. This brush type is a bit technical, but if you love drawing with tiny tips pens, this is a much better replication of the pencil.

  1. The Will Elder Comic Brush Set

You love cartoon comics and inking, then this brush of 16 will enable you to upgrade your skills like the great cartoonist Will Elder. A good set of brush created for illustrators and artists with a flair for comics. These brushes add that special effect touch to make your comic resonate with the readers

  1. Procreate Hand Lettering Brushes

Ever tried adding the perfect handwriting to your art, you will discover just how hard it is to do. Well, you can download this set of hand lettering brushes to enable you to finalize the perfect ending to your graphics without any hassle. It is so easy you will be a pro in no time.

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  1. Wood Cutter Lettering Brushes

Now you can add that natural wooden effect to your lettering. This woodcutter lettering brushes will turn any artwork into beautiful woodwork with just the right outdoor effect. The set consists of a versatile woodcutter brush and many more for fun. This is a different way to create sign arts and ads.

  1. 230 Original Handmade Brushes for Procreate

If 230 free brushes are not enough to make a difference in your art life, then you have not downloaded this set. This free set consists of stamps, textures, monoclines, pressure, and background brushes for graphic and website designers everywhere. These brushes will make digital poster making and more look so good it feels real.

  1. Marquee Brush

Taking a cue from regular marquee brushes, this brush allows you to create excellent finishes with immerse originality to your sketch.  The marquee brush is a great way to start comic illustration and drawing for beginners and a great way to catch those fine details and bring them to light.

  1. MiksKS Creative Brushes

Take your creativity level up a notch with this set of 12 brushes that allows you to add depth, texture, shadows, and lines to your artwork. Create exclusively for Inspiration Hut, these brushes are super versatile and will work for drawing, illustration, and even graphics.

  1. Jungle Procreate Brush Set

If you are looking for original and unique brushes to bring any jungle scene to life, you just found it. This set of 20 brushes is great for creating realistic works, comics, kid’s arts, and elaborate illustrations. It is a complete collection for beginners and professional artists.

  1. Flora vegetation Brushes

This is another excellent brush set by Mathew Baldwin for outdoor and nature artists. They allow you to create foliage, vegetation, or floral scenes with impeccable precision and in the right color, texture, and blend too. Whether you want to highlight overgrown, layering, clean-cut, or add depth, you need this collection of 91 brushes to get it right.

  1. Stippling Brush Set for Procreate

This set of brushes was created by the Seamless team for Procreate. This brush set consists of 17 brushes with 9 stipple brushes, 5 texture brushes, and 3 liner brushes. For an artist, this is all you need to add lines, textures, depth, and details to any project.

  1. Beauty Brushes for Procreate

Are you a billboard illustrator or graphic artist? Get your inspiration from way back in the day with this set of 20 beauty brushes to add some real makeup touches to the artwork. So if you desire softness, blend, and finesse as you would with a real makeup brush. 

  1. Floral Stamp Brushes

Drawing floral patterns can take the entire day for an artist. But with this brush set of 50, you can create any flower in minutes. It has all the various flowers, including brushes to draw petals, sepals, leaves, and vines. You can combine this brush set with the vegetation brush to create amazing outdoor work.

  1. Geometry Brushes

Created for Procreate by Envato Element, this brush set is made for iPad only. If you like clean lines and unique patterns, this brush set of 34 will make all the difference to your digital work. It will give you access to shades, blends, patterns, shapes, and motifs.

  1. Bristle Brush Linen

Love the look of oil paint on canvas, now you can replicate the same feel, texture, and lines on a digital canvas. This free set of brushes will produce a realist and natural look with amazing blending features like a real paint on canvas. Although free, remember to leave a little token for the creator.

  1. Furry Brush

Whether you are drawing furry animals, objects, or hand lettering, you have just found the perfect brush to help you create the desired effect. Although this brush set is only one, its versatility adds great textures and flair to all your art projects, whether drawing, sketching, or painting.

  1. Matt’s Painting Brush Set

Gouache style painting never felt so good with this collection. 10 free brushes that allow you to add texture, color, and details to any type of art. It composes of large and small brushes that are fun to use, producing a smooth overall look to your painting. It also has blending brushes that make arts such fun on your iPad.

  1. Light Glow Effect

It is easy to omit radiance or glow when you are drawing on your iPad. Add special light effects using this brush set to create some drama and wow easily. This free brush is a simple to use brush stroke for creating fantasy finishes with incredible light effects on an object or background.

  1. ChanellChanelle Brush Set

If you are new to Procreate and how it works, this is a good place to start from. A pack consisting of three incredible brushes allows you to add grain and depth to your digital work. Although this pencil looks easy, which it is, it is a great way to acquaint oneself with digital drawing tools.

  1. Fabian Fischer Brush Set

This pack of 4 unique brushes with 3 customizable tips was specifically created for the Procreate app by Fabian. Using an LYDR dual brush tip, they allow you to create beautiful strokes and textures with little effort. These brushes are pressure sensitive hence with change the look depending on how hard you press.

  1. Retro Comic Brushes

Pixelbuddha creates lots of brushes for Procreate, and this collection is the best graphics and illustration brush set for any buddy artist. With over 50 brush sets, it allows you to design ads, posters, comics, and any project that involved details and depth.

  1. Marble Effect for Procreate

Marbling is beautiful, but creating it with your hands can be very time-consuming with the perfect smooth finish is never attained. Now, you can add the perfect marble texture, effect, background, and sketch in your artwork with this set of 5 brushes.

  1. Color Swatches Procreate

Sometimes choosing the perfect blend of colors can have your head in a mix. Luckily for you, Procreate has a collection of swatches that allows you to match colors and see how well it works with your idea. Now you never have to bother about the right color palette for your work.

  1. Effect Texture Brush Set

Bring your drawings together with the right textures and effects in the right place. This brush set of 15 on Procreate contains a brush for any strokes or effect you want to create. It will enable you to add the right feel and look to all your drawings.

  1. Denim Brush Procreate

Levi blue and texture look good on you, now you can get that same effect and stroke with this brush setoff two. It will give your artwork a beautiful blue jeans-like watercolor effect to all your drawings. This is the perfect painting tool to get you going.

  1. The Artist Mega pack

Enjoy over 100 custom created Procreate brushes in this pack for any type of artist. This brush set composed of all textures, including watercolor, oil paint, inking, charcoal, sketches, and beauty stamp. It is the complete set for drawing and painting for digital artists on the go or stationary.

  1. Rain Brushes

Have you tried drawing rain or adding the rain effect using your hands? It is hard. Now you can create the special rain effect with this 4 free brush set on Procreate. The brushes acutely depict downpour, flurry, sprinkle, and shower, making rainy days beautiful and real.

  1. Anime Bokeh Brushes

This is another excellent brush set of 7 that every artist must-have in their arsenal for all-purpose and techniques. This free collection allows you to control texture, light, blends, layers, and effect on any type of work. You can also use it to create an incredible light effect too.

  1. Marker Brushes Procreate

There is something fun and exciting about drawing and painting with markers. Well, if this is your strength, then this set or 2 brushes will recreate that feeling on your next project. The brushes include an opaque marker and an opacity marker. Together they add a natural look to all your works.

  1. Eyebrow Pack Procreate

If drawing human beings or real-life objects are your forte, then you should know that eyebrows are very difficult to draw accurately. This eyebrow brush set for Procreate consists of 8 types of brushes to get the right shapes, textures, and designs to add that perfect touch to your work.

  1. Iris Brush Set

If you are looking to put a good eyebrow, the eyes must be killer too. This iris brush set on Procreate consists of 8 irises that will allow you to add that perfect eyes on your next project. With the iris brush pack, anyone can draw or paint and iris in seconds.

  1.  Taozipie Big Eyelashes Brushes

Get the correct angle and shape of the eyelashes with this brush set. Created by Taozipie for Procreate, this collection of 17 brushes allows you to capture the eyelashes in a variety of ways without any problem. The option ranges from the full set, bottom and top, half-open eyelashes, and many more.

  1. Creative brush set

This collection of brush set consists of a versatile set that can be used for all purposes. Downloading this set will give you access to the perfect brush tool to just about anything. Whether you are illustrating, painting, or adding effect and details, there is a brush in this collection.

  1. Snow Brush Set

Create the perfect winter wonderland with snow dropping with this brush set. Created by Envato for Procreate, this is a collection of 16 unique brushes to add that snow effect to your artwork. Whether you are looking to capture perfect snowflakes, avalanche, blizzard, you cannot go wrong using these brushes.

  1. Sand Texture Brushes

How do you paint or depict sand on your artwork? If you are having difficulty interpreting it accurately, enjoy this set of 6 on Procreate that will change how you paint or texture sand on your artwork. It is super easy to use and allows you to capture different scenarios perfectly.

  1. Hair Brush Set Procreate

Asides from the challenge that comes with drawing facial features, another difficult human body part to depict properly are the hair. This set contains about 15 hairbrushes that correctly depict from straight to curly hair in every texture you can imagine.

  1. Paint Brush for Procreate

If you love painting, you will appreciate this brush set that allows you to capture the real painting technique similar to acrylic or canvas perfectly. This set has 21 brushes that are excellent for oil, wet, and dry looks. It also adds a glossy finish to your artwork.

  1. Ballpoint Pen Brushes on Procreate

If you like the look and texture that a ballpoint pen creates as an artist, you should download this brush set now. This brush set allows you to capture lines, textures, fine details, shadow, depth, and contrast effortlessly. The harder you press, the greater the texture and the result you will get.

  1. Natural Brushes 

Envato has a lot of options for all types of artists. Whether you draw, illustrate, or paint, you will get a free brush set on Procreate by these guys. This set of natural brushes captures the beauty of nature with marvelous results like oil on canvas. It contains 20 brushes with shaders, pencils, and chalks.

  1. Gesso Set of Procreate Brushes

Are you looking to add unique textures to your artwork? Do you want them for free? Now you can download this 9-set of paintbrushes to help you capture the desired effect on your work. They are equally great at adding lines and details hassle-free.

  1. Straw Hat

For graphic designers and illustrators, having the right thickness to your calligraphy and lines makes the difference in your artwork. Now you can achieve really stylish, unique strokes with this set for free. Lettering and marking with this tool is smooth, sleek, and soft.

  1. Eye Paint set on Procreate

If you do not have the space to download different brush sets for drawing the human eyes, this is the best option for you. The brush set contains several tools to enable you to capture the eye, a blender, and sketch tools to make it realistic and popping.

  1. Sign Pain Brush Set

If you love making sign art, this is a fun, modern, and refreshing way to improve your drawing skills. This brush set is great for calligraphy, drawing, and illustrations too. It allows you to capture minute details in smooth and beautiful lines that will wow anyone.

  1. Charcoal sketch Brush

If you like the look of how the charcoal drawing looks and feels, this is the brush set for you. This brush set allows the artist to draw, sketch, and blend your artwork.  Using this tool also adds depth, shadows, and contrast to beautifully bringing the work to life.

  1. Flower Stamp Brushes

Whether you want to save time drawing flowers or is learning how to draw a flower, this brush set will set you up. The collection contains 70 flower brushes, including 10 texture brushes for free. With these brush, flowers come to life in beautiful contrast and depth.

  1. Haze Long Smudge Brushes

Get the smoothest smudge effect in all your artwork to make it stand out in the crowd. Smudges are great for adding the perfect blend to your painting and drawing without the hassle. The set contains 8 brushes with versatile use for real, anime, and cartoon characters.

The Procreate app is a marvelous tool that has changed the way artists work. Whether you like drawing, inking, or painting these 50 free brush sets will make every artwork look effortless and incredible. Get the procreate app on iOS and start drawing, lettering, painting, and illustrating effortlessly.

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