Hi art lovers. So we would consent that when it comes to entertainment, Sci-fi novels and movies had produced amazing androids and robots of all kinds. From the Blade Runner´s replicants to the Star Wars droids.

So, for this tutorial, we would be stepping into the Sci-Fi world of space battles and interplanetary travels to draw a combat Robot in nine easy steps. Each of these steps should be followed strictly if you hope to get the best results. Before we get on with it, you should know that we would first sketch out a dummy. This is to serve as a base upon which we would create a flawlessly detailed final sketch. Ready?! Let’s draw ourselves a stunner!.

How To Draw a Robot.

For the purposes of this tutorial, we would be drawing a Robot and we would be doing this in nine easy steps. For each step, I would be providing you with the necessary tips and tricks so you can have the best results. Now that we’ve laid that out, let’s go on to put together a masterpiece.

Step 1: Drawing The Torso.

Our character torso would be drawn using the 3/4 drawing scale. This simply means that the right side facing the viewers would be bigger than the left side of the torso. Also, you should note that our character although has human proportions, it´s made of metal, circuits, beams, and bolts. This is why the chest will be drawn more than a box meanwhile the abdomen will be very narrow and short.

We will draw a square on top, where the neck and the head will be placed later on.

Step 2: Drawing The Head.

In all honesty, when drawing the robot´s head I was thinking in a vacuum cleaner. You can find very cool sci-fi designs and simple home appliances.

Step 3: Drawing The Legs.

Our Robot would be drawn on his feet with his legs slightly apart. Also, remember to use the 3/4 drawing scale. That said, from the base created for the legs, start off each leg as though drawing a big tube. The leg should reduce gradually as you get to the knee region. From there, you should extend the leg backward like an animal´s leg. Similar to the knee, that has a rotating joint, the secondary joint below also can rotate. We will represent this by drawing a circle on the side of each joint.

From the second joint to the feet we will connect both with a tube. The feet will be drawn quite schematically. Two cradles connected by a rotating joint similar to the one on the knees.

Step 4: Drawing The Arms.

The arms would be drawn using the 3/4 drawing scale. This means that the right arm would be more visible than the left arm. Emerging from the base created for the arms, the arms would take the form of a tube and it should gradually reduce as it gets to the dividing line between the upper arm and the lower arm. They should then extend out again and gradually get slimmer as they get to the wrist. The wrist should also be outlined by a horizontal line. You can then draw the hands and fingers as seen in the above image.

Step 5: Drawing The Weapons.

We will finish our dummy by drawing the weapons our robot is carrying on each arm. On the right arm, we will draw an electro-blade. The shape will be similar to the one of a big combat knife.

On the left arm, the android will be carrying a plasma assault cannon. When drawing it, think in a long tube with two rectangular extensions at the end of the tube.

I would like to stop here for a brief moment before I keep moving forward with this tutorial. I want to introduce you to the course that I made on “How To Draw Characters”. In this step by step course, I dive deep into the body proportions principles I’ve been speaking about previously in this article, plus many other techniques that will help you develop the skills necessary to draw professional level like characters. If you wanna know more about this course please click the image below.

Step 6: Drawing The Final Line Art.

Now, we are about to start off our final sketch, so the unnecessary lines of the dummy we have drawn this far would be faded out. Next up, the volumes and shapes we have sketched out in the previous step would be made bolder.

Step 7: Painting The Base Color.

This is where we amp our image by adding a range of colors to our combat robot. So reach for your colors green, grey, and white and let’s make this baby impeccable.

Step 8: The Shadows

When painting the shadows you should think first where the main light source is located. In this case, the light source is located on the upper right corner.

We will use the base colors as the lighted areas, and for the shadows we will use a darker variation of the same tones. The areas directly exposed to the light will be left untouched, meanwhile, the areas hidden behind the parts exposed to the light will be darkened. These lightened areas will cast shadows over other parts of the body there are not exposed directly to the light. Recreating there casted shadows will truly give volume and three-dimensionality to your painting.

Step 9: Painting the Final Details

The final touch will be the white military markings covering the head, legs, and arms of the character.

Another detail that will help enhance the sci fi touch in our drawing is the red lights on the helmet, body, and weapons.


We have successfully put together a commendable drawing of a Robot and you should feel proud. However, don’t put away your tools just yet. Go over the tutorial a couple of times more and soon you will be able to draw any character without needing a tutorial.

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