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20 Best Pose Apps for Artists on Android ( Free and Premium )

Pose apps are very useful for both new and professional artists: concept artists, photographers, illustrators, etc… to create poses for their characters or models. Using a posing app allows you to design different posing styles and have a look at what it’ll look like on a model or a character you want to develop. There are so many different pose apps and whilst some focus on humans, others focus on animals, fantasy creatures, and dinosaurs. With the right posing apps, you can put your imaginations to work and see the outcome; this allows you to visually see what you’ll be working with. 

You get to create a pose and then apply it to any art project. If you’re a painter or photographer, these posing apps allow you to figure out the poses you want your model to take which will certainly make your job easier. Also, character poses for anime for example can be designed and examined from different angles to suit your work perfectly. There are some basic features pose apps need to have in order to give you the best result when creating different poses.

We’ve put together the best 20 pose apps for android that are easy to use and can help you create different unique poses.

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Now, let’s begin with the list!

Free Apps

Easy Pose – Best Posing Apps 

Easy Pose is great for both new and experienced artists. It’s very important to have a posing app that allows you to easily control the main joints, preset poses, and scenes available for more than 2 models. Easy Pose has all these features and more like being able to look at the model from different angles and transparent backgrounds. More features include the ability to have realistic shadows, easy control of and movements, automatic saving in PNG, and many more. 

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Magic Poser 

Magic Poser is another great posing app that allows you to pose human art models for your character design, comics, and so on. It’s very easy to use with so many poses to choose from and props to use. Male and female models in different ages are available including other characters. Whether you want the models to look realistic or in anime form, it’s easy to do. You can go as far as altering finger joints to create your perfect model.

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3D Mannequins 

The mannequin app focuses on drawing and posing mannequins in any way you want. The different body parts of the mannequin can be set in any style you want. You can examine your mannequin from any angle of view and also select any background to suite the drawing perfectly. The display grid makes it possible to draw in the right proportion. Brightness, color, etc. can be easily adjusted. Human mannequins, animals, and fantasy creatures are available for you to choose from. 

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3D Anatomy For The Artist 

Anatomy 3D is only available for male models and allows artists to have a more thorough understanding of human anatomy in order to be better in what they do. This app makes available 3D anatomical male models, which can be viewed in skeletal or muscular form. In-app purchases are necessary to make use of the 3D muscular form whilst the skeletal form is free to use. Navigation is easy thanks to the rotation and zoom features. Interestingly, different languages are available to pick from which is a great bonus. 

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Pose Maker Pro – 3D Art Poser App 

Pose Maker for Android is perfect because it allows you to create several poses that fit into what you need in minutes. A very necessary feature is the availability of different human or animal models. It’s great for both beginners and experts so there’s no technicality to worry about. Model transformation can be done easily with the sliders available. It’s very impressive to know that you can also change the facial expression of the model easily. 

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Drawing Doll Viewer “3D Poses” 

Drawing Doll Viewer is great for persons that are interested in getting better at drawing. This is a great app for those who want to focus on comics and illustrations. Although, you cannot get extreme poses for your model; only normal ones like sitting, walking, and so on. We believe this pose app is great for beginners because it still makes use of wooden mannequin models. It is easy to understand and can prepare you before looking into more sophisticated posing apps.

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Hand Mannequin 

Hand Mannequin is quite unique and it’s a very important tool if you’re looking to find the right hand poses for your drawing. This pose app has animations that can be altered to suit that pose you’re looking for. As expected, FOV and zoom features are available and easy to use. Drawing in proportion is very important and the grid option is there to make it possible. This is another pose app that can be used by professional and new artists. New skins and animations are available when purchased.

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Posing App – Model Poses Lite

This pose app is great for photographers who need new poses for shoots. It helps photographers to showcase their creativity by designing poses that’ll look good for shoots of any kind. This app also provides general tips for photographers and allows for the poses to be saved and used when needed. The poses can be altered to be unique in a way to suit a photographer. Also, the modes can be viewed from different angles for necessary alterations to the joints and facial expressions.

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Horse Mannequin 

This pose app allows you to draw a horse and put it in any pose that you desire. Different skins are available and can be adjusted to make the mannequin look more realistic. A grid feature is available and also the ability to position the limbs of the model to create the pose of your choice. Brightness, light, and color can be adjusted in order to improve the mannequin. It allows for natural movements of the mannequin and a zoom feature to allow you to make little changes. 

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Gesture Drawing Practice 

The Gesture Drawing Practice for Android is a great one to have for new artists. If you’ve been interested in learning gesture and figure drawing, then this is the app for you. It’s great for beginners and it’s also easy to understand. Practice and improve your drawing skills with this app and also personalize your experience by adding various things to your Pinterest board. The features available are also quite impressive.

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Spinosaurus Mannequin 

The Spinosaurus Mannequin app is a very interesting one indeed. It allows you to draw a Spinosaurus in any position and also make adjustments to suit any pose you want. Limbs of the mannequin can be adjusted easily for you to create the pose of your choice. Of great importance is the grid feature for a proportional drawing. You can view the mannequin from any angle of your choice, regulate the brightness, and lighting. It can be used by beginners and experts. 

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Make A Pose 

This pose app comes with basic features to adjust the joints of the character to fit the pose you’re going for. Colors used for characters and objects can be changed to suit your project. It’s easy to save more than one pose created and to adjust the lighting to get the right shadow for your character. Objects in the app can be created by you and they can be added when setting a pose for the character. It’s easy to use and very effective. 

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Visual Anatomy 3D – Human 

Learning human anatomy is an important step in becoming a great artist. Gain an in-depth knowledge on human anatomy and even take down notes. Rotating and zooming is very easy to do in 3D high quality. You can rotate the character in order to see it from different perspectives. It’s a great app for students and professionals in different fields that deal with human anatomy. It also allows users to take screenshots that can be saved.  

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Premium Pose Apps

Pose Tool 3D 

Pose Tool has 3D posing figures with body parts that can be easily adjusted to suit your drawing. The poses you want could be a normal sitting down to more extreme poses. This pose app is not just used for drawing but for character design, illustrations, manga, and many more. Poses that you create can be saved instantly plus the touch controls are sensitive and work fast. Male and female models are available and major and minor body parts can be moved easily.

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ArtPose Male Edition

ArtPose is quite interesting to use and allows you to showcase your creativity with no hassle. Using ArtPose isn’t complicated which makes it good for both beginners and experts. It’s also amazing to have 60 preset poses for you to begin with and body shapes which you can regulate with a slider. The field of view slider is available to enable you to make little changes to the model. The visuals of the models are pretty impressive thanks to the image-based lighting available. 

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Hand Draw 3D Pose Tool 

Become a pro at drawing hands and also design different poses that you can save and use any time. This app has 12 hand poses already set for you to choose from. The grid feature guides you to easily draw a hand and also, zooming and adjustment of lighting, brightness, and so on can be done. Finger joints can be set to suit the pose you have in mind and it’s all in 3D. You can save more than 5 poses you’ve design and even take screenshots. 

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ArtPose Pro 

ArtPose allows you to choose between a male or a female model figure and design poses however you want. Creating poses with this app is quite easy to do and you don’t have to stick to only basic poses; you can make unique poses for your drawing.  Male and female models can be designed and placed together. Adjustment of body sizes and figures can also be done easily. It’s also impressive that it has 240 preset starter poses to choose from to allow you to keep creating. 

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Anime Pose 3D 

Anime pose has amazing 3D characters for you to work with whether you’re a professional or a beginner. It has great features such as a 360 camera which is highly necessary because it allows you to examine your model from different perspectives. Background colors, lighting, and shadows can be adjusted to suit whatever design you’re looking for. The ability to view the animations in slow motion and to stop frames is also a great feature. 

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Anime Girl Pose 3D 

Anime Girl Pose is an interesting pose app with 3D animated characters. It has so many amazing features that make creating even more fun. It allows you to adjust the lighting, make shadows look more realistic, view the model from different angles, and so on. It also has a 360 view of the character which is very necessary because you can then make a little adjustment or add more details to the character. Skeletal animations are also added features to this app. It’s great for beginners and experts in drawing.

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Skelly: Poseable Anatomy Model 

The Skelly app allows you to have an in-depth look at the anatomy system and it’s used by professionals and students. Also, it’s a very important app for artists who want to create poses for illustration, painting, and so on. You could make your poses more personal and unique in different ways. Familiarizing yourself with the human structure benefits your art in so many ways. It allows you to create poses that can stand out whilst making use of its amazing features. 

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The 20 pose apps that have been listed above have three major things in common which are that they’re easy to use, very effective, and they have amazing features. Getting these pose apps for artists on your Android would be a great idea.

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