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Clip Studio Paint vs. Photoshop | Which one is Better

In this article, we are going to help you decide which software, Clip Studio Paint or Photoshop, is better, and more importantly which of both fits better your needs.

Which software is better, Clip Studio Paint or Photoshop?

Photoshop is usually the first choice for image editing and graphic designs by professionals due to its extensive features. Nevertheless, if you are more into creating digital art, you will find the features on Clip Studio Paint more to your taste.

However, you will have a better idea after reading our Clip Studio Paint vs. Photoshop review.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is unarguably the most popular design software for a lot of professional photographers and artists. From its name, you can tell that it was initially created for major photo editing. However, in the last couple of years, it has branched successfully into the entertainment industry, with its usefulness being seen in visual development and concept art. One thing Adobe Photoshop stands out for is its appearance. You can tell that there has been a lot of work put into its visual design.

Even more impressive is its functionality. It features tons of tools that work together seamlessly to provide image manipulation at its very best. These tools include an extensive list of fonts, effects, styles, filters, brushes, and pen tools, while others are great for HDR, retouching, lens correction, and RAW image adjustments. Here are some other great features of the Adobe Photoshop software.


  1. Design interface: When you open the Photoshop software, what greets you is a friendly and elegant black interface with an ample document space where you can already visualize what you would be working on. The upper bar has an exclusive section for 3D designs.
  2. Presets selection: Although there is no specialized section for creating animation or comics, this software features a large variety of presets that can be used in creating web files, video illustrations, graphics, and other documents. On the main menu, you can select these impressive presets, color mode, and other advanced options like color profile.
  3. Multiple tools: Photoshop has a great selection of tools, including the shape tool, sponge tool, and other photo editing tools that make using this software a breeze. This software has lots of impressive brushes that users find quite useful for creating unique designs.
  4. Use across multiple devices: Photoshop is backed up by the cloud. This means that you can easily share and upload files between devices. However, Adobe connects with just the app for now.
  5. Color wheel and icons: Initially, you could access the color wheel in Photoshop with the Caloris plugin. However, this can easily be gotten on this software along with the icons which are really easy to find. The location and appearance of tool icons on Photoshop makes designing and editing less strenuous.


• It uses a universal brush extension called the “.ABR” extension. Thanks to this extension, you can find lots of brushes online to use with Photoshop. The brushes are also organized into folders in the same window, making it easy to find.
• The liquify tool allows you to make light corrections on your digital art. It’s a flexible tool that is always available for that little touch of perfection.
• You will definitely not be alone when using Photoshop as it is used by professionals in a variety of fields. This makes it easy to access solutions to issues that come up. It’s great for digital art, graphic design, and photography. It is most famous for its photo editing effects.
• You can enjoy more functionality and straightforward workflow with this software as there are a variety of plugins available.
• Due to its widespread usage, there are thousands of free and paid tutorials available online. These in-depth tutorials are accessible on various websites, including personal blogs and YouTube.
• If you need a cheaper version, you can get the Photoshop Elements application for a one-time affordable fee.
• The powerful content-aware tool allows users to fill a selected area based on the surrounding image.
• As the software that understands both vector and raster graphics, Adobe Photoshop supports most file formats, 3D printing, and professional color modes. It also has tools that make working with 3D objects and video editing effortless.
• The Creative Cloud Photography subscription includes another image editing software from Adobe known as Lightroom. This extra software helps with managing digital images and advanced photo editing.
• The adjustment layers add a professional touch to every art, animation, or edited image.
The free photoshop mobile app is available on Windows, Android, and iOS devices.

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Limited shape library, compared to Clip Studio Paint.
Photoshop is quite expensive, especially for students and freelancers. It is used based on a monthly or yearly subscription. The photography combo is less costly than photoshop from the Adobe Creative Cloud, which costs about $10 and $20 monthly, respectively. Although the yearly subscription is cheaper than the monthly plan, it is still considered expensive.
• The subscription for Adobe Photoshop is quite discouraging, as there is no alternative to this monthly or yearly plan
Beginners usually have a hard time learning Adobe Photoshop. It is more difficult to understand most tools on this software. However, it is relatively easy to learn how to carry out basic image editing tasks. This is mostly due to its advanced functionality, which could take a while to understand and also the fact that its target market is more of professionals than novice users.
• The batch editing is not intuitive, as it could take hours to work on images. This software is designed to work on one image at a time rather than in batches.
Photoshop’s asset management program, Bridge, is limited in functionality as it is a file management tool for only files on Photoshop.
• It could be quite slow even with high RAM GB, GPU, and powerful CPU

Clip Studio Paint

Known previously as the manga studio clip, the Clip Studio Paint was launched thirteen years after Photoshop. This software has a major focus on creating illustrations and comic books. One thing users love about this software is the natural feel of its brushes, which produce clean strokes when drawing. It comes in the Pro and EX version with the story feature in the EX version, which lets users work on multiple pages at the same time.

For the comics, it’s great that it is as close as possible to real art pages with the ability to rule with margins for trim. The snap capable rulers create curves, speed lines, parallel lines, concentric circles, and more. The symmetry ruler is another feature on the Clip Studio Paint software that goes up to 16 lines while the automatic creation of folders for panels and gutters between panels makes creating comic book panels easy. With this software that supports vector layers, vector-based word balloons for fun lettering, and has a fantastic material library of textures and 3D objects, there is a lot to enjoy with the Clip Studio Paint. Here are some other features that stand out.


  1. Design interface: Opening the clip studio paint software takes you straight to the painting mode. To create a new file, a window will pop up, asking if you wish to create an illustration, comic, or an animation. These all come with specific canvas sizes, but there is a list of other great presets. From this, you can also create a custom size for your image and resolution. Clip Studio Paint has an upper bar which is exclusively dedicated to anime.
  2. Exclusive tools: This software features two unique tools, the balloon tool, and the frame border tool. The combination of these tools is ideal for creating impressive comics. Apart from these tools, there are other tools across the canvas zone which can be used to add more life to your illustrations.
  3. Windows: With Clip Studio Paint, we have the brushes window, layers window for working with multiple images, and an extra window called materials that can’t be found in photoshop. This window is useful for creating shapes of people, buildings, and other objects that are necessary for drawing comics.
  4. Cloud support: For Clip Studio Paint, cloud support is available on the iPad Pro, so you can use the software between devices.
  5. Color tools: Clip Studio Paint has always been equipped with a detailed color wheel from its inception. In this color section, it has a proximate color window that gives you more color control, especially when you’re struggling with the perfect colors for your comics and illustrations.


• The brushes are divided into six categories: ink brushes, dry brushes, painting brushes, airbrushes, effects, and blenders. There are brushes in the watercolor category that can blend and mix two different colors when you paint. They all feel natural and smooth, as you’ll love the G-pen and real pencil.
• The shape tool is called materials which is a very extensive library that is useful for drawing comics.
• It has a permanent business license, and you may be eligible to as much as 50% discount when making your purchase. This means you may end up getting it at a lower price, definitely affordable for everyone.
• The initial white canvas is not aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, but you can turn this setting down with the dark theme. The dark theme is useful when you have to use Clip Studio Paint for long hours and want to prevent eye strain.
• Beginners will benefit a lot from the Clip Studio Paint as it is easy to work with, including the customizable interface that gives it a more personal feel.


• It has a limited system of brushes with brush extensions that have no compatibility with other software, including photoshop.
• Although the interface is easy to work with, the bright colors that greet users when they open this software are not gentle on the eyes.
• If you wanted to make a slight correction to your digital art, the closest tool that could make this happen is the mesh tool, which gives a warped result.
• It has limited functionality, especially for those who love to work around various aspects of design.
• Exporting PSD files from Clip Studio Paint is possible, but it has terrible quality. When files are exported using CYMK from Clip Studio Paint to photoshop, it gives a dim image that is not great for professionals
Pantone color swatches are absent
• Working with filters on this software isn’t fantastic as they are quite limited and don’t look very interesting.
Clip Studio Paint has both Pro and EX versions. However, the price difference between these versions is quite discouraging. The notable difference between both is importing OBJ files and multiple page layouts. These are not exactly worth the price difference of $150.

Comparison Table of Clip Studio Paint vs. Photoshop

This is what we think about both software, why we pick Photoshop as the best of both, and now you have ample information to decide for yourself who won the Clip Studio Paint vs. Photoshop battle.

Related Questions

  1. What devices are compatible with Clip Studio Paint?
    This software is compatible with WACOM devices, the Windows Ink platform, tablet with integrated LCD screen, and Wintab.
  2. How can I make photoshop work better on my computer system?
    Firstly, your computer system has to meet the minimum requirements, which is at least 4GB RAM, available storage disk space, 64-bit processor, and at least 64GB of available scratch disk space. To optimize your system for photoshop, you can adjust the amount of memory taken up by Photoshop through the performance panel. By default, the program can access as much as 3GB RAM for 32-bit mode and even higher for 64-bit systems. You should check the efficiency value located on the status bar. Ensure your current settings are optimal and restart Photoshop to test the new settings.
Clip Studio Paint vs. Photoshop | Which one is Better
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Clip Studio Paint vs. Photoshop | Which one is Better
Photoshop is usually the first choice for image editing and graphic designs by professionals due to its extensive features. Nevertheless, if you are more into creating digital art, you will find the features on Clip Studio Paint more to your taste.
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