20 Best Drawing & Drafting Tables for Artists and Architects

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If your hobby or job requires that you draw out your ideas and imaginations, then you need a drawing or drafting table. The drafting tables in this article are some of the best on the market. Furthermore, they certainly make architects and artists work easier. These can be used by an art student, illustrators, and designers too. These tables are designed for comfort, style, storage, and support to enable the user to work efficiently in any position – standing or sitting.

Some requirements for a good drafting table are its tilt angle, ease of use, design, but most importantly, its ability to adjust it to different heights. Whether it is the drawing top or legs, it does make a lot of difference. However, if you are looking to buy the best drafting table for whatever reason or purpose, expensive or affordable, there is something for you here.

In this article, we will list the 20 best drawing tables, starting with my favorite pick, so let’s get started.

My Number 1 Pick: Studio Design Polaris Table

The Studio Design Polaris table, in my opinion, is the perfect option for almost every artist, designer, and architect. Although this drafting table looks like malleable metal bent at different angles, its simplicity makes it a very comfortable table.

The table features a tempered adjustable glass top that adjusts to an angle of 40 degrees for comfort and convenience. This crystal surface is big and you can use it as a giant lightbox. It has a ledge on the front limbs that allows for easy movement across the floor surface but enhances stability. Overall, the Polaris table is well-design and a great piece for sketching and tracing.

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Pull-out drawer and pencil ledgeThe storage compartment is very useful but it will be great to have some extra storage space
A large drawing top measuring
60cm and 29 cm in length
Legs are not adjustable
Great design 
The crystal surface allows you to use it as an improvised lightbox( if you place a light under) 

Studio design sit to stand Triflex Table

The Triflex design table is the ultimate for architects and artists looking for something flexible and adjustable. Unlike other tables, this table has an adjustable top that goes from flat to standing height for utmost convenience and comfort. This increases its versatility especially in other areas like schools, offices, dorms, and more.

Worktop tilts from an angle or 22° to 68°It could do with more storage space
Four plastic floor levelers for stability on any floor 
Manually adjustable level enables you to keep the tabletop at the most comfortable position for you 

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Alvin Workmaster Drafting Table

The Alvin WorkMaaster is your regular desk with extra features that set it apart. With a work melamine coated worktop, this 36 by 48 inches worktop is adjustable up to 40° for the best position when working. The table has an adjustable top and height that go up from 29 to 46 inches that accommodate different working positions – sitting or standing. To maintain its sturdy frame, the WorkMaaster uses stainless steel tubing for durability and performance.

Smooth edges and very comfortableStorage space to small
Large open storage space under the deskNo pencil ledge or arm -rest
Easy to assembly 

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Martin Universal Design Gallery Art and Drafting Table

As good as this table is, you need a little bit of work getting it into a suitable position that is convenient for you. The table has 4-floor levelers for stability, but it also has four adjustable knobs that control the working top and height.

The worktop is a melamine top measuring 35.5 by 23.5 inches with a wide pencil ledge. It has a tilt angle of zero to 40° to accommodate different work positions.

Adjustable height – 28.5 inches to 35.5 inchesThe knobs might wear off with continuous adjustment
Large wire rack for storageYou might not get the settings right working alone.
Levelers keep the table straight even on uneven floors 
Easy to assemble 

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Hann Dual station Drafting Table

Now, this is the perfect table for anyone who wants to learn how to draw with their protégé beside them. Overall, the Hann Dual station is the ideal drawing surface. If you are worried about rubbing your shoulders and discomfort, Hann has a solution for that too. Separating the two worktops is a 14- inches gap to keep each person in their space. Furthermore, the adjustable worktop measures 28 by 35.5 inches with A-frame limbs add stability and make it easy to walk around without hindrance.

It comes with 8 drawers and open space aboveIt’s quite heavy
Has adjustable pencil ledges to enable you to work unhindered 
Two levelers for stability 
Sturdy and durable 

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Diversified Woodcrafts Shop Bilt Drawing/CAD Tables

For artists and designers with a creative mind, Diversified has the perfect option for you. This solid maple wood is strong, durable with a resistant finish that enhanced the sheen. However, the Bilt makes this the ideal shape for CAD designers. Although the frame construction is mainly wood, its reinforced steel gives it more stability and form. The table has a 30 by 30 inches split worktop with a keyboard and mouse tray, a CPU compartment, and a cable organizer.

Fully adjustable legs up 42 inchesNo storage space in the simpler version.
The work station has a tilt angle of 21° 
Plastic four levelers add stability and keep the desk still on any surface 
Perfect for combining your traditional and digital work without switching tables. All in one great solution 

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Smith System Planner Graphic Arts Table

The Smith System planner is your ultimate designer table to keep you productive and organized. The split design has a 42-inch and a 31inch portion. This allows you to keep your work stuff on end for easy access while you work. The adjustable workstation has a tilt angle of 0° to 45° and height from 30 to 38 inches respectively. Overall, the Smith System relies on a steel frame to enhance the stability on any floor type.

Has a 0.6 inches melamine coating that will not fold or pop up with continuous useNo storage space
Excellent and easy to use adjustable top and leg 
Easy to clean and comfortable 

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Martin Universal design MXZ Drawing Table

Get the most out of your drawing table with this all-steel, fully adjustable, slanted, and sleek design by Martin. The table comes with a manually adjustable worktop up to 45° with heights of 33 to 45.5 inches. Its slanted design is reinforced with H-frame based and four adjustable plastic levelers for stability. Besides the structural capacity of this table, it has a large work station of 33 by 42 inches with a particle resistance melamine surface that keeps it clean during every work time.

The MXZ has a high finish gloss enamel finishNo storage space
Adjustable workstation and leg creates the most comfortable position 

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Studio Design Vintage Drafting Table

This Drafting Table comes in two versions, wood and iron. If nature is your inspiration, the solid oak vintage design version should kick your creativity up a notch. Studio presents a gorgeous and attractive design, in a modern and simple way that compliments your workspace or room. This easy to install table comes with a carved in pencil ledge and an adjustable tilt system of 0° to 90°. This classic wooden drafting board is 42 by 24 inches, which is enough space for even the messiest artist.

Smart, durable and sturdy designIf the retro style is not your thing this table will not be for you, unless you go for the metal version, that looks more industrial
A great drafting board when sitting or standingNo storage space
A smooth and sleek finish 
Very easy to assemble 

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Fox Hasse Professional Drafting Table

This is a fun table for artists and designers; its classic and traditional style compliments any art studio or home office. Made with finely sanded Wisconsin ash, Fox Hasse’s professional drafting table has the USA seal of approval for sturdiness, durability, and effectiveness. The structural frame consists of stainless steel and wood with stainless steel adjustable knobs to tilt the work station or increase the height. To reinforce the stability, it has two horizontal wooden beams at the base and halfway the length of the table.

Easily adjustable height from 32 to 42 inchesVery retro looking. If the vintage style is not your thing this table may not be for you.
A 36 by 24 inches workstation with pencil ledgeLacks storage space
A smooth and sleek finish 
A 28-inch X-frame for extra stability 

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Studio Design Futura LS Workcenter

The Futura L-shape coated sleek, steel design is the perfect addition to any office or home workspace. This design consist of two table measuring 35.25 by 20 inches that meet at a right angle, and a cone-shape table where they meet.

Featuring a tempered glass top seated on a steel framework, it has C-curved legs for stability. To further enhance the sturdiness of this Workcenter, Futura has X-shape bars halfway the length of the table.

A 45° tilt angleNo adjustable height
A 24-inch slide-up pencil ledgeNo storage compartment
The tables can be assembled anyhow you want it 

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Studio Design Aries Drafting Table

If you have a small space and need a drafting table that inspires you, then the Studio Aries traditional meet modern finish is the perfect piece.  This drafting table has a sturdy upside-down V-shape leg attached to firm metallic levelers for stability. It also has a 42 by 31 inches tempered glass surface attached to the wooden frame for support. It comes with an adjustable plastic knob that tilts the board from 0° to 75° for convenience. Furthermore, the legs are also adjustable with heights from 32 to 36.5 inches.

Aesthetically pleasing design with four levelers for stabilityA crystal surface is always tricky. You should be more careful, compared to a wooden table
24-inch built-in pencil ledgeNo storage compartment
Horizontal wooden bars with X-shape beams for extra support for uneven floors 
The tabletop adjusts from 75° to a flat surface for regular work 
You can use the crystal surface as a light table adding a light under it. 

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Klopfenstein Tilt-Top Art Table

Da Vinci would have been proud of this art table. It is simple, sleek, and uses a tubing system to adjust the height from 32 to 45 inches with a hook to help you keep it in place at the adjusted level. This tilt top art table has a large 30 by 36 inches melamine surface with rounded edges and a tilt angle from 0° to 90°. The angular adjustments allow the table to work well as a standing or sitting art table. Its H-shape base with four levelers increases stability and balance on all floor types.

A wide base increases the stability of the tableLevelers are not adjustable
A clamping bracket prevent slips even when weight is appliedNo storage compartment
Non-slide pencil ledge 

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Fox Hasse Four-Post Tilt Top Table

This may look like your regular table but with some creative ingenuity. This extraordinary sturdy table is built out of solid ash and stands at 37 inches high. It is comfortable, clean, and pops in any given space. Whether you intend to use it at home for work, school, office, or outside, its simplicity compliments any space and blends in beautifully. This four-post design comes in two sizes, a worktop measuring 32 by 42 inches and 36 by 48 inches with a veneer wood and pencil ledge.

Unlike other art tables, it has two metallic pipes with plastic tips controlled by an adjustable roller that lifts the top to a comfortable angle standing or sitting.

Simple design and super durableIf you want something more stylish this table will be too simple for you.
Don’t need any assemblingNo storage compartment
Tilt angle from 0° to 90° 

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Alvin 4-Piece Creative Center

Alvin takes creativity and work centers to another level. This foldable art table comes complete with a lamp, a storage compartment for your brushes and pencils. However, that is not all you get when you purchase this table. You also get an adjustable chair and a uniquely designed table with front limbs and W-shaped legs with two levelers for stability. This melamine surface is a 42 by 30 inches top with a tilt angle of 0° to 45° and adjustable height from 29 to 44 inches for all-round comfort when start or sitting.

A swing lamp with an adjustable arm of 32 inchesIt is a bit shaky
The foldable table allows for effortless storageNeeds extra storage space
Tilt angle from 0° to 90° 

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Blick Studio Center by Studio Design

No work station will be complete with this studio center. Whether you are an artist, interior decorator, architect, or just like drawing, this table provides superior comfort. Its adjustable height or 29.5 to 39.5 inches offer incredible balance when working. To ensure you can work when the lights are low, it comes with a swing lamp with a flexible arm of 36 inches.

A large work table that measures 41.75 by 30 inchesStorage space is a bit too small
A tilt angle of 0° to 80° for utmost comfort 
A smooth work surface with pencil ledge 

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Blick Studio Deluxe Comet Craft Table by Studio Designs

Wood and metallic black have never looked so beautiful together than in this split style drafting table. It is large and has ample storage drawers. A footrest that doubles as reinforcement beam and curved metallic legs with 6 levelers for extra stability and sturdiness. This table is elegant and well-designed too. For art people, it will gladden your heart to know that the table measures 23.5 by 58 inches with a wood laminate finish. The drawing table is 23.5 by 38.25 inches with a tilt angle of 0° to 45°.

Table height is 29.5 inchesNo adjustable height
Three drawers for storage 
Easy to assemble 

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Studio Designs Eclipse Table & Stool Set

If your space is tight, your budget tighter, then this is the complete studio center for you. It comes complete with a dark finish table with a tilt angle from zero to 40° and a comfortable stool for convenience. In addition to the drawers is a lower wooden panel that could be a bookshelf or a footrest. This will enhance comfort during work or help you store vital tools. Overall, this is an excellent studio center for work at home or in the office.

Six adjustable levelersNo adjustable height
A scratch-resistant wood finish 
Table height is 30 inches 
The price is great. You have a full working station for over 150$ 

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Martin Universal Design Creation Station Table

Do you have an artsy person in your life? Martin has the perfect drawing table for them. This table is everything – it is adjustable, loads of storage space, long pencil ledge, and roller wheels for mobility. Now, what more could an artist ask for?

Additionally are sturdy metallic frames with an H-frame base for stability and wheels that lock in place when you are working.

Large workspace measuring 40 by 24 inches with a tilt angle of 0 to 45°If you want to work in very big formats ( A2 for example ) the table will be too small. 
Suitable adjustable height of 31 to 34 inches 
2 size drawers – 10 and 7 inches 
The price is great. You have a full working station for over 150$ 

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So we have finally come to an end. These are our best drafting tables for beginners, intermediates, and professionals. Also, these tables vary in price, but they are all top quality designs to enable your passion for the arts or simplify your workload.

20 Best Drawing & Drafting Tables for Artists and Architects
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