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10 Free Nature Brush Packs For Procreate

A lot of crucial technological breakthrough has happened, which improves our personal and professional lives and bring ease to our daily activities. One of these breakthroughs is the iPad’s Procreate app for painting, sketching, drawing, and creating visual art.

Procreate app is a sketching and painting app that is designed to be used solely by the iPad. The app is packed with unique features that help artists work digitally. Procreate makes it easy for artists to categorize their artwork in a gallery arrangement which is similar to photoshop users. This app has the proficiency to eliminate and correct quickly, helps to create art, and to share this art immediately. It is one of the best-used apps by artists because of the natural impression it makes when combined with procreate brushes.

This compilation comprises of free nature brushes that you will love to use. Leaves, grass, trees, and rocks, we have them all.

Before we start with the list, don´t forget to check my Recommended Art Supplies and Gear page where you will find all my favorite gear for traditional and digital artists alike.

1. Jjcanvas Procreate Brushes

A few of these Jjcanvas Procreate brushes are set at default and amended to match those in photoshop, while others were created from scratch. These brushes can be used on different kinds of projects for which involves drawing, painting and sketching. They are used for creating comics too.

2. Weirwood Brushes New brushes (5.30.14)

The Weirwood brush set, also known as the Vine brush, are newly designed tools for productive projects in this set. You will enjoy using this brush on any kind of works like diagrams for kids, mud style illustrations, and practical projects.  They can not be used for photoshop, only use with compatible stylus and pencil.

3. Animal Fur Brushes

This set consists of 20+ free pattern brush for procreating animal’s fur and for decoration. You can use this animal fur brush with a resolution of 1920 × 1920 elements.

 These fur brushes are pressure-sensitive, incline and very fast. You can use them for comic illustrations and projects.

4. Flora: Vegetation Brushes For Procreate

This set consists of over 90 brushes, and are also called custom vegetation brushes. Vegetation brushes are best for illustrators, designers, concept artists, architects and any other artists that are interested in laying down some green background. They help artists to convey their tone, mass and composition in nature.

5. The Jungle: Procreate Brush

Jungle Procreate Brush is an excellent brush to use, and you will love to use it. There are 20 good brushes for skilful projects from painting, sketching diagrams, comics illustration, kids’ design and other practical tasks. They can not be used on illustrator or photoshop; however, you can use this brush by selecting its option, then choosing a paint tool for drawing.

6. Grass Brushes and Pebbles

You will find grass brushes and pebbles can be used for creating illustrations for kids, comic design and other relatable projects in this set. Grass brushes and pebbles are used to illustrate grass, rocks, pebbles and stones. This sometimes used to demonstrate designs that look like bubbles. You can only use these brushes with a pencil, but it can’t work on illustrator.

7. Grass, Leaf, Flower Brushes

There are grass, leaf and flower brushes in this set to create different kinds of projects like drawing diagrams, comic design and kids’ illustration. They are also known as custom brushes. The width and colour of the strokes can be modified easily. They can only be used with compatible stylus and pencil.

8. Leaves Brushes

This set consists of leaves brushes for creating good projects. Procreate leaves brushes are fun to use; they are very calming. These brushes don’t line up in the right way when you draw, and the canvas is twisted at an angle. When used with the initial orientation, they work beautifully. These brushes are designed to acquaint users with the screen and to tighten their stroke. They are named after some trees.

9. Scattered Leaves Brushes

Scattered Leaves Brushes includes a set of brushes that are used for producing outstanding works. You can use these brushes on different kinds of projects. Use them for kids’ illustrations, comic design and grunge style illustration. They help in making random leaves, swarms or leave piles. They are not made for photoshop.

10. Rocks Texture Brush

This brush is made for creating realistic rocks. You can use this brush by laying down a few different colours, choose an area, then cut and paste a few. Change and add shadows. After this, expand and cut more for several textures. Painting rocks will no longer be boring when you use this brush. It can also work for commercial projects.

These free nature brush for procreating make it possible for artists to add texture or accuracy to their work without having to formulate designs from scratch. These brushes add the exactness your work needs to be productive.

This is a good collection of free nature brushes that can aid the procreation of different types of art.

10 Free Nature Brush Packs For Procreate
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10 Free Nature Brush Packs For Procreate
1. Jjcanvas Procreate Brushes. 2. Weirwood Brushes New brushes (5.30.14). 3. Animal Fur Brushes. 4. Flora: Vegetation Brushes For Procreate. 5. The Jungle: Procreate Brush. 6. Grass Brushes and Pebbles. 7. Grass, Leaf, Flower Brushes. 8. Leaves Brushes. 9. Scattered Leaves Brushes. 10. Rocks Texture Brush.
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Improve Your Drawings
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