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14 Free & Premium Clip Studio Paint Nature Brush Sets

When painting, one needs brushes or pencils that are closest to the idea being created in order to achieve realism or something similar. That’s is why we have compiled this list of brush sets for Clip Studio Paint to make painting easier and more enjoyable for both pro and beginner artists. These brush packs are built to simulate nature-themed scenes on any piece of painting.


The Florrie Nature Brush Set features a total of 11 brush types for painting nature-themed designs be it grasses, gardens, forests, or any other plants. The texture is slightly grainy to give a realistic nature effect with each brush coming in different size and shape to help your create designs that you would be proud of.

The Florrie leaves, Florrie leaves general and Florrie leaves with dots are all suited for painting in leave designs on a digital canvas. Although all three are created for leaf paintings, they all vary in composition just like real leaves do.

The Florrie various grass, Florrie high grass and Florrie sweet grass brushes are specifically for creating grass designs on any painting. The strokes are slightly longer with blunt edges to recreate grass-like textures. The various grass looks more like the conventional grass and the Sweet Grass could be used as any weed.

Florrie clover and Florrie flowers serve as flower-textured paint brushes.

This brush set is available in the premium category.


This brush pack was deliberately created to help pro and beginner artists build gardens and forests on a blank canvas. The pack contains 25 brush types all targeted at painting nature-like objects. The best part about this brush pack is that it can be gotten for free and used on many different versions of Clip Studio Paint.

A couple of the brushes do great for painting flowers than anything else. They produce strokes shaped like petals and drawing a longer stroke would produce a long strip of flowers. There are varieties of flower textured brushes that you could choose from.

One interesting brush type is the mountain-textured brush type for painting exactly what the name suggests. Their textures are grainy with slightly wavy strokes for painting in as many rocks as you desire.


Painting grasses and flowers just got better with this creative brush set built for the sole purpose of painting in flowers and grasses onto any art piece. The pack which contains two brush types is available for free in the brush catalogue of the store.

The advantage of using this brush set is that each of the two brush types is suited for one category of nature-themed paintings so this limits your options thereby helping you pick a choice easier and faster. The Flower Brush gives of grainy strokes in complete flower shapes. With this, you do not have to create each petal before achieving a full flower. A few strokes and you have a whole garden on your screen.

The grass brush produces longer strokes that appear like wild grasses growing on a field. Multiple strokes using this brush create a nearly realistic garden choked with grasses.


The Palette Knife Brush pack is an affordable premium brush pack fir Clip Studio Paint and Manga Studio artists. Although tagged a ‘knife’ brush pack, the brushes in this pack can be used in painting objects in a nature scene: rocks, gardens, water waves and skies.

The seven brush types contained in the pack all feature different types of strokes; one brush featuring a specific type. Knife 1 and 2 are suitable for painting rocks, valleys and dirt. The texture is a mixture of smooth and grainy which makes it uneven, just like earth.

Knife 3 is a lot rougher and grainier than the previous two and can be used for finishing up rocks, mountains and anything of that nature. They could also be used in painting walls to give a certain old vintage effect.

Beast is best suited for soft, relatively smooth furs and textures but it could also be employed in painting a variety of objects in a nature scene.


The set consists of five brushes each designed to give a realistic water effect when painting.

They can be used to start the painting from scratch or as finishing for a base. Wave 2, water and Water 2 all have tiny grains that are let loose therefore making them a great option for water spills and splashes.

Water is, however, a lot more different from the other two as the grains are really distant from each other. This makes it a considerable option for painting spills and creating water drip effects on canvas.

Wave and Water 3 both feature compact grains with Water 3 being the most compact. These make a good pair for painting large bodies of water or realistic puddles.


The Dynamic Rock pack comprises an impressive total of 36 brushes in the set. These brushes are all designed for artists who have a thing for nature-themed paintings as each brush serves that purpose really well.

A couple of brushes in the pack are suited for creating furs and animal skin textures. When combined with a fur-like colour, they produce nearly hyper-realistic animal skins. To create different skin types, simply adjust the brush tip and size then keep creating strokes till you are satisfied and if not, then you could pick any other brush type in the palette.

Majority of the bother brushes in the set are designed for creating plants, gardens, forests and other herb-like objects in a nature painted scene. Some brush strokes are less grainy than others but most of the brush strokes with sharp ends are useful for grasses than flowers or any other plants.

This is a premium brush pack and can be used in Manga Studio and Clip Studio Paint.


The Generic Leaves Brush pack is a brush set created for painting in animated leaves without stress. Unlike generic brushes where you have to outline the leaf shape before filling in the details, this brush pack gives you the luxury of bringing in already designed leaves to the canvas.

This FREE brush pack features just one main brush for not only painting leaves but any object that features leaves on it. The texture is slightly grainy with very blunt edges but this can be reduced in the brush settings.

It is advisable to use this brush for painting objects or scenes with multiple leaves as scanty leaves would appear non-realistic. Trees, gardens and forests are some of the objects that this is well suited for.


This FREE brush pack was specially created for artists painting in Clip Studio Paint. The brush texture is largely rough as it is meant to give a rock-like effect and finishing on paintings.

Contained in this pack is one brush type that can be adjusted to design several materials on any piece of artwork. The strokes are short and round with each one being distant from the next. This pack would make a great choice for anyone planning to draw some earth scene on canvas.


The Tree Brush features a single brush type built to help artists achieve the rough texture seen on the branches of real-life trees. These can be interchanged for drawing leaves as the strokes produced look tiny leaves like those on a fig tree. The bristles are very rounded and slightly apart and any adjustments would only give a more rounded and more distant texture.

This brush is FREE and can be used by pro and beginner artists on Clip Studio Paint Pro and Clip Studio Paint EX.


This brush set features 6 brush types all suited for painting leaves, shrubs, herbs, gardens, and any other scenes lined with plants. The beauty of this brush pack is that it combines two colors: the main color and the sub color in creating authentic leaf patterns on paintings.

The last two brush types are a lot more subtle and less grainy than the other three and they would serve well in painting highly animated leaves or even clouds because of how well they blend in the main and sub colours.


This brush set features 6 brush types that all simulate a water drop effect on any painting. Closest to real water drop effects are the Water Drops 4, 3, 2, and 1 brush types and they all produce strokes of varying thickness.

Consistently drawing strokes with these brushes would create a sea of water on canvas. This pack is FREE to download.


This FREE brush pack is a great option if you are looking for a brush type to create rocks in your painting. The pack comprises 3 brush types that match the different layers of earth. This means that you can use only this pack for designing all things rock, soil, and earth on canvas instead of creating a base with another brush pack.

One stroke is enough to do the job with any of the three. Works well on Clip Studio Paint software.


The Clip Studio Paint Rocks, Rubble, and Debris Brush pack is specially designed to ease the process of creating debris, rocks, and rubble of any size while painting. Rather than having to create individual rocks, a few strokes using the right brush in this pack would give you an almost perfect heap of rocks.

There are 15 brushes in the pack each featuring different strokes, thicknesses, and textures. The pack is tagged PREMIUM.


This pack contains 6 brush types all suited for painting flowers and/or leaves on canvas. The brush gives you the luxury of deciding to automate your petal drawing process or the entire flower painting process. The second brush type is specifically created for painting leaves.

This is a FREE brush pack and it works well on the Clip Studio Paint software.

These brushes, without a doubt, would take your painting game from wherever it is right now to a hundred. The premium brush packs are quite affordable and the free ones do great jobs on zero budget. Using them over time would help you decide which ones are most suitable for your style of painting. Note that these brushes may not be compatible outside the Clip Studio Paint and Manga Studio apps.

15 Free & Premium Clip Studio Paint Nature Brush sets
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