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40 Best Pencil Brush Sets for Adobe Photoshop | Free & Premium

Sometimes, you need more than just the conventional tools provided by the software to get out the image you want. An extra brush set to draw the images that are in your mind, to create beautiful art, to just make everything perfect is the pencil brush set. Because there are probably thousands of tools like this on the internet, to get the perfect pencil brush that would make your image come out great might be hard. You just might find yourself endlessly searching the net for the perfect brush set. Here is a list of 40 you can choose from.

1. Pencil Texture Photoshop Brushes by Little Bean:

With a high resolution of 300dp, and file size of 43.3mb, this set is very efficient, easy to use, and gives the best look. This is suitable for both print and web, making flexibility one of its amazing features. The size range features 1529px to 2484px. 

2. Photoshop Pencil Brush by Andantonius:

This is real as the word real. It feels like you are using actual pencils on paper, only that you currently do not have a paper, and oh, for the place where you need an eraser, you have undo. Makes it all better, right? 

3. Free Pencil Brushes for Photoshop by Tony Thomas:

With 12 different free brushes for drawing and sketching on photoshop, this is one of the best pencil brush sets you can get for free. Each of the presets has a high resolution, they are all customizable, and you can resize them up to 150pixels

4. Pencil Brushes PS-7 by Dark Zeblock:

These come in a set of 13, and they have that real feature that makes you love them. They were made in photoshop 7 for photoshop software which is lower than CS5. Just in case you were worried it won’t be compatible, they are. 

5. Pencil Box by Mawgallery:

This comes in a set of four brushes, fashioned to look like real pencils on paper. They come in different sizes and shades, and they are free. Drawing with any of the brushes in this set gives the image some kind of hyperrealism look, which is just perfect.

6. Colored Pencils by Brusheezy:

Instead of having to put colors over your sketches, colored pencils already come colored. That is like buying a bunch of cool stuff for the price of one. Sounds like a great deal, if you are into that kind of thing. The drawing is not as real as you would like it to be, but it’s great. 

7. Photoshop Pencil Brush by Gmangar:

Unlike other pencils that go black almost immediately, making your drawing lose touch of the realism you are trying to portray, this one takes its time, following the pencil sketches and letting you shade to satisfaction. Ao if you were going for digital hyperrealism, this is your best bet.

8. Sketchtastic Brush Pack by Johnny Six:

This is a set of ten brushes in a pack, that is used for mainly drawing. This is limited to just drawing, so if you need to do something that is a little bigger, say something as large as 1000px stamp works, then this will not work for you. The package includes a crosshatch pencil, stipple brush, and some other things. 

9. Freehand PS Brushes by Skyline Illusions:

This features 22 freehand brushes for you to design as you like. The image pack and .abr brush set come with the download. This is a favorite for a lot of people, mostly because of the long list of varieties and the flexibility that comes with using this set.

10. My First Pencil Set by Erica-A-Allen:

This is a brush set that works in all the versions of photoshop. It comes in a set of seven, and the brush preset can be adjusted as you wish. All the styles included in this set, are styles that you would most certainly find useful. 

11. The Sketch Arsenal by ThatLD:

This is one of those packs that come with so many things you did not think you needed. It comes with a drawing pencil, a dry marker, a color pencil, an eraser, a fine line-work pen, two types of shading brushes, a watercolor brush, and a lot of other amazing features. 

12. High-Resolution Colored Pencil Brush Sets by Brusheezy:

Using these sets of brushes give you a textured feel, and more importantly, a drawing that looks real, even when it is colored. The package comes with many possibilities. Having a brush set that opens up your spirit of variety fueled by flexibility. 

13. Pencil Shape Brush Set by Gothic Dork:

This comes in the 9 brush set, it is the perfect tool for shading. Each of the pencil brushes come in a size and style that is suited for whatever needs you have. The shading properties of all of the brushes in this set are just perfect.

14. Awesome Photoshop Pencil Brush by KoiFishSushi:

This is mostly a sketch pack, for people who like to sketch, but would not want to smudge. The brushes here makes it easy to draw without smudging, as they are designed in a way that avoids that. 

15. Pencil Brush by Nari 2nd Edition:

With 6 pre-existing rushes, and 5 new brushes, this package is simply developing itself to give the user the maximum experience. It can be used in photoshop in so many cool ways, despite the limited number of brushes available for mastery. 

16. Photoshop CS1-CC Pencil Brushes Tool Preset:

With 13 brush presets, sketching: It is easy to get through sketches seamlessly without smudging. This preset includes a pencil, pencil 2b, pencil charcoal, pencil eras, pencil perfect, pencil square build-up, pencil sfumato. 

17. 3 Pencil Brushes for Photoshop by Pixel Stain:

This set comes with three different brushes. One is the 2b pencil, the other is a mechanical pencil and the third one is the 4b pencil. Each of them has different purposes, and they all have a way of making the picture look real. 

18. 15+ Pencil Brushes by Gamblingwithsouls:

This has more than 15 brushes for you to use at your disposal. However, this is limited. If your photoshop is lower than photoshop 7, these brushes will not work for you. If your photoshop is 7 and above, this is one of the best options for your sketch.

19. Pencil Sketch Pack by Tokratan:

These are not as stylish as some of the aforementioned pencil brushes. These take a more basic approach, so they come off looking like a graphite pencil. If you are looking to make a stylish sketch, you may use any of the others, but this is a basic set.

20. Pencil Mate:

Pencil mate is a set of brushes created for typography, illustrations, and the likes. The files contained include PSD, PAT, ABR. Digital artists and graphic designers are going to really benefit from these sets of brushes. Graphic lettering and illustrations work well with this set of brushes.

21. PS Brushes. Sketchy Pencil Alpha by HGGraphic Designs:

A set of brushes which make sketching pretty easy. There is less smudge as the styles are pretty defined and workable. They are very flexible, and you can adjust presets just as you would like without limitations. They are very efficient too. 

22. Pencil Brush by Xililuv:

If you are looking to sketch a rough image before definition, this is the brush for you. It is flexible and makes it relatively easy for you to get through the sketch process without having to worry about anything. This pack contains .abr and .tpl, they both come with download. 

23. Cross-Hatch Brushes by Lemosart:

Drawing with this set gives you the feeling of drawing with your hands. The drawings come off as real, and they are very flexible and adjustable. They are really great when used, and they give you a feel of hyperrealism. It looks just like a real drawing.

24. Daves digital Pencil and Graphite set Version 4 by Brollonks:

This works as a perfect option for scribbles, freehand drawings, and illustrations. The set of brushes are very efficient, they give a real look feeling, however, they are limited to just CS5, they may work in CS6 because there is not much difference.

25. 20 Cross Hatch Scatter PS Brushes abr by Brusheezy:

Each of the 20 Cross Hatch brushes available in this set has a high resolution of 2500px. This just means that it can be used on both print and web without issues. This is definitely a good choice for graphic designers and illustrators. 

26. Frank’s Photoshop Pencils:

This set has 82 different brushes and they all come in TPL format. They work beautifully for sketches, technical drawings, notations, lettering, layout, and digital roughs. These can be used by animators, comic artists, storyboard artists, and a whole other graphic design inclined people. 

27. PS Brushes 7 by Dark-Zeblock:

These are 7 custom brushes that can be used for basic designs and digital art. They are used for line arting, shading, smudging and then blending the smudge made so it fits into the image, by using both the smudge tool and the texture brushes. 

28. FBrushes wave, Pencil, and Cross Hatch by manuvegara:

These are three brushes which do the most. For just three brushes in a set, they sure have a lot of functions. It is difficult to see the limitation in numbers as they are very effective. Oh, the best part, you can customize them to suit your needs. 

29. PS7 Pencil Brushes 2 by Dark Zeblock:

There are about 80 different high-resolution brushes, they all have different styles. You are opened to variety and flexibility. This is perfect for freehand drawings and styling. They all look like different kinds of pencils, and your drawing comes out as real as possible. 

30. PS Brushes-Pencil- Edit:

These are four different brushes, all designed to look like actual pencils. Their drawings also come off as real, and the brushes are flexible. They are limited to CS5, so you cannot use them in higher photoshops. Oh, a surprise! There is one extra brush, so now there are 5 brushes. 

31. 2nd Photoshop Sketching Set by Eric-A-Allen:

These sets of brushes are adjustable, flexible, and have the best looks so far. The brushes have different grainy-ness, with some grainier than others. However, as awesome as this set of brushes is, there are a few limitations as this works for just photoshop up to CS5. 

32. Real Photoshop Pencil Brush Tools Preset:

These pencil brushes are as real as real could be. They possess density and opacity, just enough to give you the best texture needed. Drawing with these pencils produces really beautiful images. They are perfect for photoshop sketching. These amazing brushes are limited to CS5, CS6, and Creative Cloud. 

33. Carbon Pencil brushes 2013 VI by Brollonks:

These brushes were made with real pencil carbon shapes, and also textures on paper. Using them gives your drawing a feel of realness like you drew them with real pencils on paper. That said, this tool is limited to just CS5 only, it cannot work for the ones before, and it may work for CS6. 

34. Pencil Frames1 by Grayscale stock:

These come with 12 pencil brushes, not just that, it comes with frames and borders. This is a perfect tool for people who really want to add some grayscale to their designs. This is the perfect brush set for graphic designers and storyboard artists. This is limited to just photoshop CS3.

35. Real Media Mini Brush set by Stalcry:

These brushes have some kind of smudge effect, they also come with grain tools. They make your images look real, which is a good thing. They are used for sketching, speed paints, and concepts. They include pencils, paint, Copic marker, texture brushes, inks, and charcoals, all of them which can be adjusted to fit your needs.

36. Photoshop Essentials- Pencil Brushes by FrankQbe:

These contain pencils, inks, storyboard brushes, and markers. This set of pencils are not as great as the rest ones we have mentioned on this list, however, they work just fine for basic designs. So if you are looking to do a few basic designs, this is your best bet. If you are going for something bigger, something else on this list would most definitely work for you.

37. Custom Photoshop Inking and Pencilling Brushes:

This set has a grease pencil, blue pencil, red pencil, soft sketch pencil, simple round, nib, organic, Sumi, and brush. All of these are customizable, and they all have different feels on your image. This is one of those sets that fit into the “buying more for the price of one” analogy. Different cool things that you could use, and they all come in one set.

38. Andatonious pencil brush:

This is like having the best of multiple worlds. This brings the soft real appeal of a pencil sketch together with the speed and control that is known with digital drawing. Using both together creates a beautiful image of all the things you like. This is a really amazing tool, and every photoshop user should have one. 

39. Pencil Brushes by Ben Hickling:

This set of pencil brushes Ben created for Photoshop (versions CS3 to CS6) that re-create a more traditional sketchy look. As a disclaimer, this pack will not work with PS CS2 or lower versions.

40. Pencil Effect Brush

This brush pack was created by Uninvited Chaos.This pack works with CS4 versions and above.

There you go, a whopping list of 40 for you to choose from. Please note that this is not a sequential list, the pencil brushes are listed in no particular order. This way, the best one for you could be what is numbered 40, instead of what is numbered one. However, these are the best that we could curate for you, now, take your time, go through them, pick a favorite, and download. You no longer need to go through the stress of figuring out which one works in a list of over 1000 on the internet. Happy drawing, designing, and animating. Don’t worry, you can fax our “Thank yous” to us, we know we did you a favor. PS, do not forget to credit the designers who came up with these brushes when you use them, they did a great job, and made it free, so a little shout out would not be so bad now, would it?

40 Best Pencil Brush Sets for Adobe Photoshop | Free Premium
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40 Best Pencil Brush Sets for Adobe Photoshop | Free Premium
1. Pencil Texture Photoshop Brushes by Little Bean 2. Photoshop Pencil Brush by Andantonius 3. Free Pencil Brushes for Photoshop by Tony Thomas 4. Pencil Brushes PS-7 by Dark Zeblock 5. Pencil Box by Mawgallery 6. Colored Pencils by Brusheezy 7. Photoshop Pencil Brush by Gmanger 8. Sketchtastic Brush Pack by Johnny Six etc...
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