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Best 25 Free Adobe Draw Tutorials | The Definitive List

As art takes digital form, it is paramount for artists to stay ahead of the trend using the latest tutorials and illustrations app to get their works and skills noticed. Adobe Draw is an app that enables professional artists to express their thoughts in a digitalized environment. Although Adobe is not an uncomplicated digital art app, the best way to learn is by following those who have mastered the tricks. Also, these artists are willing to share their knowledge online for all to learn. So if you are new to Adobe Draw or want to improve your skills, we have wrangled up the best 25 free Adobe Draw tutorials to take your passion to the next level.

The Adobe Draw Illustrator

In this video, we see how professional artist Brain Yap teaches viewers how to use the app on an iPad with the Apple pencil. It is clear to see that artists can impact the lines on their artwork by how much pressure the pencil gets.  The artist also teaches how to use vector shapes to create shades to enable you to transform a portion of your art. This allows you to create 3d objects with depth to which you can color, brush, or do more. With Adobe Draw illustration, your options for producing top-notch sketches are as infinite as the lines on the app.

Cartoon Yourself Adobe Draw

If you have ever made yourself into a cartoon character, this is the drawing tutorial for you. In this video, you can clearly see the artist transforming the image into a cartoon by using the tools to outline, shade, and map out contours, respectively.

Although the tutorial is fast, you can clearly see how each tool are interchanged to create the effect the artist wants. Whether it is drawing hair, filling with color, or erasing the lines for a perfect finish, with this tutorial, cartooning is a step closer. Furthermore, this adobe draw tutorial is available for use on your mobile phone.

Beginners Guide to Adobe Draw

If you are new to Adobe Draw, then you need a tutorial to cover the basics of what you can or cannot do with it. To start, you must download the app from Google Play Store or iOS. It is free, so do not worry. The artist shows us how to start drawing from scratch, but you can pick a model and try your hands on the tools available. The tutorial went further into the types of brushes, layers, background, textures, colors, shades, shapes, rotations, and many more. If you are passionate about digital art, this is the one to watch to enjoy your Adobe Draw journey.

Adobe Draw Tips & Tricks

This is not a specific tutorial on how to use the app for one thing in particular. It is a complete guide that is offering newbie or pros to Adobe Draw little tips and tricks on how to perfect their skills. In the video, one can clearly see which buttons to depress if you want to draw a line or different sizes and curvature, add color or undo a chosen tool.

Basically, this video answers all the questions most Adobe Draw users ask. So if you have any challenge using any tool on the app, this will give you some insights.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Thinking of using Adobe Draw for illustration purposes, then watch this video. In this tutorial, the artist uses his iPad to walk the viewers on how to use the app. He also uses finger gestures to show how to zoom in or out on the app. Furthermore, he shows viewers how to handles mistakes, enlarge, choose brush and canvas, shapes, colors, and creating well-defined lines. Overall, this video is really explanatory, as it teaches the artist how their fingers play a significant role in their artwork.

Simple Cartoon Outline on Adobe Draw

This is another cartoon app that teaches you the basics of how to outline an image and transform it into a cartoon character.

In this video, the artist teaches viewers how to outline an image or picture and fill in the colors.

It also went ahead to illustrate how to add shadows and shades to create depth and a more life-like image even though it is a cartoon. Although the tutorial is about outline and cartooning life images, it offers notable tips and tricks on coloring and shading to the max.

Adobe illustration by CartoonSmart

Although this is not a beginner tutorial, Justin has taken his time to explain the brush types, thickness, and intensity. He went further on layering, using the color wheel, and how to erase by swiping to the left or right of your iPad. The artist uses the drawing of a character and explains each tool he used to get the finished design. Overall, this is an incredible illustration tutorial will all the pointers to improve your skills.

Adobe Illustrator Draw for Beginners

This is another illustration tutorial but use face pace music and movement to depict what it is going for. In the video, the artist uses an existing image to illustrate getting the perfect outline of an image using vexel art.

Vexel art is the process of using layers and multiple shapes to produce the exact look of an image hence retaining the originality in the anime. Adobe Draw beginners can following the process on how to fill in colors and create shades and shadows or even alter backgrounds to complement the finished work.

Background Tutorials with Adobe Draw

Whether you know how to use Adobe Draw or not, background complete your artwork and this video did an incredible job. This video shows how to make three types of backdrops and how to move your image to the front.

By simply rotating the cursor, the proposed background gets into position. The exercises in this video are direct, and anyone can create stunning backdrops by choosing a color on the wheel and practicing.

Adobe Draw – Eye Blending

Although it is not a whole human face, the artist has taken their time to illustrate how to create stunning blends. It shows a woman’s eye and how to use the brushes to outline, mark, and fill out the colors.

However, it has gone a step further to show us how to create an incredible color blend for a seamless and continuous work of art. Using this app, you can change the style, mood, tone, and appearance of a figure.

Hey, you do not have to be a makeup artist; Adobe Draw has all the tools you need. Overall, this is an excellent beginner guide to perfecting your blending skills.

Adobe Illustration using your fingers

For those of you that are still using the old iPad or Android version, then you obviously do not have the Apple pencil. Well, you are in luck; this tutorial shows you step by step of how to use the Adobe illustration using your fingers.

This tutorial is very detailed and shows you how to use preferences to select the tools you want at any point.

This finger illustration is super easy, and if you are a beginner, it is a great way to start and master the techniques.

Adobe Draw Tips & Tricks

This is another Adobe tips and tricks that answer common questions most users encounter while using the app. The first question is how to draw closed shapes to enable easy filling.

Other tips in this video are how to draw the perfect eyebrows and how to flip the depiction of one eye for the other eye.  It also goes forward to show how to use specific brushes and tools to enhance your images.

Adobe Draw Hair Tutorial

How frustrated do you feel when you cannot get the actual hair texture and color when drawing?  It is annoying and can mess up your entire artwork, and it is wrongly depicted. Well, worry no more. In this video by Valdez, it details a quick and easy way to determine the accurate hair color but also get every strand right.

It also shows viewers how the right brush, rendering, and shading techniques. This allows you to create more realistic looking hair that will blend beautifully into the rest of your drawing.

Adobe Draw – Nose Tutorial

The human nose is hardest thing to draw after the hair. For some reason, this little organ has so many contours, curves, and movements that must be captured correctly. Although the nose does not consist of too many lines, just adding shades and filling it out does not depict a better structure either.

The artist has detailed how to draw a nose by outlining the corners. It starts from the eye and on the lower sections on an image from the library. It also goes further to show how to add colors fill, tone, shade, and highlight for depth and dimensionality.

Adobe Draw Easy Hair Tutorial

Still on using Adobe Draw to depict the perfect hair, this video has gone a step further to show you steps that will enable you to master your skills. The artist has broken down the process into simple steps from outlining to layering the outline.

Furthermore, colors were chosen for the hair, and in this tutorial, three different shades of color are used to create a base, shadows, and highlight to bring the hair to life. To get the three areas to shine properly, a decrease in the opacity of color add the illusion of movement just like real hair.

If you are into real-life digital art, you need this video to capture hair like a professional, and it is absolutely free.

Basic Skin blending Tutorial

Skin color and blending are significant in drawing life art, and in this video, you will learn the basics. Color palate similar to real skin tone will help you manipulate and blend more beautifully even if you are drawing inanimate objects. Overall, the video shows step by step of the coloring process.

This is not an easy tutorial, and your art will be messy. The result is impeccable, as you will learn layers, base tones, shading, and the right brushes to utilize for each process.

Adobe Draw Cartoon Tutorials

This is a complete illustration video showing how to make a cartoon character using your own images. The artist takes us through the outline process, filling, color, blending, background, and even difficult areas.

For beginners and professionals, this is a detailed Adobe Draw tutorial that will help you make headway in your cartoon depiction. The video also illustrates the use of highlights, shades, shadows, and tones to create 3D dimension and depth.

Vector cartoon on Adobe Illustrator Draw

Vector art is an application that is available on Adobe Draw. It allows the artist to create unique works of art using specific mathematical pointers on all-readymade images.

For example, in this video, the artist was able to show us how we can use curves, lines, shapes to turn any picture into a vector cartoon.

Vector cartoons make images look sharper, explicit, and more defined than regular brush and pen. We can see from the finished work the clean format and beauty of the cartoon character.

Lip Tutorial Part 1

The lips might look easy to draw, but it is not. If you have been tracing out all readymade images, it will look simple.

This video details how to draw beautiful lips, including line placement and how to get the right curvature and proportions.

It also shows you how to fill and render colors beautifully to make every detail pop in your art. If you have always struggled with drawing the perfectly proportioned lips, this is the video for you. You can watch out for the second part but keep practicing for now.

Adobe Draw How to Blend

In this article, we have talked about various Adobe Draw tutorials that enable artists to blend their work to a perfect finish. While there are videos on blending the eye or face, this fast pace video teaches you how to blend. For beginners and professionals alike, it starts with the basics, through the difficult program.

It also shows how to use colors, opacity, and shades to create the perfect highlight and depth. Overall, it is a great way to start blending large images and getting them right.

Adobe Draw Cartoon Tutorials for Beginners

Are you interested in learning how to draw amazing cartoon characters on Adobe Draw? Follow the video now; it is the complete guide for a beginner. This tutorial takes you through the process, including measurement, outline, rotation, and filling using only two brushes. It also details the different preference settings you should choose to help you create the perfect cartoon character of your image.

Unlike most cartoon videos, it is very educational and takes the viewer through a journey as the tutorial progresses. 

Vector Drawing with Adobe Draw

This is a great educational video on how to draw in Adobe Draw creating nice vector characters and illustrations. In this tutorial you will get a clear and short intro to the basics of this app.

In my opinion, this video is great if you are a newbie to vector drawing and you wanna try how it feels without the need of learning lots of tools. You will learn the basics of how to navigate yourself on the app without complicating things that much.

As a disclaimer, the author Stayfs Draw uses Adobe Draw for inking his drawings, so he works over a sketch he did previously, probably in another drawing app like Photoshop or Procreate.

Step by step blending Tutorial on Adobe Draw

This very free tutorial is one of the best blending tutorials on this app. It teaches you the blending of all parts of the human body, from hair to face and facial structures and the outfit.  The video was able to use colors to capture the mood, appearance, depth, and even emotions. It is incredible.

The artist was kind enough to introduce how to create the perfect highlight, shades, and shadow to make an image more realistic. The brush techniques, layers, and opacity setting are well-explained in this tutorial.

Cartoon Tutorial for Beginners

This is a complete guide for a beginner into cartooning on Adobe Draw. This video shows how you can use the various brush techniques and settings to get the desired result. If you can to create life-like cartoon images, you need to use shades and shadows, highlights, and contours.

This is a video for every beginner looking to improve their cartooning skills without the stress involved. Follow the video and gain insightful details to make your images better.

Shading /Blending On Adobe Draw

Two things make an artist, your creative expression, and how to shade. Shading is essential in adding depth and dimension to any work; else it will look bland and lifeless. If you are looking to get tips and tricks on how to bring your art to life, watch the entire video.

The video starts from scratch and walks the viewer through creating the perfect finish for an entire face. The brush and color filling techniques are incredible and a must for all beginner or professional artists.

Adobe Draw is an incredible application for budding or professional artists to improve their skills and express themselves. Although some apps listed here are similar, they offer a different perspective on the artist’s work.

These free tutorials have their limitations as mobile apps. However, the information it offers to an artist, Adobe Draw is an incredible platform to begin or perfect your skills and work.

Best 25 Free Adobe Draw Tutorials | The Definitive List
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