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Top 20 Skillshare Art Classes You Don´t Wanna Miss

Whether you are a beginner or a skilled artist, there is always a window for you to learn more about art, and there is such an apt window for you to learn a lot about art through the following Skillshare art classes that have been put together.

These Skillshare Art Classes are not the regular classes where the tutors rigmarole and beat around the bushes, these are art classes where you will learn so much in the following areas; drawing, coloring, sketching and other areas you have heard of.

Not to forget to mention that you’d learn other non-artistry lessons such as how to get clients, how to grow your brand, and how to make good money with your artworks.

All of these and more are what you will learn in the following Skillshare classes

Make a Living as an Artist: Strategies for Crafting Your Creative Business

In this class, you will learn how to understand you and your craft.

Also in this class, you will learn how to stay unique and different from the crowd in whatever niche that you have decided to place yourself in (either in TV animation, Editorial/Magazine, Advertising, Home Décor, Branding, etc.)

To cap it, this class will teach you how to get the perfect clients for your skills and how to handle pricing and negotiation.

If you are a beginner who is just trying to get into the business part of art, or you have been in the business, and have nothing to show for it financially, this Skillshare Art Class is for you.

What Every Artist Should Know: The Fundamentals, Finding Your Style, Profiting, & More

In this class, you are in for a lot of goodies. Yes, you read right. You will learn ALL the fundamentals of drawing.

This is talking about the theory of colors, shapes, forms, lines, patterns, design principles, textures; just everything that you need to go from being an amateur illustrator to becoming one of the very best.

Besides, you will be taught how to find your unique artist style, build your brand, your audience, and your niche.

In the end, you will take up drawing exercises to practice what you have learned in the class.

Art School Boot Camp I: Drawing Compelling Compositions by

Are you a lover of art and the idea of attending an art school is far-fetched as a result of one reason or the other?

Don’t be bothered, as this particular Skillshare class is here to take you through the basics of art school, with the most focus on Composition.

For art newbies, the composition is the arrangement of art elements in a work of art. Elements such as texture, shape, line, form, gesture, design, space, and tone.

This class will teach you everything about these elements, and how you can merge them beautifully to create masterpieces.

In the course outline of this class, you’d learn some other art concepts such as unity, emphasis, balance, rhythm, repetition, Rule of odds, cropping, rule of thirds, etc.

At the end of the class, there is a project for you to work on to test what you have learnt in this class.

Mastering Digital Art: Basics to Final portrait by Chloe Rose

For digital artists who want to learn how to draw their favorite movie characters, cartoon characters, objects of fantasy, celebrities, etc., then the class is all yours.

It is no gainsaying that digital drawing is a step higher than traditional drawing and much more complicated.

These complications and other nitty-gritty features are all that this particular class has to offer you.

Here, you will learn about resolutions, tablets, paintings, tools, layers, blending, background, sketching, brushes, how to draw a digital drawing from the first body part to the full portrait.

Concept Art

This class is for those artists who are crazy about movie creations, video games development, comic book illustrations, animations, and other niches that require the creation of creatures, weapons, characters, clothing, buildings, environment, worlds, etc.

Here, you will learn how to draw different characters, creatures, costumes, objects, environments: both fictional and real; from the beginning to finish.

What is also important about this class is that there is no limit to how wide you can go with your projects, all you have to do is allow your imagination to run wild and wide!

Intuitive Illustration: 4 Quick, Fun Exercises to Unlock Creativity

Don’t wait to see it before you illustrate it!!

This is what this class is all about. Once you have mastered the art of drawing/illustrating what you can see with your outer eyes, it is time for you to start drawing what you can’t see with your outer eyes.

This is what this class will help you do. First, it will help to teach you how to condition your mind to get creative regardless of the chaos going on in it.

Also, with this class, you will learn how to draw with your less-dominant hand, with your eyes closed, and getting drawing inspirations from the deepest core of your mind and feelings.

Art Basics – How to Draw Eyes – Bring Your Characters and Drawings to Life!

The eyes! The eyes!! The eyes!!! To non-artists and non-illustrators, the eyes might be irrelevant and inconsequential. But to you as artists, the eyes tell your story more than any part of this body.

This is why you need this class to learn how to express all you want to express with the eyes you draw.

In this class, you’d learn why the eyes are important in your creative works, how to draw the different parts of the eyes (pupils, eyebrows, iris, lids, etc), and how to show emotion with just the eyes!!

Imaginative Drawing: Developing Concept Art Characters

This class teaches techniques of two different art worlds: pop and Manga surrealism. Surrealism in art entails that an artist takes a real art object from its original and realistic environment and transfers into another unusual but unique and beautiful environment.

This type of artistry is not something that you come across ordinarily, this is why you need this class to take you from the level of realistic imagery to a paradoxical environment.

Seeing that one of the basic tools used in this class is the pencil, you get to learn the different types of pencil leads and how to choose the thickness of your pencil strokes.

Besides, you get to learn sketching and fleshing images too.

Concept Art Character Design

We all know how characters are like the first element of any visual artwork; comic books, movies, documentaries, etc.,), and without a proper representation of these characters, that artwork is a flop already.

To avoid creating characters that will flop the entire work and to create characters that will stand out individually even when they are put together with other characters, this is why you have to this class.

In this class, you will learn character personalization using the hair, eyes, props, and costumes as major points.

How to Draw Comic Book Style Faces in Sketchbook Pro 8

To target of this class is to teach you how to sketch, draw, and color comic-style male and female faces from the beginning to the end.

You will learn how to measure and map out the different lines and symmetry that make up the human faces.

The best part is that you can do this traditionally and also with the Sketchbook Pro 8. With this class, you will learn how to do more with the Sketchbook Pro 8, a sketch tool that will assist you to create beautiful comic book faces with its brushes, tools, layers, and other mind-blowing features.

Art School Boot Camp: Harnessing Color

Art gets more colorful when you know how colors work and how your artworks can make all the difference in the art world when you utilize the different colors available for artists’ consumption.

To know more about colors, hues, tints, value, saturation, tones, intensity, color relatively, and other concepts associated with color, you need this class.

In this class, the color wheel, color palette, color palette creations, color schemes, color harmony, and color inspiration will also be taught exclusively.

Any questions you have concerning colors, strictly colors, will be addressed in this class.

Sketchbook Magic I: Start and Feed a Daily Art Practice

It is one thing to sketch and it is another thing to sketch with a touch of magic as your inspiration. This magical touch is what most artists lack, hereby making their artworks get devoid of emotions and soul.

To be that artist whose artworks speak to the soul of your clients and express the right emotions, you need to take this class.

This class will not only help you create magical art sketches, but it will also help you begin a sketchbook that you can work on at your own pace and time, with no rush and definitely with nothing but nature as your inspiration and guide.

Concept Art Architecture – Design and Paint Stunning Cityscapes

Architectural design is not a forte that a lot of artists delve into simply because of one reason.

REASON: It seems hard and complicated.

But what you don’t know is that these seeming complications are easy pies, as this particular class is here to help you:

  1. Overcome the fear of impossibility and banish the “I can’t do this” mindset.

2. Help to teach you how to create amazing landscapes, cityscapes, and other environmental artworks.

3. How to make use of Adobe Photoshop to create realistic and stunning architectural artworks.

With this class, you don’t need a degree in architecture to churn out amazing and dazzling artworks!

Painting Machines: Concept Art Vehicles, Robots & Weapons

Space vehicles? Robots? Weapons? Are these your desired creative art niches? Do you crave to be a guru artist who designs and creates astonishing painting machines?

There is no gainsaying that this class is what you need to satisfy that craving. Painting Machines is a niche that requires a detailed and expressive learning process that you likely can’t find somewhere else.

Hence, this is why you need to get on this class immediately to commence a step by step tutoring on how to draw painting machines from scratch to the finish.

You Can Draw Cute People the Easy Way!

Drawing cute characters or people hit differently because hey! nobody hates to draw ugly people, except they are either villains or evil creatures in the story.

But when they are neither of the two, a lot of artists love to draw little cutie characters and people.

To aid such artworks, you need this class which only entails that you come with your pencil, eraser, and a brush pen, your passion for drawing, your imagination, and your brain!

And before you know it, you’re drawing the cutest characters ever drawn in history!!

Modern Watercolor Wreaths : 3 Ways

Wreaths are beautiful and gorgeous bunches of flowers, most especially when they are used for happy moments such as birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries; but definitely not for funerals.

Regardless of how adorable wreaths are in the physical form, having them drawn or sketched expressively can be a tug of war and too complicated for even a professional artist.

To put you through how to draw and create coordinated and structured water colored wreaths in THREE DIFFERENT WAYS, you have to sign up for this class now!

How to Draw Comic Style Eyes

As earlier explained in this article, eyes are not just another body part, they are as important in drawings as they are in the real life.

But this time, the focus is on drawing comic-style eyes; different eyes that you can feature in comics; books, magazines, videos, etc.

While it sometimes looks like all comic characters have the same type of eyes to a layman, professional artists know that this is not true as there are different types of comic-style eyes for the different genders.

In this class, you will be learning how to create these comic-style eyes, using angles, lines, and shapes.

Concept Art: Drawing Imaginary Worlds

You have probably seen some extraterrestrial/Sci-Fi /Fantasy movies like “Guardian of the Galaxy”, “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets”, and “Spaceballs”; and you are probably wondering how they came about designing the imaginary outer spaces.

This class is the eye-opening class that will teach you how to create such imaginary spaces and worlds from reality.

Also in this class, you will learn how to use Tonal Planes, how to find inspiration for your imaginary creations, how to plan composition, and how to illuminate depth, amongst others.

Concept Art Essentials | Creating Conceptual Artworks – From Scratch!

You have been reading about the concept called “Concept Art” a lot in this article. And there are some of you have might have come across those words in different art books, videos, journals, or blogs, and you wonder what exactly it is, and how to go about it FROM THE SCRATCH!

This class is the solution, as you will get to learn all you need to learn about Concept Art and how to work on it, most especially for beginners.

You would also be taught how to use custom brushes, textures, Photoshop, and Support via Discord.

How to Improve Your Creature Design Drawings – Step by Step

The flying horses, the giant fire-spitting dragon, the crocodiles, the monsters; talk about creatures that are featured in art books, comics, movies, etc, this is the class where you learn how to draw them.

This class doesn’t only teach you how to draw them, but how to study the spines of the different creatures to ensure a detailed and extensive drawing.

In this class, you will also learn how to create thumbnail sketches, how to adjust the proportions of your work, and how to work on the legs of the creatures too.

When it comes to art; most especially drawing, painting, coloring, and sketching; there are a lot of things to actually learn, and a lot of classes that promise to teach you all that you need to learn.

The challenge is not learning in itself, but learning what is useful to your niche, what is gaining the upper hand in the art market at the moment, and what you can grow in.

Hence, this is why these 20 classes have been selected for you to learn from, as these 20 classes cover almost all that you need to grow your art and your brand in the art world.

Top 20 Skillshare Art Classes You Don´t Wanna Miss
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Top 20 Skillshare Art Classes You Don´t Wanna Miss
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Improve Your Drawings
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