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8 Krita Oils & Acrylics Brush Packs Free | Premium

by Toni Justamante Jacobs

If you are an oil or acrylic artist trying to replicate the same effect on your artwork, then you might want to download and use the Krita 8 brush set for your work. Krita has set itself apart in the world of digital art tools, and the brushes versatile, user-friendly, and available on most platforms. They allow the artist to create and express their unique styles too. The Krita community is also a small, tight-knit one; hence the brushes in this set are easily distinguished in your art.

We have brought to you, 8 must-have brushes in both oil and acrylic to help beginner and professional understand how the Krita brush set works.

Before we start let me recommend to you some articles we wrote about Krita and Krita brush packs that will help you enhance and enjoy more your user experience with this very cool free software:

1. Wes Gardner’s Brush Pack 2019

Wes is not a new face in the Krita community. These brushes design for Photoshop are unique and certainly one to watch out for. Wes has gladly offered this pack of over 30 brushes in ABR format to add striking details to your conventional artwork. With these brushes, you have access to creating elegant brush techniques. They include watercolor, pastel, acrylic, and oil or add special effects too, like smoke, cloud fog, and the whole lot. The Wes Gardener Krita also includes other brushes compatible with other art programs like Sketchbook Pro. You also have access to perspective brushes and amazing blending brushes. So if you are ready to add some flair to your artwork, Wes Gardener’s Krita brush set will do it for you.

2. Acryl Brushset

This set of 7 seven brushes by GrindGod Watch are the best you can get for acrylic painters for Krita. These wonderful 7 blend brushes are created for Krita are free, easy to download, and fun to use. The brush set comes with their guide on how to use them and extremely easy to grasp. The Acryl Brush set produces the most amazing stokes giving oil and acrylic painters that finesse and sophisticated finish to their artwork. So if you are looking for a go-to blend Brush set on Krita, this is it.

3. Princess Lollipop 03 Brushes

Princess lollipop 03 brushes are free brushes and tools affordable for all types of digital artists. This Brush set contains different brushes, including watercolor, charcoal, spray paint, oil paint, and many more. The brush set also comes with an array of stamps, erasers, and 5 blending brushes. The princess lollipop 03 brushes add a subtle and delicate touch to all your digital. It is an incredible set for any type of artist.

4. Kamidahobo 5 brush pack 2020

This is another astounding brush set from Wes Gardener for 2020. This set consists of 30 incredible brushes in ABR format for all the artwork you need to do.

The pack consists of the traditional Brush set variety with sketching brushes, painting brush (for oil and watercolor effects), and stamps, including animal stamps

Kamidahobo also includes rakes, textured brushes for photo bashing, matte, concept art, and traditional painting. This brush set is compatible with any digital art software, including Krita Affinity Photo, PainStorm Studio, Sketchbook Pro, and ProCreate.

5. Krita Brush Tips

This is not necessarily a Brush set but a tutorial tip program with three brushes to help you sculpt, paint, and brush. Artists will learn opacity, pressure, fade, and smudges using the brushes available. This easy to use downloadable program includes several brush tips like the animated brush, hairbrush, bokeh, caustics, outlines, rainbows, and sculpting.

The Krita brush tip is an incredible tool for artists that want to master the right techniques using the Krita brush sets.

6. The Muses Preset Pack

Krita makes it easy to create presets, giving you access to unlimited brushes for any art project. The Muses Preset pack is a rich, versatile, and unique set of brushes that will emulate a traditional paintbrush with an incredible finish on any digital art software.

This preset consists of a sketching brush for pencil, charcoal, and hardpaste, which can be changed to colored brushes.

The second are digital presets brushes that enable you to smooth contour and create detailed finishes on your work. The Ink presets are excellent for creating ink comics. The oils water preset gives a movement impression on an artwork that is really expressive. The next is a blending and textured with a bonus hairbrush for your designs.

7. Razcore Krita Brushset

The Razcore Brush set is an upgrade from the previous 3.0 kit. This 4.0 work seamlessly with Krita and its 11 brushes are designed for Photoshop, Corel, and speed painting.

The brushes are of better quality, and the finishes are even better than the original set.

The set includes 11 brushes in 35 styles, including digital brush, 3 different paint digital brushes, 3 textured Brushes, 2 sketch brushes (2 pencil brush and 2 charcoal brushes), a paint option with 11 styles. It has 3 sketch ink digital brushes too.

8. Rakurri Brush Set

These newly released 4.4.1 Krita brush are an incredible addition to your art brushes and are created by Raghukamath. They are compatible with most operating systems, free and easily downloadable too. These brushes create amazing pixel art and blending so easy your artwork with a take on a new dimension. Furthermore, it comes with a tutorial on how to use the brushes too.

Krita is a community of artists doing their thing and creating elegant artwork with unique brushes for all artists to enjoy freely at their disposal.

8 Krita Oils & Acrylics Brush Packs Free | Premium
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8 Krita Oils & Acrylics Brush Packs Free | Premium
1. Wes Gardener’s Brush Pack 2019 2. Acryl Brush set 3. Princess Lollipop 03 Brushes 4. Kamidahobo 5 brush pack 2020 5. Krita Brush Tips 6. The Muses Preset Pack 7. Razcore Krita Brush set 8. Rakurri Brush Set etc...
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