Art has a beautiful way of allowing people to escape through the creative expression of their moods. The amazing blend of strokes, paint, lines, sculpture and art forms creates a world of possibilities for avid followers. It provides a way to increase your cognitive abilities and enhance your creativity. Art is a way of inspiring others to become better and more in tune with their creative sides.  This is one reason art is a major subject taught in many schools across America and the world over. Fortunately, Instagram offers a wide range of visual content perfect for expressing all forms of art. 

You can get lost in the sea of paintings, sculptures, and other fanciful artwork of great artists on the platform. Art teachers have capitalized on the perks of using Instagram; they have been able to carve different niches to showcase their art. Their art and what their kids have done, innovative ideas, and a lot that will inspire others to become better versions of themselves. 

There are some excellent art teachers for major art lovers that you can run new things from on Instagram. There are 40 Art teachers you should follow to gain insight into the ever-dynamic world of art.

  1. Emily Burlingame

Emily Creates, as seen on her Instagram, is a fun K-6 Arts teacher who is fascinated by nature and memes. As a lover of nature, she has an organized library of some of her artworks, ranging from flowers, modeling clay, and other personal adventures. She enjoys being in the garden but also has different step-by-step tutorials of how she makes inspirational artwork. 

  1. artofteaching

As a public high school teacher, she is passionate about empowering the students and teaching them different dimensions of art. Whether using watercolors to create beautiful images or pen drawings of different portraits, she also enjoys abstract arts and has a coup of artworks on objects and shapes. Mrs. Moen is also a love of comic books; you can tell from how she incorporated this style in her works.

  1. RMS Art

Talk about someone passionate about Art; RMS art is centered on improving her students and providing a strong platform for them to pursue art as a career. She is involved in art challenges, and her students have helped win Visual Arts competition to bring recognition to the institution. She showcases many of her students ‘ works, including drawings, weavings, and other art forms. She incorporates different forms of art like dance to help students be possible using colors and designs. 

  1. artsmrsmiller

She is an elementary Arts teacher who lived in Maryland and constantly goes the extra mile to improve her students through art. Mrs. Miller enjoys using colors, and so do her students, as seen in her posts. Her ability to engage her students in creating beautiful pics for their age is incredible. She has such a presence that allows the students to be comfortable in creating art. She teaches the fundamentals of art like learning lines, shapes, color, and other aspects that you should know for a beginner in an Art class. 

  1. Classroom Inspirations

It is a catchy name for an art teacher, but more importantly, her page captures the essence of art – inspiration. The page is handled by two teachers who regularly give art updates and tips and share students’ paintings and drawings with their followers. There are some decorations for classrooms and exotic paintings on desks, chairs that light up any room.

  1. Madly Learning

The account is owned by an Ontario-based teacher who goes by Patti. She incorporates the everyday life of art teachers in her posts and showcases some artwork by students. She also has a website where he talks about the best ways to improve teaching students with varying abilities. If you are looking to learn how best to communicate your ideas to grade 3 students and young kids interested in art, you should follow her. She has a lot of great content that will be useful for people looking to impact young teachers’ and students’ lives. 

  1. Schoo Middle School

       If you look for an eccentric blend of art, music, and culture, then the Schoo middle school     Instagram page is a dream. The school is located in Nebraska and showcases different works from students in the school.  The school has a great take on explaining societal ills through paintings and other artworks. The students have the creative liberty to create images that depict the situation of society, as some posts show their flair for equality.

  1. mrdewildart

This elementary school art teacher tells great stories about art, his life, and his experience with the students through his captions. His page is more or less like an endless chain of events that create a big picture of the reasons art is beautiful. The colorful expressions depict shows how he teaches his students to be bold with colors in expressing themselves. He enjoys murals, abstract drawings, and face portraits. He also has a book called “30-minute drawing for beginners’ ‘ which, from the looks of things, is doing pretty well on sales.

  1. Hopkins_art_studio

This Instagram page is a true embodiment of the fun and queer side of art. There is so much joy around the students as they make objects for fun. The elementary teacher handling this account combines learning art with practicing Yoga. Consequently, it has proven to pay off richly. If you look at the old posts of the students, you will be able to see an improvement in the designs, color combinations, and line drawings.

  1. mini Matisse art

Nic Hahn handles this account and shows the treasures of being an art teacher. For her, it is the joy of imparting knowledge and sharing life lessons with the students. Nic prides in offering sound advice to fellow teachers and parents on her podcast. Her students gain inspiration from other artists and teachers. She also shares tips on the easiest ways to make some of the fine artworks she posts on her page.

  1. Paintedpaperart

Once you get on this page, there is an explosion of color, nature, and the life of art students. This elementary art teacher is in love with nature, and so to the students with loads of outdoor-inspired art on display. There are also a lot of floral patterns you can model if you are interested. But for people that love to paint outdoors, this page will excite you.

  1. artseewithmsv

This art educator has a style that many people will categorize as elegant. She plays with colors like it is her calling, and so do her students. With the long-term belief that art can inspire and change the world, this art educator tries to invigorate the creative side of her students. Unlike the others in this list, there are not many posts, but her ability to take random things to create art is what inspires her students.

  1. teacherspayteachers

This page celebrates the contributions of art teachers and other educators in general across the country. It is a page that inspires teachers to become better and also reforms other misplaced priorities that teachers may have. The organization comes up with events that can help teachers connect better with students. If you are an art teacher or looking for ways to improve the system, this is a great page to follow.

  1. mr.riosart

You can tell that Gregory Rios is a bundle of fun with his lifestyle and art projects which he gives his students. There is an exciting Post where he asks his 5th graders to paint the bag of their favorite chips. He is also fascinated with other cultures and incorporates that into some of his work. 

  1. elementary arts

Mr. Kiczek, as his students fondly call him, enjoys the fine art of organization and arrangement. As an art teacher, he regularly posts children’s books on art that have inspired many kids to love art. His page is flooded with color, and he is not ashamed to say how much he loves it. For this 3D printer enthusiast, being able to enhance students’ lives in the most positive ways makes being a teacher worth it.

  1. augy_artclass

Augustine Tse is a visual arts teacher that is based in Hong Kong and enjoys contemporary art. He also loves figure drawings and elaborates on the basic human movement regarding these types of art. Augustine loves to talk about complicated projects and simplify the forms for the students to tackle other challenges through art in their country. There is a post where he tasks students to find inspiration from their surroundings and depict their findings using a balloon. 

  1. Cassie_stephenz

She loves to talk about art on her podcast and is a kid author who exposes the easiest ways of making different art forms. She teaches students about different designs such as shirt prints, pop-up art, glowing clay artworks. She also posts instructional videos of how she makes the artworks on her page. With her rich content, it is no surprise she has a large following on Instagram. 

  1. Artfunwithms.c

Keisha Casiano is a dog lover who also enjoys art very much. She is an art educator and ceramic works and other art forms. In her recent posts, she focuses on paintings on ceramic works and inspires her students to get involved with the art forms. Also, she gives her students 2D painted paper products to complete, with many of the students enjoying the different tasks she brings during art class. 

  1. Asch Canworks

Ashly McKee is an elementary art teacher that enjoys the use of abstract objects to create art. Also, her art encourages people to look into certain societal ills and how it affects people. One of her throwback posts shows a drawing that addresses the trials of growing up in an abusive home. However, she has posts of vibrant colors with student artworks on display as well. Her highlights are properly arranged and you can clearly see where her art is displayed. 

  1. Rainbow.art.teacher

There is hardly a post that you will not see Ms. Greathead in a bright-colored dress or sweater. Her page is so colorful that it attracts you to anything. She teaches weaving, sewing, and other art forms. As a K-2 art teacher, she constantly ensures that each student is constantly craving new works. Her goal is to ensure each student can craft. 

  1. three.busy.boys

This is a family account that follows the three young kids with their parents. It shows the different animal prints, nature, and fruit pieces. You can tell that the parent is an art teacher with the captions to these posts

 In each post, the art teacher walks us through the kids’ thought process and where their inspirations came from.

  1. art with mrs nguyen

She is an elementary teacher in Atlanta, Georgia that teaches art and the elements of design. She teaches the fundamentals of drawing shapes, connecting lines, and coming up with designs. Mrs. Nguyen also incorporates a lot of color into her designs, and it is evident that her students are modeling her style. In her recent posts, however, she focuses more on how art plays a huge role in her household with designs of her work studio and other parts of the house.

  1. jiravich

Jonathan emerged as the 2018 Ohio State teacher of the year and has been a contributor to Liberty Tree Elementary’s success.  As a family-oriented man, you can see that some of the students’ artworks revolve around family. He also uses various techniques to reach art to young kids. For example, in one post, he uses a puppet to explain the essence of art to young kids in kindergarten

  1. friends artlab

This school is located in California and uses the beautiful elements of art to teach students and improve their learning. The Friends Preschool believes that preschoolers learn faster with visual art; hence the page is filled with colorfully placed cardboards, cutouts, wall paintings that ensure the kids’ minds are open to learning.

  1. donovan art room

She loves pen and ink illustrations, as you will see from some of her posts. The majority of her page is filled with splashes of color from her 3 -5-year-old students. There are mostly wall paintings used as class decorations on her page, but you will enjoy a break from the norm when she posts some of the things she has worked on herself.

  1. romero britto

As at the time of writing this article, Romero had 1.4 million followed on Instagram. He is so popular that celebrities come to his events. His style is unique and versatile that cuts across the kids and the older generation. Romero uses colors deliberately with attribution to his love for cartoons. More or less the reason the younger audience resonates with his content. 

  1. hello.hue

Mrs. Mauer has been an art teacher for more than a decade, and it is evident in the way she coordinates the kids. Her students have line sculptures, book covers, and other artworks. She gives her students the freedom to paint and make anything that has inspired them last week. One striking thing about her is the way she tries to sensitize the kids on what is happening in the world. So, kids paint and make artworks based on recent developments in the world.

  1. b.e.nm

This art educator is for the mature audience. His style and talent are worthy of note. Ben also gives tips on how best to tackle line on paper drawings in different forms. He has a couple of videos that show the process of making some of his popular drawings. 

  1. same_year

He is based in the UK, Sam fashions contemporary art that models color distortion and abstract shapes and letters. He is also a teacher that helps other people looking for ways to escape through art. Furthermore, he has a series of artworks that are on display in the highlights section. You can also engage him on the platform if you are willing to learn.

  1. deepspacesparkle

 You might need to use some sunglasses when entering this page because this art teacher association showcases a blistering array of colorful artworks by students. However, it is the resources, books, and tutorials that have gained them followers. They have a wide range of art topics that they teach students. 

  1. busy brushes

A catchy name for an art page, but the content posted by Mrs. Latimer is completely engaging. The elementary teacher incorporates TikTok into making tutorial videos and also sharing art and teaching tips. She uses colorful illustrations to spread positive words to teachers and her followers. 

  1. zee_art_la_carte

Every bit of this page is filled with excitement and adventure, all bundled into art. Each post celebrates the little wins of the young artist, as the teacher calls them. It is thrilling to see, especially when they have exhibitions. The students are always pumped for art, and it shows when they are talking about their artwork.

  1. Just_a_man_t

Toni Justamante Jacobs is a skilled professional in drawing, sculpting, and 3D printing. He offers free tutorials on digital paint brushes, with a step-by-step process of drawing popular characters in Movies. You can tell his fascination with Sci-fi movies, with the illustrations he shows his students and followers. So, if you are a big fan of Sci-fi, Non-fiction, you will enjoy his illustrations of Hellboy, Darth Vader, and other Star Wars characters. He also has a website that helps people improve their drawings.  

  1. colourful_minds_kids

It is a workshop for kids to learn Art in Bristol, UK. Laura is in charge of the workshop where schools collaborate with the organization to empower their students through art. From stained glass window tints to line drawings, abstract art and other forms of training are offered in the workshop.

  1. mizzzlee_art

If you are into photography, you will appreciate this art teacher from Taiwan. The way she captures nature with objects is beautiful to see. Plus, her students find ingenious ways to express their emotions. The students created a “stay at home” tag with the pandemic, which she posted and other posts on their love for art.

  1. mracoolaid

He is not only an art teacher but a professor in New York City. He shows his followers the simple ways of making cards, paper flowers, and other artworks. Once in a while, Mr. Angeles incorporates TikTok into his content to engage the audience.

  1. howgraythouart

Please take a look at the handle of this page and chuckle as you read it out loud. You are impressed too. But far from the wit and wordplay of the name, Katie Gray uses what her students learn in school as inspiration for art classes. In a recent post, the students of her 2nd-grade class learned about Mae Jameison. Consequently, they all made a portrait of the astronaut or themselves.

  1. art_school_diy

This school believes that all kids are artists. The page showcases the elaborate artworks of some of the brightest kids in the country. With appreciation of nature, butterflies, frogs, and other animals being part of the designs. 

  1. heart_artlife

The page is a collection of creative arts and crafts by kids at home and in school. The primary art teacher showcases an amazing range of smart young artists using cardboards, cartons, stones, sticks to create beautiful pieces. 

  1. mslevyteachesart

There is no greater affirmation of being a great art teacher than a couple of 5th graders writing notes of how you’re the best art teacher. She shows her students some verified artworks and asks them to model them as best they can. 


All these art teachers share one common trait – the passion for the kids. For them, art is not complete without it impacting the lives of their students. This is why the kids fondly love them for the way they have made art enjoyable.

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