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18 Best Graphic Design Apps for iPad

There are plenty of graphic design apps on the market but choosing one suitable for the iPad is a struggle. If you are here, we have listed the 18 best graphic design apps for iPad with fantastic features and tools for designing banners, logos, and artwork in general. Whether you are a beginner or a pro looking for something for our iPad, the following are worth checking out.

  1. Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is another stunning graphic design app for iPad with a robust and optimized interface for artists of all levels. Not only is this program affordable, but it is also an excellent starting point for beginners with friendly tutorials to settle you into the process. 

Its interface is incredible, with over 100 brushes to try. Affinity Designer allows the artist to create, edit, and enhance images.

If you are used to graphic designing on desktops, you will love this, and with the touchscreen or pencil option on iPad, the transition is flawless and fluid. For professional graphic designers, affinity designer is the app for you, and if you are serious about building a career in this, the payment is worth it.

  1. Vectornator X

If you are looking for a free design app that is fast, sophisticated, spectacular, and powerful, this is it. The Vectornator X has impressive illustration and design tools to bring your imaginations to life, especially for on-the-go artists. Although the vector editor allows the artist to add professional touches and finishes to their work, its toolset is limited compared to other apps on the market. For new designers, the Vectornator X is free. If simple designs are your thing, you should access tools, slides, and buttons to make designing effortless. However, this dynamic design app also boasts a CYMK color preview allowing you to optimize the colors on your design.

  1. Photoshop for iPad

If you love Adobe Photoshop, you will certainly love it on the iPad. The Photoshop for iPad uses cloud technology and boasts incredible design tools to get you inspired on the go. Enjoy the 30 days free trials with full PDS anywhere and anytime.

At the core of this design, app is the retouching and compositing tool that allows you to adjust and enhance color tones with curves using the brush tools. You can add soft lines, edges, and smudges to stimulate painting with a brush to blend in or create exceptional art pieces. Photoshop for iPad is the complete designer app with access to familiar Photoshop tools you love and new ones-

4. Paper

Paper by We Transfer is an utterly free designer app excellent for rough drawings, doodling, and sketching on the go. Whether you are a beginner or just using Paper for the first time, you will enjoy the informative tutorials, guides, and daily activities to help you navigate the challenges you might encounter using this app. Additionally, the Paper graphic designs app eliminates distracting menus by ensuring your finished artwork have a natural flow to them. 

Overall, the Paper is exceptional for consistency. Whether you are drawing or designing, designs are produced according to the pressure of your movement on the screen.

5. Procreate

Although it has a slight learning curve, Procreate is undoubtedly one of the more exclusive graphic design apps on the market. It possesses a host of exciting features allowing the artist to move flawless, delivering next-level design experiences like no other. 

In addition to the user-friendly dashboard, artists enjoy HD canvases and over 130 brushes that will change the way you design forever. Are you adding finishing, editing new or existing designs? Procreate is a graphic design app that delivers stunning pieces as you want them.

But that is not all.

Procreate allows artists to customize their design settings and get elegant standout designs. The learning curve is steep, but you can check out their friendly tutorials page to get started.

6. Graphic

Whether you are using your pencil, touchscreen features, or keyboard and mouse with your iPad, Graphic is an exceptional and professional graphic design app for artists on the move. The Graphic app allows you to capture your creative mind anywhere you are. While it has kept its desktop interface, the vector-based program features incredible drawing and editing tools, including text, shape, brushes, and pencils. The app is limited to a professional artist. However, if you are looking for a graphic tool to create unique and finished works of art, try the Graphic app now. It even has excellent tutorials to get newbies started.

7. Parallels Access

If you want all your desktop features on your iPad, then Parallels Access is the graphic design app to download. 

 Parallels Access offers a unique “application” technology that makes all your desktop features appear as native apps on your iPad

This means you never have to bother your head about a file on your desktop because it is easily accessible via your iPad. Parallels Access app has simple and efficient features to edit and share files without a robust internet connection. Get this app on your device for $2.99/month or $19.99 annually.

06. Typorama

Create beautiful typography with Typorama on your iPad. If you love adding texts to your graphic designs, then download the app now. Typorama gives you access to over 50 random typographic text styles with accessories to enhance your design. 

But that is not all. 

Typorama comes with 100 typefaces and fonts with crisp, high-resolution output on all designs. 

Artists can customize, crop, and add watermarks to their creations when sharing them or using them for commercial purposes. The app is free, but Typorama Pro costs $2.99/month.

09. Noteshelf

Are you tired of sticky notes and scrambling information at several points around the house? Then this app is for you. The Noteshelf is not a graphic app per se, but if you want a digital notepad, the Noteshelf will give you all the privilege to enjoy that. In addition to writing and taking notes, this app allows you to doodle, draw, and sketch in beautiful & natural handwriting.

10. Adobe Capture

Imagine designing an object from the vector image of a capture picture. Adobe Capture can pinpoint the patterns, fonts, and shapes in an image, allowing you to create new designs. Like all other Adobe products, you get access the creative cloud storage with a small payment.

11. Things 3 for iPad

Are you overwhelmed with too much work? Would you like a super simple, easy-to-use, and productive organization app? Things 3 for iPad app is a powerful organizational tool to help you manage your day, chores, activities, and goals from least priority to the highest. If you are looking to meet deadlines and deliver exceptional results, this app is for you.

This functional app has a user-friendly interface that will not interfere with your regular schedule. With the Things 3 for iPad, you can achieve anything you want by a simple organization, so go ahead and download it now.

12. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe is a well-known and robust program for creative minds. The Adobe Illustrator is another incredible work from the team that allows you to push your graphic image to the extreme. 

This high-quality vector standard graphic design app gives artists in all categories the privilege of creating, drawing, designing, and illustrating images, logos, texts for every medium, including mobile, video, web, and print. Its many features and effortless format is why Adobe is tops in the creative market. 

So if you are looking to make a career in graphic designing, Adobe Illustrator is the key to unlocking the beauty of designing. Logos, billboards, texts, or shapes, the Illustrator is a must-have graphic design app for you.

13. Slack

Slack is a communication and collaboration app that enables you to be more productive and efficient at work or anywhere.

While it is not a graphic design tool, this app is crucial for designers working on a project in a team. This digital organizer labels your to-do lists using tools and features to ensure you do not miss an important meeting. Additionally, the app allows communicating on a specific topic with the right team, call or message individuals or groups of people within a team without disrupting the workflow.

14. Adobe Fresco 

Adobe Fresco is a graphic design app for artists who want something between Illustrator and Photoshop. Fresco allows artists to digitally express their creative side using vector and incredible drawing features not in other Adobe software. Although Fresco is not a graphic design tool for digital artists, this is a user-friendly interface that easily exports files to other Adobe interfaces for better editing and finishing. The app is available for less than $10 and offers over 1000 brushes and cloud storage.

15. Duet Display

Rushing to hit a design deadline, Duet Display allows you to convert your iPad into a second screen while working on your Mac or desktop. Duet Display is the perfect app to enable fluid switching between tasks without losing time for many graphic designers. The app works wirelessly, but users complain of lag

16. Adobe Comp

This is another creative design app from Adobe. It converts rough edges, shapes, and drawings into crisp lines using layouts and natural gestures. With Adobe Comp, you can work on your iPad while connected to the Adobe cloud enabling you to add professionalism to your work. The app is exceptional for creating basic vector images. These images are transferred easily to other Adobe apps to be expanded or finished well. However, this easy-to-use sketchpad on the go lets the artist play with shapes, text, and fonts from one place.

17.  Concepts

Every wow design starts from a sketch, and the Concepts app is the starting point for any design artist. Although it feels less like a graphic design app, Concepts is a flexible, fast, and versatile digital drawing pad that allows the designer to manipulate their designs anyhow they want. The Concepts design app is free. However, if you do extensive designing, you might find the available tools limiting with only has 16 brushes and 5 layers on the free version. You can subscribe for less than $30 annually and enjoy access to tools and features to make your designs stand out.

18. Trello

Being an artist can leave you disorganized and flustered, but there is an app to make all that disappear. Are you organizing a design project or working in a team? Trello graphic design app enables you to stay organized via custom boards. This design app is specially optimized for the iPad and functions on the iPad Pro, giving you enough screen space to work efficiently with the team.

As a graphic designer, designing on your iPad is a luxury that everyone would love, but choosing the best app is a challenge. Here are the 18 best graphic design apps for the iPad to enable you to pen down your creative flow on the road and stay organized.

18 Best Graphic Design Apps for iPad
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