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24 Free Marvelous Designer Tutorials to Take You From Beginner to Expert

If you are a CG artist who’s also interested in clothing and fashion design, then there is no doubt you may have come across a design software called Marvelous Designer. If you haven’t, Marvelous Designer is simply a 3D virtual clothing simulation specially designed to allow CG artists to create and design a variety of outfits and costumes. Creating outfits for 3D characters is not just tedious, it can take a lot of time and beginner artists who are just getting into design may find it particularly difficult. Fortunately, Marvelous Designer offers some incredible tools that do not just simplify the task but speeds up the process as well.

Beyond clothing, artists can also use the software to design the fabric on accessories such as curtains, comforters, pillows, bags, and furniture. Marvelous Designer is also quite versatile and can be used along with another 3D software to design garments. If you are interested in using the Marvelous Designer tool or you are a beginner user just getting started with the tool, then you would definitely need a Marvelous Designer Tutorial to help you get started with the software. Luckily for you, in this article, we have rounded up 24 of the best free online tutorial videos to that can help you become an expert CG artist in fashion design. These tutorials are very easy to follow and you should be able to create and design beautiful and dynamic 3D clothing in no time.

Beginner tutorial

This is an informative and extremely helpful video for beginners who just got started with Marvelous Designer. Follow Lori Griffiths as she walks you through the basics of Marvelous Designer in a tutorial where she creates a simple blouse and a pleated skirt. A lot of artists will find this tutorial very useful from 3D artists to 2D artists. The author takes time to explain each aspect of creating the garment, how to switch between the 2D and 3D Windows on the Marvelous Designer interface, the avatar penetration, cutting the various shapes for the clothes, bounding the volumes, sewing the seams and so on. The video is a little over 48 minutes long and if you must watch only one tutorial on Marvelous Designer, then this should be it.

First fabrics

This 25 minute long video shows you how to create and design fabrics with the software tool. The tutorial demonstrates how to create simple tight fitting pants and top from scratch. The author also explains how to use some of the tools in Marvelous Designer like the sewing and marker tools. You will also learn how to make adjustments to the fabric to shape the clothes into loose or form-fitting garments. This tutorial is a free video from the Concepting with Marvelous Designer and ZBrush series from FlippedNormals. If you are interested in knowing more about this course you can click my affiliate link here( If you purchase this or other FlippedNormals products within 24 hours of clicking this link I will get a commission that will help support this blog, so thanks a lot if you decided to purchase a product and if not please enjoy the rest of the article :) )

How to create a t-shirt

Learn how to design a basic t-shirt in Marvelous Designer in this FlippedNormals video tutorial. The author covers the basic techniques and provides some useful tips on how to avoid common pitfalls in designing as a beginner. Here, you will learn how to make use of the polygon, edit pattern and curves tools. The video also shows how you can add custom folds and unfold your t-shirt to give a symmetrical pattern that perfectly matches the sleeves and the rest of the t-shirt.

How to create a sports bra

Here, Travis Davids will take you through a step by step tutorial on how to create a sports bra in Marvelous Designer. In the tutorial, the author will show you some time-saving tips and techniques you can use to make the process as easy as possible. This video makes a good case for the flexibility of Marvelous Designer and although it is quite long, just about 10 minutes short of an hour, at the end you should be able to design a reasonable looking sports bra for your avatar.

How to create a beanie

Follow Travis Davids in this 37 minutes tutorial as he shows you how to create a beanie from start to finish. Most times, a lot of artists struggle with adding folds to give the clothing a more realistic look. In this video, you will learn how to use fold arrangements and how to create bends in any piece of garment you are designing. The author also shows the preset to use – wool garbadine – to get a more accurate representation of what an actual beanie looks like.

How to create a warrior robe

How cool would it be if you could create your own robe for Jedi warriors? Thanks to this tutorial from Mike Hermes, in about 20 minutes, you should be able to do that easily. Here, you will learn the basics of creating a robe in Marvelous Designer 7.0, how to add fine details (like stitches, elastic properties), how to cut the pattern in half, pull the fabric together to tighten up the clothing and several other details.

How to create a simple dress

Compared to the other videos so far, this is a relatively short video. In 13 minutes, Travis Davids will demonstrate the fundamentals of creating a dress in Marvelous Designer. Here, the author will show you how to make use of the curvature tools to give your avatar some curves. In some of the tutorials we have gone through, the front and back of the garments have all been the same. In this video, Travis will show you how you can add separate designs and patterns to the two sides of your garment. Although it is short, the video is slow paced and you should be able to create a dress on your own with ease afterward.

Marvelous Designer Webinar

Like the name gives away, this video is quite unlike other videos. For starters, it is over an hour and forty minutes long making it the longest video on our list. In the video tutorial, Marlon will take you through 6 lessons in which he will show you how to analyze the patterns on the jacket (identifying the folds and stitches), the basic parameters to use for the avatar, how to import/export the avatar and blend the shapes, how to create the pattern, the stimulation and placement and then finally how to add finishing touches for a realistic looking sleek jacket. Some of the steps involve exporting your avatar out of the Marvelous Designer tool to ZBrush. The video is quite long but the author makes it worth the time.

How to create LOTR Eowyn’s Gown

In this video, Lori Griffiths will show you how to design Eowyn’s outfit, a character in the Lord of the Rings series. The author uses basic CAD blocks in the design of the dress. She also provides some helpful tips on how to maneuver the design so as to create a near replica of the gown. The technique is simplified so as to not make the gown bulky, which would, in turn, make the simulation and layering quite difficult. Lori takes her time to explain the design process in the 26 minute video and you should be able to model Eowyn’s gown on your own.

Simulation properties

This video is unlike other videos on this list. Here, the author does not show you how to make a garment, rather the video is focused on simulation properties in Marvelous Designer 5 and how they can be of help to the artist. You will learn about various properties such as the time step, air damping, gravity, number of simulations,  CG finish condition, CG iteration count, CG residual and so on. This tutorial explores the technical side of Marvelous Designer and it can help you discover some features you may not have even known about on the software.

How to create jeans

In this comprehensive Marvelous Designer tutorial, you will learn how to create and design a pair of jeans. The tutorial is about 28 minutes long and at the end of the video, you should be able to make jeans with the folds on the lower part of the leg for a realistic looking garment. This video is part one of a four-part tutorial on how to make jeans.

How to create sweatpants

Follow Sam Jones as he shows you how to make a basic model of sweatpants in Marvelous Designer 5. In this video, you will learn how to uniformly split your patterns as well as how to give that elasticated effect that can be found that the waist and ankles of sweatpants. The author also gives you a good idea of the types of fabric to use and the preset figure for the thickness and density of fabric to add some weight to the garment. It is easy to follow and slow-paced tutorial, something the beginners will appreciate.

How to create a hoodie

In this thorough 8 minutes tutorial, Sam Jones will demonstrate a step by step process on how to make a zip-up hoodie. The video is the first episode in a tutorial series which encompasses everything you will need to know about creating a hoodie garment in Marvelous Designer. By the end of this tutorial, you should be able to design the main body of the hoodie, zipped up and all.

How to create pillows

At the beginning of this article, we said you could do a lot more than create garments using Marvelous Designer. In this tutorial, Travis Davids will show you how to do so. Here, you will learn how to create 2 different types of pillow. He begins by demonstrating how to do criss-cross sewing which creates stimulation areas and how to apply pressure which pumps up the shape to make it look like an actual pillow. He also discusses at length about the preset to use under physical property which will add some folds and wrinkles as well as other modifications you can make for a more realistic looking pillow.

How to use the layer clone function

This video will take you through the technical side of Marvelous Designer. Here, the author demonstrates how you can add fine details to the hood of your jacket. The video is a voiceless video so all you have to do is follow the instructions subtitled by the author. You will also learn how to use the elastic and pressure feature as well as the shrinkage function to play around with the shapes. The video is just 4 minutes long so it will leave you with enough time to go over your own simulation as many times as you like.

How to create a car seat


This tutorial focuses on how to make a car seat with the flattening feature right from the scratch. The tutorial shows how to create the shapes and sew the different shapes together to get the car seat to creating various patterns on it. The patterns on the clothes are not as straightforward and easy to create as you may think. However, the tutorial is very comprehensive so you should be able to follow it and replicate the patterns with ease.

How to create a sporty outfit

Here, Travis Davids will take you through the process of designing a sporty outfit – both the top and pants. He takes time to discuss how to create the patterns so that the back of the leggings does drop too low among several other helpful tips. He also shows how you can set your simulation properties for a more accurate representation of the garment you are creating. You will learn how to use the steam brush to either tighten or loosen the fabric without any modifications to the patterns underneath.

How to create curtains

Follow Mike Hermes in this 5 minutes long video as he takes you through the process of creating curtains in Marvelous Designer. In this video, the author demonstrates how you can create your curtains by sewing together different sizes of rectangular shapes. He also explains how you can manage your simulation by using the freeze frame function when you are satisfied with the garment. The tutorial is very straightforward and you should be able to replicate on your own with no difficulty.

How to create cargo shorts

Sam Jones holds your hand here and takes you through the process of designing a basic pair of cargo shorts in the tutorial video. You will learn how to figure out these right measurements for your cardio shorts to give them just the right amount of slack. The author also shows how to split up the shapes of the garment in the 3D view to enable you make pockets for the shorts. The cargo shorts is a pretty easy garment to model so you should have little to no problem without replicating it.

How to create asymmetrical design and custom collar

In this tutorial, you will learn asymmetrical design and custom collar creation. The author, Lori Griffith, begins by explaining her inspiration for the design and her attempt at reverse engineering the original design. The tutorial takes you through the processing of turning a plain long sleeve top into a jacket with an asymmetrical design. As the collar from the original picture is rather strange, Lori goes over how you can create several key collar shapes with the existing pattern pieces. The author often creates videos based on the request of the audience.

How to create a punching bag

Here, the author breaks down the steps to creating a punching bag. He explains that while creating a punching bag in Marvelous Designer is relatively easy, it is important to have a design in mind before you proceed. He starts by sewing three different pieces of pattern together and then for the rest of the 13 minute video, he shows you how to make modifications to the bag until it gives you what you want. You will also learn how to use the segmented sewing tool and the temporary pins tool as well as how to add logos to your creation. The more time you spend on tutorials like this, the more you will come to appreciate how flexible Marvelous Designer is.

If you are interested in learning more about how to work in Marvelous Designer you can check Flipped Normals premium tutorials using my affiliate link ( If you purchase I will get a commission that will help me to keep creating more content for this blog :) )

How to create a hip hop outfit

Wouldn’t it be great if you could dress up your avatar in something other than the regular tee and pants? Luckily for you, this tutorial by FlippedNormals shows how you can design a typical hip hop outfit. The video is available as a free excerpts from the “Making a hip hop outfit in Marvelous Designer” series. The tutorial goes over the process of creating both front and back pant pockets. The video is quite detailed and the author takes his time to explain the different tools used in the pocket creation process as well as the function of the tools. By the time you are done, you should have 4 pockets sitting nicely on your costume.

Cloth stimulation tools and 3ds max

This video focuses on some of the tools in Marvelous Designer that architectural artists may be interested in using. The tutorial basically shows you how to put fabric around your avatar, which in this case is a basic shape, to turn it into a cushion. The author goes through the process of importing FBX which is imported as an avatar to the Marvelous Designer tool. He also shows how you can use the Turbosmooth tool which smoothens out the rough edges and how to make modifications to the properties of the fabric like in the shrinkage weft and warp. The video is very comprehensive and with enough practice, anyone should be able to do it.


With Marvelous Designer, you can enhance the quality of your design while saving time as well. If you follow these well-structured tutorials carefully, then given a little practice, you will be able to create believable and realistic outfits for your characters.

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