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The 23 Best Graphic Design Apps for iPhone

In the world of graphic design, there is a wide variety of tools that can be used. Now, you can create amazing designs even from your iPhone. From logos to banners, book covers to flyers, and many more things.

Here, we have put together a list of 23 applications that can be used on your iPhone. Check them all and decide which one better suits your needs.


Create is an easy graphic design and drawing app for iPhone as if you were using a desktop.

By using the multiple layers, editing text, transforming shapes, making duotone photos, adding PNG backgrounds, exporting or importing SVG, PDF vectors, and much more, you can share and collaborate anywhere.

Create can be used for logos, posters, vector-style art, and just about anything. You will be delighted with the experience of using it.

You can download the app for free. The price of Create Pro is $ 1.99 per month


We are used to the Procreate app for iPad. Now we will have a look at the latest version of Procreate Pocket for iPhone with a new interface and Quick Menu which is, as Procreate says: “powerful for professionals but simply enough for everyone”.

It includes new features such as Ultra High Defenition canvases, smooth and responsive smudge sampling, QuickShape for perfect shapes, and many more.

It is packed with 100s of brushes with customizable settings for every brush and the full-featured layering system gives you control over details and composition.

Layers can be combined into Groups.

You do not need to carry around a big device anymore.

The price is $4,99 /£4,99 on the App Store.


The Photoshop Express app for iPhone contains a variety of tools for easy photo manipulation.

Among these tools you have photo filters, editing features, you can retouch, making collages, and more. All this is in order to create your personalized photos.

This app can be downloaded for free.


With this well-known design app for iPhone you can make great creations.

You can import photos, it has watercolor wet brushes, the layers, which can be exported as separate PNG with transparency, make your task easier and all the other tools make it possible to obtain beautiful sketches.

TAYASUI SKETCHES is free but if you should need more tools the Pro version costs $5.99/£5.99


Everybody worldwide knows Instagram.

Besides other features, this popular app gives you the opportunity to share your photos or drawings with your friends on several networking services and see the work of other people.

Instagram has some amazing editing tools like Adjust, Brightness, Structure, Warmth, and a variety of filters to adjust the lighting, colors, contrast, and sharpness of your images in different ways.

You can send short videos as well and all this for free.


Palette Pro is a fantastic way to create unlimited color palettes and schemes. Colors can be taken from websites or images and there are several models if you would like to add colors.

The price is: $3.99/£3.99


This simple app can create stunning logos, icons, etc on your iPhone. No design experience is required. You can make customizable templates, personalize your design, you can use filters or add overlays. Many backgrounds are available.

You can download the app for free, subscription options from $4,99


By using this popular app you can draw or sketch endless ideas on your iPhone.

The interface is clean and this app is packed with great sketching tools such as digital pencils, airbrushes, markers and you can use layers and advanced blend modes.

With Autodesk Sketchbook drawing will be a pleasure and easy even if you are not a professional

This app is free. Give it a try.


After 10 years and the Apple Design Award for best productivity app, Omni Focus, the task management app, keeps creating packs of new tools for you to simplify and control all your tasks

You can download the app for free and offers a two-week free trial, after that $49,99 for Standard Services and $74,99 for Pro Services. Even though the price seems high, it is worth it.

10. OVER

Over now called GoDaddy Studio, is a great design editing app if you want to tell your followers what they are looking at on your images. You can use the logo, poster and flyer maker, or design templates for canvas.

Due to its image library, it enables you to create Instagram or Snapchat stories, or posts on several networking services.

This app can be downloaded for free. The price of the GoDaddy Studio Pro version is $14.99 per month or $99.99 per year.


The Canva graphic design app for iPhone is perfect for newbies as it has a ready-to-use design.

You can add text on photos, edit pictures by applying filters, edit easily videos with effects and music.

This app is very popular for social media. You can share directly to Instagram, WhatsApp, or email.

For professionals, it is very helpful to design logos.

This app can be downloaded free forever. The Canva Pro version has a cost of



Whenever or wherever you need to write down what is interesting or useful, use the Evernote– note-taking app as it works with all your devices, such as iPhone, iPad, or PC. Evernote organizes your notes into Notebooks, which are essentially file folders. It is easy to use and in case you should need help there are tutorials everywhere.

All you have to do is use it.

There is a free version available. The Evernote Premium costs $7.99/month and the price of Evernote Business is $14.99/month


The online portfolio platform Behance app is easy to use and allows you to follow the work of top talented artists of any kind of creative industry and share your own projects.

You can filter into retouching, landscape photography to typography, packaging design, logo design, etc.

Behance hosts a job board for international job opportunities for all kinds of creative fields

It also allows users to connect their social media accounts to their profiles.

All this is for free.


With this powerful app which is easy and intuitive to use, you can work off your iPhone with access to your assets and libraries and it allows you to switch between desktop and phone.

You can add images, color, shapes, and text from your Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries, or fonts from Typekit in order to create layouts.

Once done you can send your work to Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, or Muse to finish it.

It works with iPencil and is free


Until now Pantone Studio is considered the best app in its field.

With over 10,000 colors and its tools, you can create your personalized color palettes.

There are harmonies for each color and colors can be added from these harmonies to your palettes.

You can send or share your palettes to a variety of design software programs

This app is for free.


With this app for iPhone you can get into the slightest detail of your photos.

If you love photography, Exify is perfect for you. There are many tools to control exposure, lens information, image size, etc

The bonus feature is the magnifying loupe so you can check your images in detail and there are graphics available for histograms and more detailed information.

The price is $1.99/£1.99

17. iARTBOOK – Digital Painting

The iARTBOOK is a painting app packed with all kinds of brushes, such as glossy brushes and more than fifty brush settings, a shapes library, which allows you to create smooth frames of animation due to the unlimited animation layers and the calligraphy.

The two different color pickers and palettes with gradient mixer are perfect to choose the colors

You can export your work to mp4, hevc, gif, png.

It is great for professionals and beginners as well

It supports Apple Pencil with a lot of functions and you can download it for free.


Assembly is one of the best graphic design applications used for iOS.

You do not have to be a professional to use this app for iPhone, as it simplifies making vector art.

By using the bezier curves you can manipulate your designs further. The custom stickers and custom color palettes can be saved.

It offers a wide range of pre-made shapes and objects and if you resize or rotate these shapes you can create graphic designs effortless and in no time.

It also is a plus that you can export it as a PNG file with a transparent background.

This app is for free.


This award-winning app for 30 million users gives you the opportunity to sketch, paint, draw or make collages.

Paper has creative prompts like guides, daily activities, and tutorials.

You can capture and connect your photos, sketches, and notes without complex layers.

If I were you I would not hesitate to download this free version for iPhone.

For more tools, you can subscribe to Paper Pro. In-app purchases start from $1.99.


DesignLab enables you to create graphic designs out of a wide range of images easily on the go.

This app has great helpful tools to customize templates, edit photos, or create vector shapes.

Its menu allows you to select layers to edit and you can use it for collages and scrapbooks.

By using the blend, erase tools, and filters you can create unique images to share on social media.

This app is for free, if you would like to, you can subscribe to the Pro version for the price of $5.99 per month or $35.99 per year.


FiLMiC Pro is the app for video makers and it is no surprise that it has become the Video-camera App of the Year.

Among its many features, I would like to mention the possibility to use the manual focus and exposure separately, to adjust the white balance manually, or to stabilize the image.

You also can choose between several shooting modes

Start filming like a pro and share your work with social media.

All this for the price of $14.99/£12.99


This drawing and painting app for iPhone gives you the opportunity to draw or paint whenever or where inspiration strikes.

Its main characteristic is the wide variety and quality of the built-in brushes, which give you oil or natural watercolor look.

The essential tools and the intuitive simple interface make your workflow so easy.

You can work with multiple layers or a single one in order to maintain the elements separated.

Documents can be created, edited, and exported from one location.

Adobe Fresco is free, but you can upgrade for $9.99/month after a 30-day free trial.


If you are interested in retro computing and photography this phenomenal app is the best choice.

It allows you to create pixel retro art style from the good old game consoles such as Nintendo Game Boy, Apple Macintosh, Commodore Amiga, Atari ST, and many more.

The only thing you have to do is to take a picture or get one from your phone and it will pixelate it as if it were on the abovementioned consoles or a home computer.

If you want to, you can make your own emulation, just by mixing and matching engines, screen sizes, and palettes.

You can download it for free, but there are not many presets available. You can unlock dither modes, all the systems, custom editor, animation modes, and video processing for a reasonable one-off payment.

The 23 Best Graphic Design Apps for iPhone
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