Probably you´ve been looking on the internet for a cool drawing app that can help you with the anatomy of your characters, or you need some help trying to find a cool pose for the protagonist of your drawing. In any case, you are here and if you are using an iPad, iPhone, or Mac, you will be happy to hear that you have several options available that will help you to become a better artist.

In this article, I will show you 11 pose and anatomy apps for artists on the app store, for iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices. If you are an IOS user, this article is for you.


This human body pose app is great for accomplished drawers and also for newbies.

You can draw and control many main joints of your personalized model in a smooth way. It allows you to highlight, manipulate state and find poses with the mirroring function. It has various body types when drawing for example Comic models.

Also, you will be able to make scenes with up to at least six people at once and you can find more than sixty prepared poses.

The direct and backlight settings give you a sensitive light expression. The poses can be seen at various angles which can be changed of view.

Model poses and moods can be freely controlled, downloaded in a PNG clear background, and automatically saved which is very useful when you use another program to draw.

Easy Pose is for free
Paid versions are available in App Purchases where you can bring on-screen several models at once and many more options.
The App is available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.


The Art Pose Pro app is for both digital and traditional artists.

It is a very simple to use, fast to load, and useful tool in creating poses for male and female models.

Art Pose Pro lets you very easily switch between male and female models even after editing the pose itself.

It helps you to understand how to change color, size, lightning and shows where every muscle would be on the figure from any angle.

Very helpful is also the mirror limb and that the camera’s focal length can be adjusted.

If you need help referencing poses for your drawings or sculptures then Art Pose Pro is a great option and with the diverse preset pose library, it is very easy to get started.

The price is $5,99 and the app is only available for Mac.


If you need your anatomy to be accurate, with this app you can display the skeletal and muscular system in order to shape bones and muscles in a clear and understandable way.

With its great detailed 3D anatomical models you are able to rotate automatically and zoom each one of them. The muscles are grouped into layers and can be visualized in multi or single-mode.

The filter makes it possible to hide or display whenever needed,

People love the new UI and especially that Female 3D model and superficial veins models have been added.

It also is highly appreciated that the anatomical terms and muscle descriptions are available in eleven languages. And the notes about muscle and bone names are very useful.

On the contrary, the pins tell what is too bright in color and it would be better if they were smaller with opacity. And also the fact that you cannot flex or bend anything is a con.

But overall it is a very well-designed app where any form can almost instantly be accessed, isolated, and defined.

3D Anatomy for the artist 2022 is for free but access to the Muscular system has to be bought in the In-App Purchases.

This app is only available for Mac.


This up-to-date and user friendly app, built on an interactive 3D touch interface allows you to learn the human anatomy accurately.

It is very helpful due to the great features to rotate the model any way you want, explore the human body, peel layers of muscles to see structures below in a very clear way.

You can test your anatomy knowledge and views can be loaded and saved.

Latin names also are available.

A real pro is that there is English audio pronunciation for all bone names, which is very helpful, especially for foreign medical students.

You can study all bones of the body, muscles, respiratory system, male and female reproductive system, ligaments, urinary system, and many more.

Some people miss the possibility to lock the view in order to zoom in and turn without flipping the body, or that there is not a tutorial option for what the different buttons are for.

But medical students, professionals of any kind agree that this is an amazing, great helpful app

3D Anatomy Learning is free.

The app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.


If you like to work on your desktop then this app is the right one for you,

The Manikin app´s goal is to help professional artists or newbies to draw anatomically figures in a correct way regarding light and perspective.

As there was a need for an interactive human anatomy reference, a wooden mannequin was made for drawing with 3D models and tools to help you with shape recognition, shading, and stance. Enabling you to create scenes with characters, manipulate 3D shapes, visualize your sketches, make storyboards with screenshots amongst others,

As the purpose is to spend as little time as possible in preparing, an intuitive and simple design allows you to pose fast.

The following features are really helpful.

As you have full control over the camera and light, use 360 mode to work. To get the exact camera angle you want you to have to use the “point of view mode”. Four fully adjustable lights make shading or creating dynamic effects easier.

Animations can be viewed in detail to get faster to the desired stance.

You do not have to edit screenshots as the cutout screenshots can be used immediately in many drawing apps such as Photoshop, Procreate, etc.

After saving, or exporting the files you can easily switch between devices and share your work on any platform.

The price is $3,99.

Manikin is only available for Mac.


This very popular app designed by Proko is the must-have anatomically reference skeleton for students and professionals in order to fully understand the anatomy of the human skeleton.

It includes a simplified version of the skeleton named “Robo-Skelly” which makes the study of anatomy very easy.

It is ready to pose when launching the app and you can also use it to inspire poses for drawing, illustration, painting, etc.

Besides the above mentioned there are many other great features, such as that the joints are poseable, 27 pre-made poses can be chosen from the Pose Library, light or dark backgrounds are available, it has a movable camera, the teachings of Dr. Paul Richter was used for proportions and Andrew Loomis “Loomis Head” fits the skull.

The latest version has improved very much. For example, now you can export from your Pose Library to your photo album, email, and social media platforms.

As we said before, this is a very popular app with excellent reviews because people love the fact that you can do basically anything you want to. You can put the skeleton into any pose, see it from any angle due to its intuitive interface and especially because it is so fast and fluid.

The price for this amazing app is $6,99.

Skelly Poseable Anatomy Model for Artists is available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.


Handy Art Reference Tool is included in the ImagineFX list as one of the 10 Must-Have Apps if you need references for how to draw hands, feet, and skulls in a quick and easy way.

It is very useful for painters, comic book artists, or people who draw just for fun.

This tool consists of rotatable 3D limbs with many different poses which can be taylormade.

When you use the 3D head busts and need lighting reference, the adjustable 3-point lighting is very useful.

In the newest version, you can turn off textures, color, and adjust the magnificence of the models.

Also, the selection outline effect has been improved.

Reviews are very positive as everybody agrees how helpful it is for learning, or for art reference, the fact how smooth and intuitive to use and the price,

In short, a highly recommendable app.

The price is $4,99 but the Foot rigs and Animal Skull pack require additional purchase.

Handy is only available for Mac.


When you need references to pose any number of 3D human art models then Magic poser is the perfect app specially designed for the use of comics, drawing, manga, character design, etc.

You have proper control of your work because the magic pose is very easy to use with its many posing pictures of humans which are easy to control and manipulate with just one click and automatically adjusted in the poses you want.

It allows you to customize your model in a more effective way with many hair and clothing options and the unlimited props and models can be posed very easily, whether it is a one-person or scene with a background setup.

All models have movable joints to alter the posture as you please and there are several postures available.

You can choose between a woman, man, boy or girl, chibis and more.

In order to achieve more precision, you can fine-tune your pose through sliders or text inputs.

Scenes can be imported so you can start building on top of it,

Once finished you can export your files in jpg/png adjustable high resolution and share them to your favorite social media.

This app is for free, but there are offers In-App Purchases.

Although there are hundreds of free props not all of them are.

Magic Poser is available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.


Pose Forge allows you to create specific poses from any angle for character designing, such as anime guide, for illustrations, or if you want to improve your drawing skills.

As it has male and female animestyle characters with different head-to-body ratios, whose facial expressions can be changed, and the model´s face can be customized with hairstyles and outfits you can choose from, it makes it the ideal poser app.

There are more than one hundred pre-made poses for you available.

To make your work even better you can use toon and 3D shading, add posable horse and dragon models and you can use the great props at your disposal such as furniture, vehicles, weapons, trees, etc.

If you attach a prop to the model´s hand it will follow the movement of the hand.

For the finishing touch try to import background images and you are ready to go and export your files as png to other apps.

The price is $4,99

This app is only available for Mac.


This app is perfect and very helpful for character designing, storyboarding, or illustrations, as a human drawing guide or for improving drawing skills.

When it comes to creating poses, it is so easy by just tapping the control point and drag limbs with

your finger where you want.

This app comes with very realistic 3D male and female models and with the morph system, you can create unique models and even transform them from child to adult, or change the body in the shape you want. If you need to you can create specific body parts as well.

And you can dress your models as there is basic clothing for both the male and female.

If you want to you can use the preset poses

By adding great props such as furniture, vehicles, weapons, trees, etc., and by using the advanced lighting options you make your work look even more beautiful.

Once done that and if you like you can use photos as background images.

Reviews are very positive, although some people miss the undo feature or think it could be a little more user-friendly.

The price for this amazing app is $3,99.

Art Model is available for iPhone and iPad.


This 3D figure posing tool designed by Riven Phoenix is included in the ImagineFX list as one of the 10 Must-Have Apps for digital artists to pose from realistic to extreme poses.

It is very helpful and quick when creating comic books, drawings, character design, animation, manga, or studying the work of famous painters due to its very easy to use interface

What people like most is the fact that figures use no constraints which allow geometry to intersect and that body parts are so easy to manipulate.

Among the features available we would like to mention that the pose buttons are easy, that you can save the pose you are working on, that there are 6 male and 6 female figures with all kinds of body types and organic moving parts, that a useful help menu is also available, screenshots can be taken, there are several pencils and comic sketch modes and many many more.

In the latest version, a new inventory system has been added. You can attach hundreds of objects to the body parts.

After reading many reviews it is very clear that this is a very popular app and people appreciate the updates.

The price is £5.99/$ 6,99.

Pose Tool 3D is available for iPhone and iPad.

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