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Almost every artist these days are faced with the challenge of getting the right pose when drawing. It could be easy to ask a younger one to pose for a quick shot, but for how long will it be before it becomes too much to bear for your improvised model? Even if you decide to invest in professional models, the price can be pocket-draining and fluctuating.

Also, getting pictures with the actual pose you want to draw is difficult to find most times.  So, how then do you get the reference you need for your drawings? The solution is Mannequins. Not the regular boutique size ones but a portable mannequin that would sit just fine on your table. Plus, you will be able to control the pose and also capture it from different angles. 

In this article, we have compiled a list of 15 top pose mannequins that are reliable for artists. So, whether you are just buying it for the first time or not, the carefully detailed descriptions will help you see the reasons why they are the best. 

1. Wooden Mannequin great for human drawing by HSOMiD 12


This wooden Mannequin is an excellent reference for both newbies and professionals. It can attain different positions because of the rod that holds it at the pelvic. Plus, it is the right proportion of a regular human body, though in a small size of 5.5 to about 16 inches. These mannequins are more useful for basic human body sketches but could still be used as a reference model for other advanced drawings. 


– Mannequin comes with a removable stand. 

– Joints are made flexible 

– Its size is between 5.5 and 16 inches. 

– It is made from durable hardwood 

– It costs about 10- 20 dollars 


– It is portable and adjustable 

– The rod can be removed to make the figure sit. 

– The correct scale makes it easy to draw

– Good for any level of artist. 


– The hip region has limited movement 

– The rod beneath makes some unrealistic position possible to draw. 

– The figure is not detailed like a human body. 

2. Manga action doll by MNTT 


Having to be more expressive in your drawings, especially any manga drawings, is settled with MNTT human figures. Though focused on manga drawings, it can also be used for other basic sketches and more realistic paintings. Plus, it is very detailed, making it easy for the artist to be creative about practical poses. 


– Package comes with one piece of the figure. 

– The size is between 5-6 inches. 

– The figure is made from flexible Polyvinyl Chloride material. 

– The weight is about 130 grams 

– It comes with a removable stand. 

– The price is about $16 


– It has several joints that make it highly flexible. 

– It can be used for a vast number of illustrations. 

– The details on the figure are worth every artistic reference. 

– Great for manga drawings 


– Details of the human body are not yet exact. 

3. Body Kun drawing Mannequin by iGREATWALL 


With a plastic material used for the production of this figure, it makes it possible to acquire lots of positions depending on the artist’s style. It is about 7-inches in height and has more than 30 joints in the overall body. These joints make room for positions that humans can generally do seamlessly. Also, the thighs can move as high as 90 degrees which adds to the artists’ visualization when drawing. 


 It is made up of environmentally friendly materials 

– The product comes with lots of accessories which include portable mannequin size gadgets and a special gift 

– The joint makes it easy to give the figure more human poses and gestures. 

– The price is about $40


– Artists and photographers will find it very useful  

– The accessories help for a more comprehensive perspective when creating animations. 

– They are readily available in different stores 


–  It is a little bit weighty. 

4. Male anatomy mannequin figure 


The initiative of this figure is for the precision more than for the pose. With this figure as a reference, it would be easy to outline the specific anatomy and replicate it in your drawings. If you want to draw a more realistic sketch, using this reference would make the drawing easy to scale and have muscles and thickness. Plus, positioning the shadow of your pictures can be better achieved with this figure as the poses can determine where they ought to be. 


– Muscular details are well outlined 

– The size is about 11 inches tall 

– It comes in a firm pose. 

– It is made from resin – neutral color. 

– It cost about $110


– Great study for beginners and professional artists

– It is made of durable material 

– Made for mastering the male anatomy 


– It is erect, hence, not poseable

5. Flexible male mannequin by TB league HiPlay 


This Mannequin is an expression of the total package as it pertains to artist referencing. It is more like a toy that can be bent from any angle. Plus, the muscular structure makes it a win-win to study the structure and also position it for drawing. It is a great reference for both beginners and professional artists. 


– It s made of a silicone body and a stainless skeletal 

– It comes with detachable feet 

– It comprises 22 joints

– It cost about $50

– The package comes with other accessories, which include: pairs of detachable hands and clothes. 


– The production material and 22 joints make the figure super flexible 

– The use cuts across different areas beyond drawing 

– The correct scale of the figure aids artist referencing.  


– Not all human poses are possible still. 

– The price is costly 

6. Realistic male figure by Phicen 


This figure is made with silicone and well-carved joints that are not quick to notice. Also, the body parts can be changed without disrupting the initial structure of the figure. The catch in this figure is the human-like body which has up to 28 joints with detachable genitals. More than that is the non-toxic body, which is environmentally friendly for almost all age groups. 


– The product comes with detachable body parts, which includes genitals 

– It is made with flexible material. 

– It costs $90


– The joints allow for different poses. 

– The skin is realistic and gives a better artistic interpretation

– The figure is structured with muscles that give manly poses as the artist wills. 


– The head is sold differently, so you have to pay extra for that. 

– The hands are not super flexible like the rest of the body.

7. Anatomical muscular skull by Zumilex


This figure is portable and well-detailed. If you want to study the anatomy of the head to recreate it, this figure offers you the opportunity. With the well-modeled structure, getting the skull muscle for sculpting or drawing will be easier and straightforward. 


– It is made up of resin material 

– Its muscle is structured as human muscle 

– The lightweight and portable. 

– It costs $12

– The structure is fixed 


– The structure gives more detailed information for the artist 

– It is made up of flesh-like material, which makes it easy to maintain. 

– The product color makes it easy to notice every detail. 


– It is not flexible 

8. Anatomical male mannequins by Aphrodite 


With a height of about 12 inches, this figure stands carefully on any piece and references the artist. It comes with half human skin, yet it doesn’t affect its recreation. With this figure, it will be possible for the artist to study the male anatomy and sketch a 3D view of the figure. 


– It is made up of high-quality polyurethane material 

– Product is durable and firm 

– It costs about $30

– The size and weight make it portable. 


– Good reference model for artists and sculptors 

– The two in one body structure gives double for your money 

– It is affordable and readily available. 


– The figure’s firmness restrict its flexibility 

9. Body model with anatomical skull by Bonew


This figure is the best stop for studying the female body anatomy. If you know how the body works with this figure, achieving a more realistic drawing will no longer be a problem. One side of the figure shows detailed features of the muscular build-up of the female anatomy. The other part shows the skin but also in 3D. So, this makes it a good reference for different artists. The proportion of the female body was also put into consideration when it was constructed. 


– It is made of polyurethane material 

– The height is about 11.8 inches 

– The price of one is about $40

– Product comes with a detachable stand 


– The details on both halves of the body is worth referencing 

– The figure helps for better prediction and articulation of drawings 

– Great pick for any level of artist 


– It is rigid

10. Flexible Hand mannequin for jewelry display 


The details on this wooden Mannequin are such that they can be mistaken for a human hand. Instead of drawing the unrealistic hand, this Mannequin brings the perspective closer and makes it easy to sketch and study. The number of joints makes the model bend to any angle, which provides insight into more realistic drawings. 


– The product comes with a pair of hands 

– The joints are movable

– It costs about $12



– It is made of quality hardwood materials 

– The flexible joints make it a good reference tool for artists. 

– The size is great for display in shops or classrooms. 


The joints do not permit rotation, limiting some drawing inspirations, hence, a good deal specifically for starting artists. 

11. Silicone Foot Mannequin by ZHY 


This silicone foot is the perfect tool for the expression of human good. The veins when the human feet are on the ground are well outlined in the Mannequin such that looking at it too much could be too real to be true. This Mannequin does justice for artists attempting to get a good and reliable source for drawing a good foot. 


– The product is made of cyber skin material. 

– The package comes with a pair of foot 

– The price is a about $80

– The inner material is different from the outer one. But both help to support the figure


– The materials used for production are environmentally safe and odorless. 

– It is flexible like the human foot. 

– Works incredibly for any level of artist. 

– The figure is easy to clean and maintain 


– They do not go well with dark accessories and sunlight.  

– It is costly 

12. Full muscle anatomical mannequins 


This dummy is a perfect go-to for a superhero drawing because of the complete muscles that surround it. If you want to sketch a superman, for instance, a mannequin with half muscle will not do the job. However, with this figure, the sketch will be well-defined. Also, this product helps artists have a more muscular study of the male anatomy. With the bright color used, it outlines the muscle lines more carefully than other products. 


– It is made of quality PVC. 

– The details of the figure is more in-depth

– It is portable 

– It costs a little above $95

– The product comes with a non-detachable stand 


– The quality makes it durable and easy to maintain 

– The provision in the sculpting gives an open field for artists’ creativities.


– It is rigid and non-detachable 

– The price is not pocket-friendly 

13. Male head mannequin by Phicen 


Almost every artist wants to draw an action face with an active body. With this head mannequin, it can be conveniently done. Also, since it is a detachable head, it can fit into several other mannequins that are detachable. The head comes with a connector that fits well into any other mannequin body. 


– It is about 12 inches tall

– It is made up of PVC material 

– It cost about $36 

-The package comes with sunglasses 


– The head has to sell defined outlines that look like a human. 

– The accessories included helps to amplify the look you want to draw. 

– The head can match a variety of bodies depending on the action of the graphic body. 


– Buying another graphical body may be pocket unfriendly 

14. Chubby Female Mannequin by TBleague 


This figure is a definition of actual model look alike. The poses you need a female model to do will be easily achieved with this flexible Mannequin. It is more like a doll dressed up by kids but would be a good idea tool for artists. 


– It is made up of silicone in the exterior and stainless steel material in the interior 

– It is about 12 inches tall 

– It has about 26 joints 

– The package contains 2-3 pairs of detachable hands and feet, excluding the head 

– The price is  $70


– The figure is super flexible, which makes it easy to change pose. 

– The realistic view helps the artist draw better 

– The production material is non-toxic. 


– The price is on the high side, and it is without the head. 

15. Female Elf figurehead by HiPlay


The purpose of this figure is to stand as a good reference model for an artist when drawing magical characters. This head shows every detail of how a female elf head should look. With this, it will be possible to diversify to drawing other gender and also different age groups.


– It is made with quality PVC material  

– It comes with a connector 

– It costs about $49.99

– The product’s hair comes in different colors 

– It is a 1/6 head sculpt, so it is compatible with 1/6 body 


– The head is well-detailed, which is a critical factor for artists sketches

– The whole structure is up to scale, making it a good fit for other graphic bodies. 


– The price is not pocket-friendly. 


So, here you go- the different reference models for your many artworks. All you need to study and create better drawings are all on this list. Plus, you have different body types to choose from if you want to concentrate on one. No doubt, with these reference models, you have saved time searching for models or reference pictures. Moreover, they are all readily available for order online. 

Happy drawing! 

15 Best Pose Mannequins for Artists
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1. Wooden Mannequin great for human drawing by HSOMiD 12 2. Manga action doll by MNTT 3. Body Kun drawing Mannequin by iGREATWALL 4. Male anatomy mannequin figure 5. Flexible male mannequin by TB league HiPlay 6. Realistic male figure by Phicen ...
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