I’ve been drawing and painting all my life, and professionally for the last 10 years. I have thousands of hours invested in developing my artistic skills. In this section, I would like to recommend you some courses I think will immensely help you in developing your own artistic skills.

Some of the courses on this list were created by myself, meanwhile, others are courses I took in the past, and I think are amazing educational resources.


In this step by step course, I dive deep into the body proportions principles plus many other techniques that will help you develop the skills necessary to draw professional level like characters.

All this digital drawing techniques and processes will be taught using Photoshop, but they are easily transferable to similar drawing software like Krita or Clip Studio Paint.

If your goal is to draw amazing looking characters using digital mediums this course will teach the drawing techniques I use in my daily work as a professional concept artist.

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 In this course, you will learn the basics of how to draw the human body, using techniques like gesture drawing to capture the body movement and shading for giving depth and volume to your drawings.

This course is aimed to develop your traditional drawing skills. More than 15 hours of video content with lectures and critique videos that will teach you, using real examples, how to solve all the main problems and roadblocks an artist can find when drawing the human body.

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The “Portrait Drawing Course” is divided into 18 videos showing an effective approach to drawing the portrait from any angle. You will learn to draw the head following the Loomis principles of figure drawing. Stan Prokopenko, the instructor, has a great way to communicate and teach you, making the whole learning experience fun and very easy going.

As an extra, you’ll also have access to rotating 3D models that you can use to practice and study from. For example, you will have at your disposal a 3D model of the Loomis’ head. You will be able to visualize the head from any angle. This will help you to learn how to draw the different planes of the head properly from any view.

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