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15 AI Art Generators You Can Use Online ( Free & Paid )

Have you ever seen artwork and the only thing that you can say to describe it is “life”? Okay, it might not be those exact words, but it does not undermine the fact that art is an expression that the artist captures through his or her interaction with nature, people, money, and life in general. At the same time, art is the selective interpretation of what the artist is trying to depict life to be. So, in retrospect, art is created based on how people perceive the world. Through art, we can tell stories that have never been heard, and through the solent strokes of a brush, another worldview is seen on the canvas. But we live in a world where art has become incredibly dynamic, so much so that getting a paintbrush and palette might seem a bit archaic. 

We have been fully immersed in the world of artificial intelligence where our lives have become a plethora of upgrades. Consequently, artificial intelligence has been introduced to art forms through creative tools that enhance the whole process of creating and depicting life on a canvas. Artificial intelligence seeks to improve the way humans do things in every sphere of life. With AI-generated art, it means that anyone can truly be an artist and create unique forms of people. Furthermore, with the global acceptance of NFTs, AI-generated art has truly become a revolution that has come to stay. 

Here are 15 of the best AI art generators you can use online today:


One of the features of Dall-E that resonates deeply with people is its affordability. Although it is not free, you can enjoy the amazing features for less than a dollar. More importantly, Dall-E’s ability to transform text descriptions into high-quality images makes this tool one of the very best in terms of AI art generators. Furthermore, Dall-E offers users a plethora of options such as developing anthropomorphized pictures of animals, text rendering, and transforming existing images. The Dall-E tool is based on GPT-3 and allows users to generate text and computer code. Architects, 3D model creators, designers, painters, and other professionals in related fields will use the Dall-E tool to full effect in 2022. The pricing is based on how many words you use. The users pay tokens according to the number of words they want, so if you need more words, you will pay more tokens.


For people looking for an amazing AI tool to create effects, animations, filters, and other amazing things for their videos, then RunwayML is the best choice. This tool simplifies the art of video production from the basic level to the more advanced forms of video editing. RunwayML also has features that allow you to remove any object in a video with just one simple stroke of the brush. There is also an AI green screen that allows users to fit in any kind of background to suit the kind of video they are trying to create. There are a wide variety of options to add, so there is no limit to your creativity, even as a beginner in video production and editing. RunwayML makes storytelling a lot better with easy-to-use features that help you create great videos anywhere you are. Plus, the tool has a free trial option when you sign up, but subsequently, you will be required to pay to continue to use the service.


If you are the type of person craving a community of like-minded creators looking to change the world with each painting and art form, then ArtBreeder is the tool for you. People resonate well with the fact that the tool connects them to millions of other people, which enhances their chances of collaborating on bigger projects. Through ArtBreeder, you can change anything you want about existing images. It is a fascinating tool as it offers users the luxury of the full use of their creative juices. You can also combine other images to create one masterpiece. ArtBreeder has both free and paid accounts for its users. The free accounts allow you to download up to eight high-resolution images, while the paid accounts allow you to get more downloads. 


This tool adopts a different approach than the aforementioned tools as users engage the artificial intelligence tool through the power of descriptions. Yes, all you have to do is to describe what kind of art you are looking to create and the AI will do the rest for you. You can get up to five high-resolution pictures for download daily by using the free version. There are also a wide variety of features, styles, animations, and effects that you can employ for your image. The tool has also plugged people into the world of NFTs, as users have full ownership of their art pieces. People also enjoy this app because it is available on both Android and Apple devices, making it really easy to use.

AI Chimera

AI Chimera uses machine learning as its paintbrush, with the CreatureGAN model being employed for users to run wild with their creations. It is a tool that allows you to customize parts of creatures, from whales to reptiles and others. There is already an existing image of the creature. However, you can style the image any way you want through the options available above the said image. You can change the head, the body, and the legs, all completely free. You can also name your creature once you are done transforming the image. It is by far the easiest AI tool to use as all you need is displayed on one screen without any complications. 


Magnetta goes one better than the AI art generators that we have mentioned. This is because the tool incorporates music into the mix, as users are not only given the opportunity to create beautiful art pieces, but they can also create great music through the large collection of music plugins that are available. The tool also ushers users into a large community of people that are capable of looking for ways to create unwise artwork and music for their business, NFTs, and other purposes.


At least once in your life, you have wondered how you would look if you were to star in a cartoon. Sure, there are new camera apps that can create cartoon images of yourself, but what Toongineer does is create live cartoon images of yourself online. You can also convert any photo to a cartoon image with this AI tool. Furthermore, you do not have to wait too long for the pictures as they are automatically delivered. It is a free tool, but you will need to sign up on the platform to begin exploring its amazing features. 

Hotpot AI

Hotpot AI uses deep learning as a mode of creating alternate pictures using a base as a point of reference. To put it simply, what Hotpot AI does is turn photos, selfies, and other images into personalized art that could be used for NFTs and other things. The Hotpot AI has many different styles that you can choose from. The AI then transforms the base image to suit the style that you have picked. It is not a free tool; you will need to buy credits to use Hotpot AI.


Nightcafe has generated over 16 million artworks for users all around the world, which goes to show how much people value this tool. It uses text-to-image AI that allows you to create amazing pieces from a simple text prompt. Any creation you have belongs to the creator, and that person can use it anyway they like. People enjoy this tool because of its accessibility. You can use it on Android and Apple devices. Plus, it is free, which means you can have up to five high-resolution downloads of amazing creations every day. There is also a vibrant Nightcafe community on Discord, and you can also leave comments on other people’s creations to encourage participation and familiarity. 

Wombo Dream

With Wombo Dream, it takes only a few seconds to create a unique and beautiful masterpiece. All you have to do is to enter a prompt, then proceed to check a style from the available options and allow Wombo Dream to create art that is beyond your wildest dreams. The tool is free on both Android and Apple devices. It is fascinating how Wombo Dream incorporates color into its designs, so if you are someone that is excited by the fanciful color depiction in art, then this tool will be great for you.


For people who want to protect their identity, Anonymizer allows you to create a duplicate image of yourself without worrying about your security. The tool will create a look-alike which you can use for different purposes depending on your preference. This AI picture generator is based on the Generative Adversarial Network. You can either choose to use the free version, which has some restrictions, while the paid version has nothing restricted but costs $19.99 every month


Web development in recent years has gained immense popularity, with more people seeing the relevance of coding in technology today. As a result, Big-sleep offers coding and Web developers the opportunity to create stunning images through the Generative Adversarial Network. It is a Github page that was developed using the Python language, making it an efficient AI image generator. However, it would be difficult for people not in Web development to use, so it is not accessible to everyone. 


Abstract art can be some of the most beautiful forms ever created—if done right, that is. Deep Dream has therefore explored the reality of abstract art, and this tool is an added advantage for many artists across the world. The tool was probably meant for scientific research to ascertain how a neural network sees when an image is placed. However, with the Deep style, Thin style, and Deep Dream, which are the different styles embedded in this tool, online art piece creation is made easier. Although the tool has a free version, there are many restrictions. Plus, the paid version is also expensive, but if you have a flair for abstract art, then don’t let that stop you. It is one of the most advanced tools for AI-generated art in 2022. With


With NFT going at a pace that seems to have exceeded the expectations of many, it is no surprise that AI art generators are trying to tap into its popularity. Fotor is one of the AI art generators that allows users to create an image that they can own and use for NFT. All you need to do is to upload an image and select the style you want. Fotor does the rest. You can add different textures depending on what you find aesthetically pleasing. This tool does not require you to sign up before you use it, which makes things easy for many people. Plus, it is easy to navigate with a user-friendly interface, making art creation a fun process for all.


There are many more AI art generators out there, but if you are looking for the easiest and best ways of creating art online, these ten are your best bets. One thing you will notice in all of the art generators is the ease with which you can create online art. Since artificial intelligence is meant to make life easier, the tools have been designed in such a way that the complex process of creating art has been removed and anyone can make beautiful artworks within minutes. You can check out the links to each of the tools to further reinstate your choice for online art creation today. Plus, with most of these tools having a vibrant community, it makes art an enjoyable experience.

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