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Welcome to  the list of art supplies I use and consider the best out there for traditional and digital artists.

Cool Pencils, Erasers and more


-Cretacolor Monolith woodless graphite pencil. Great for blocking shapes and shading. I like to keep it not very sharp giving a loose look to your linework. If you wanna do some shading is perfect. The set of pencils includes a HB, 2b,4b,6b,8b, 9b. Also a kneaded eraser and watercolor pencil. Very nice pack. Link

-Faber-Castell 2mm mechanical pencil. If you want precision for detailing or you have a clean style this bad boy will do the job. The body is made of plastic with some metal fittings. The mechanism is a push button spring clutch. The button can be detached and has a decent sharpener inside of it.  Link

-Conte A Paris 1710. If Charcoals are your weapon of choice, this pencils are super cool. If you don’t have experience you gotta be patient sharpening them because the charcoal breaks easy, but apart from that they are probably the best brand out there. Link


Sandpaper Pencil Pointer: I use them for sharpening my  charcoal pencils and also my woodless graphite pencils. with the help of a cutter and some patient you can achieve those long and beautiful pencil tips you can see in the traditional pro artist videos. Link


-Kneaded eraser. Forget about regular erasers. Great if you want to clean your drawing without loosing you main linework. This eraser doesn’t leave particles of residuum like the traditional erasers. Link

-Mono Zero 2.3mm eraser from Tombow. Is a Pen-style body eraser with a push button mechanism. Perfect for erasing little details. The eraser has a high precision tip, protects your work and unless you put a lot of pressure it will not damage the paper. Link


-Pentel portable brush pen. Fantastic for inking. Creates very fluid and consistent ink brush strokes. The ink is water-resistant and the pen comes with an extra ink charge. I use it for the contour lines of the drawing and some of the main lines. Link

Pentel Fude Brush Pen, Extra Fine. I use this one for precision and little details. It works quite well. Link

Pentel Fude Brush Pen, Medium . I use this one for feeling areas with pure black. You have also the bold version wich is even thicker but I prefer this one because most of the time I’m feeling not very big areas an I need some precision. Link


Canson 180° Art Book Hardbound, 8.3X11.7″. This is my favorite sketchbook without a doubt. First of all because it has an extremely sturdy stitch binding that allows this book to lay completely flat when open, and it really bother me to use an elastic rubber or the hand to keep the pages flat and open.

Another great thing about this sketchbook is the size of it, if you hate like me to draw in a small sheet of paper you will love this sketchbook.

The paper is also of good quality, almost 100gr/65lb thick, maybe not enough if you are into watercolors but good enough for pencil, charcoal, inking, markers and some inkwash. The grain of the paper is not too thick and your pencils and charcoal will look quite good there.

This sketchbook Is an indispensable in my arsenal of art supplies.

Here is the link for the 8.3×11.7inch  

If you want something smaller 5.5×8.5inch Link

My Tablets and Displays


-Appel iPad Pro 12.9. I really love this device. I use it as a sketchbook when I want to draw on it. The parallax is almost non-existent and your images will look pristine on this device.  If you wanna read my full review article about this device click this link .

-Wacom Cintiq 22HD. This is the tablet I use at work. It has his pros and his cons. In the good side I like the quality of materials and how solid it is compared to other similar devices like the Yiyinova’s or Ugees, which are build weaker, specially the stand and the screen. In the bad side the parallax on this device is quite evident but is not a deal breaker in my opinion. Link

-Wacom 27QHD. I don’t have this device but I tried the tablet several times in the past and I’m planning to buy one in the near future unless something better with a similar size comes around( and sadly the Surface Studio will be not an option until they fix some bugs in the drawing software ).  The screen is 27inch, and is very cool to have your references side by side with your painting and not in another screen.

My only advice will be  to avoid the touch screen version, the technology is quite crappy compare to the iPad Pro one for example. It will bother you more than help you. Link

-Appel iMac 27inch. I will no get into the performance of this device as a computer and I will focus on the screen of the device. The only thing I will say about it , is if you are planning to buy the standard version with 8gb of Ram you will have to spend an extra 50 to 100 euros or dollars in another 8Gb Ram memory card. Otherwise with time your iMac will underperform and start to present some issues, because just 8gb are not enough if you want to use Photoshop or Painter and have your web browser open with some pages running at the same time.

The quality of the screen is undoubtably great. The colors look vibrant, the contrast makes the images look super cool and the details crystal clear. Also if your working for mobile games or for an editorial the colors of your image you will see on your iMac will be pretty similar to the ones you will see on an iPhone or in printed material.

My main complain about the screen is in order to achieve those vibrant colors and cool contrast, the screen display tends to push the blacks a lot, hiding the details placed on the darker areas. That can be deceiving, specially if you are painting scenes in the lower rank of values, because you will miss a lot of the information on your image placed on those darker areas.Link

Hope this information was useful to you. I will try to update the list when I find some new device or art supplies interesting and useful.

Toni Justamante Jacobs.


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