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15 Art Channels on YouTube You Can’t Miss

The field of art has continued to evolve over time, with new and sophisticated inventions making it into the field from time to time. These inventions and innovations create room for artists to always seek to better their knowledge and push their artistry skills to a whole new level. No matter your level of experience as an artist, you always want to improve, so that you are not put at a disadvantage by changing trends and techniques. But most often, you want to self learn new skills, and YouTube videos by top artists are definitely the ways to go about it. However, it can be so difficult to know what videos to watch, especially with several people being able to make and post videos. To tailor down the options and help you make informed choices, we’ve researched and reviewed 15 of the best art related YouTube channels to help inspire you on your way to improving your skills.

FZD Schools

Founded in 2009, FZD schools have maintained top spot in provision of world class education to people that are interested in learn on concept design for the entertainment industry. Recently the founder of FZD schools, Feng Zhu launched a YouTube channel, where he and a few other resource persons share free online tutorials to thousands of subscribers that are willing to get industry knowledge on things relating to digital painting and portfolio preparation.

While there may be thousands of art instructors on YouTube, Feng Zhu has learned to make his unique by providing detailed video tutorials that will guide subscribers and online followers to develop basic and advanced design knowledge, and presentation skills, enough to turn them into elite designers.

Bobby Chiu

There’s not doubting the fact that Bobby Chiu will easily make in into any list of top designers considering his exploits in concept and character designs. Unsurprisingly, the Canadian born artist has swooped a number of awards and accolades for the wonders he’s doing in creativity. What’s Bobby Chiu doing when he’s not designing? He’s teaching people digital painting tricks online. His YouTube channel is dedicated to series of live streamed discussions, interviews and demos where he features other top rated artists to reveal some of the biggest tricks and details in the world of designing. His videos are certainly the perfect definition of having fun while learning a whole lot of things. He and his fellow super talented artists have stuffs you don’t want to miss loaded in this channel. Take a stroll there, look through the tons of videos he already has online, subscribe and we bet you will never regret you ever did.

Alphonso Dunn

Certainly, there are already thousands of YouTube instructors online, but only very few can boast of having the level of knowledge and diversity that Alphonso Dunn boasts of. His YouTube channel is one that’s worth following for artists or for people that are aspiring to learn anything around design. Of course, like most online tutors, he hosts a number of brilliant and insightful tutorial sessions where he drops useful tips for upcoming and aspiring artists, but that’s not all – he tries to make his a standout by carefully and very efficiently teaching practical tips in ways that novices can easily understand and relate to.

What might be the only issue with this channel however is that he does not update too consistently, so you may notice him go off for a few months once in a while, but don’t worry, when he’s back, his videos are explosive and definitely worth the long wait. One thing is sure – he knows his stuff and he tries to communicate them to his audience in the best way possible.

Stan Prokopenko

When it comes to art, there’s always too many branches and dimensions to it. Quite a few art teachers know how to successfully combine different branches in a way that learners will easily understand, and for sure, Pronko is one of such. The top rated artist Stan Prokopenko started the proko brand in 2012, and since then, there has been no stepping back in the level of follows it has been pulling.

His YouTube page is scattered with quite an amazing number of good quality video recording to give the professional touch to art tutorship. When it comes to portrait drawing, covering gestures, and anatomy, you may never find any YouTube channel that’s as outstanding as Proko’s.

We’ll not wrong to say that there’s no better place to begin learning art that with Proko. He’s not only one of the most diverse teachers, but his methods are also excellent for educating beginners.

The Art of Aaron Blaise

If you or your kids are a fan of Disney’s videos, then you’ll definitely be familiar with the name Aaron Blaise. Why? Because he has stayed at the top level for such a long time handling animation for films like Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Brother Bear, The Lion King, Mulan, and Pocahontas. Now it’s beginning to ring a bell, isn’t it? Well he’s also co-directed some Hollywood’s blockbusters, but that’s not what we’re here to discuss. Having left movie world, Aaron Blaise has now stepped properly into teaching art and one of the methods he uses is by consistently posting tutorial and instructional videos in his YouTube channel. Having earned himself following from a massive number of subscribers, the Blaise does some excellent job with sharing art techniques and tips on his YouTube channel. His videos covers different aspects from being walkthroughs on how to start drawing everything, to coverage of live-streamed educative chats with fellow art professionals.

Dan BeardShaw

Since creating his own YouTube channel in 2013, Dan Beardshaw had continued to grow in popularity, and that’s not unsurprisingly, considering all the amazing jobs that he’s been doing with it. The artist who currently prides his self as one of the best in the world perfectly combines his art with online teaching, and when it comes to online teaching, he certainly knows his stuff. He uses his channel as a means to teach thousands of people about the basics of art including how to use pens, pencils, papers and other art/office tools for the purpose of creating art masterpieces. His is one channel every art enthusiast will like to see. When it comes to teaching art at beginners level, only very few people have the stuffs Beardshaw is made up of. Take a stroll to his YouTube channel, browse through his amazing videos, subscribe and you’ll not regret you ever did.

Sangwon  Seok

Like most other channels in this list, this one was named after the founder of the channel, who doubles as the tutor himself. It is basically a YouTube channel that focuses on teaching subscribers and other followers how to sketch cars, although it combines it with other basics in art.

The Korean designer is certainly one of the best in the industry and he shows it off in the level of expertise he brings to the table in his videos. His channel is already booming, and the population is a clear evidence of the quality churns our in every video. Whether it is the basics of design you want to learn or you intend to acquire some advanced skills in transportation design, there’s no doubt that this is the right channel to be in. The big deal about Sangwon Seok and the way he handles his videos is the simplicity he brings to the mix, making learning fun and easy.

Scott Robertson

Owned and controlled by American designer, Scot Robertson, this channel is certainly a stuff for champions. Scot combines everything he’s gotten from over 20 years of experience into teaching people how to design. He claims that he want to inspire and educate young designers, especially those willing to branch out in transportation design and he’s obviously doing a great job with it. Like his books, his videos are shot to reveal tricks needed for the elevation of drawing and design skills of his followers. He obviously knows his stuffs, seeing the number of people he uses his channel to move to the next level of professionalism. There’s a lot to talk about the way Scot makes learning of design easy and attractive, but most importantly, he tries to show his innovative methods to viewers, as well as demonstrate the techniques that he adopts for his own works on a step by step basis. You’ll not want to miss all the fun and excitement that you’ll get by subscribing to this channel.

Modern Day James

You will be surprised if we finish this review without mentioning this channel, considering all the massive exploits that the are doing in the world of arts and design. Having acquired himself a wide range of knowledge as a designer, James decided to move into teaching people everything they need to know about design. With over 120,000 subscribers, this channel is booming and yes, the channel delivers well. The major goal for the creation of the channel is for it to be a forum where different professional artists are chosen and brought on from time to time to discuss fundamental design skills that will help aspiring and new designers grow into success. On like most other channel, James has made this one very engaging, allowing subscribers to have the liberty of selecting topics to be discussed on weekly.

Sketch A Day

If you are looking for a dedicated teacher that will guide you daily by giving challenges and teaching you how to go about each, then this channel is the great deal for you. Founded and managed by Spencer Nugent, you know for sure that he will translate his expertise and experience into creating unique videos that are inspiring and educating. The channel is certainly the best for upcoming designers who want to learn basic and advanced design as quickly as possible. Spencer does an excellent work, combining his great expertise with weekly guests to bring real fire to subscribers. He makes learning easier and practical, endearing him as one of the best online teachers in his niche. He’s good, no doubt, but he offers his ever increasing subscribers even better, leaving them demanding for more, year in, year out.

The Sketch Monkey

One look at its name and you’ll think that the channel is a joke or something close, but no, it is a venue where some really serious works are going on. To the administrators of the channel, discussing and learning designs should be all that a video stands for, considering the number of high quality and extensive videos that are churned out each week relating to understanding the basics of art. Definitely, the page was created for newbies that are looking to fast track their learning process, combining videos of some great tricks revealed relating to the world of design. As an upcoming designer, this is certainly where you should be in, learning some really fascinating things about the trade. Furthermore, you’ll get to see videos of common questions being answered by other professional artists and designers, providing enough inspiration to new designs, while educating them on tricks that can help them better their games.

Marco Bucci

If you’ve never watched any of the videos on this YouTube channel before as an upcoming artist, then you certainly should be questioning the essence of all the time you spend online. The videos here have become so popular that you can hardly make a review anywhere about best design tutoring videos anywhere and not have them includes. There are just a whole bunch of beautiful videos to be seen here. Named after its creator, Marco Bucci, a professional artist with over 15 years of experience in the film and design industry rolled up his sleeves. Primarily most of his expertise and experience are built around concept designing and artistry and he tries to teach what he has learned overtime to newcomers at the cheapest price possible. Having been churning out tutorial YouTube videos since 2008, you are sure to get just what you are looking for as long as painting fundamentals and applied painting demos are concerned. He tries to balance his very busy schedule in freelancing with this project and he’s doing some amazing job with it that’s worth commendation.

Toni Justamante Jacobs

Owned by a high flying Spanish designer, this channel is just another top YouTube channel where some amazing online design tutorials are being carried out. The channel hosts a collection of videos that tries to include fun into the process of learning art and advanced designs. It is one like no other that adopts a unique style of teaching to illustrate all the basics that a beginner should know in graphic design. High quality videos are shot from time to time with a view to acquaint new artists to the basics they need to know in design, while showing them top rated secrets that will help to make them successful in the field. This is certainly one channel everyone who wants to take arts and design serious should be in.

Draw with Jazza

Like most other YouTube channels in this list, Draw with Jazza is popular for being a channel where resource videos are made and posted to teach subscribers top secrets that will make them highly successful in the world of art and graphic designing. The YouTube channel is owned and administered by Josiah Brooks, who is a force in the world of graphic designs, having earned tremendous experience from his years of practicing at the top level. The Australian artist blends experience with a strong passion that’s built around teaching people the basics that they should know about drawing, animation, painting, the use of traditional and analogue media. There’s just something special about the way Josiah delivers his lessons to his followers that strikes the mind.

It is worthy of mention that his weekly updates focus more on cartoon and animation tricks, although he still combines it with a little dose of almost every other aspects. The major attraction points of his videos are life streamed tutorials, speed painting competitions, as well as interesting art challenges.

The presentation style employed by this artist is certainly friendly bringing the right measure of fun into the pack.

ZHC YouTube Channel

We are ending this list with a bang because ZHC is the real deal when it cones to teaching design on YouTube. Like most other YouTube channels in this list, ZHC is popular for being a channel where resource videos are made and posted to teach subscribers top secrets that will make them highly successful in the world of art and graphic designing, although it employs some special mechanisms to make the process fun and more impacting.This is one channel every art enthusiast will like to see. When it comes to teaching art at beginners level, only very few channelscan stand the stuff that this channel is made up of. Take a stroll to his YouTube channel, browse through his amazing videos, subscribe and you’ll not regret you ever did.

As online tutorials continue to evolve, we expect to see more channels being created for the purpose of teaching basic and advanced arts and design, but for now, these are the best any art enthusiast will want to know. Take your time to visit them to see for yourself all the great works that are being done there.

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